“A Guide to Rare Animals”


Rare animal #1: Groofoofus-A tall skinny animal that is an indigo color. It makes a loud yelling sound when it is upset, it loves to TP the forest, and it cuddles live bunnies when it is sleepy.

Rare animal #2: Grapanazer-A round and plump and purple fur ball that makes a loud screeching sound when it is harmed… which is usually always.

Rare animal #3: Furfurle-A sparkly green chubby animal with small feet. Legend has it that if you are lost in the woods for several days it will eat you, barf you back up, then you will become part of the ground.

Rare animal #4: Choogoo-Nobody knows anything at all about it. It is so sad.


3 responses to ““A Guide to Rare Animals”

  1. Wow.. These are so rare, that they aren’t on google…. heh heh heh…..:):)

  2. …I have to agree with what Quartz said…Interesting…However, I do like the Groofoofus. Those are very unusual names!

  3. …Interesting…

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