Jan. 28 2011

On Friday my school choir went to the Missouri Comets game to sing the Star Spangled Banner. We were in the center of the field singing. Later on we went up to our parents and  watched the game. Some bought food to eat. I bought a hot dog, soda and a snow cone. Sadly the Comets lost to the Milwaukee Waves by one point. 😦

6 responses to “Jan. 28 2011

  1. Rainbow Moonstone


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      Try this and see if you can edit your post 🙂 🙂

  2. Wow, it sounds awesome! I wonder how it feels to be in the center of a huge game court! Were there lots of audiences? How many people were in the choir singing?

    • Rainbow Moonstone

      There were about 60 kids that went. 15 kids didn’t go. And there were 10,000 people watching us!! It was really fun!

      • Great! It must have been very exciting for you. Were you a little nervous? I think you should put all these details in your post! Do you know how to update/edit your post?

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