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Hunting for the Mona Lisa (part 3)

The Suspect

“Got it,” I said. “I just hope it’ll work.”

“Yeah,” replied Luke.

“Let’s try it.”

We went inside and bought two hats and two t-shirts. We changed in the restroom and came out looking different.

“Hopefully they won’t recognize us,” I said.

We ducked behind people as we saw the class walk in the museum.

“Where did they go?” I heard someone say.

“Probably back to the airport,” someone else said.

“I think so too,” another said.

They all started talking about where we probably were. We sneaked to the place where the Mona Lisa should’ve been. This time we saw a tiny burn mark. It was so small, not even a ant could fit in it.

“We’ve found our first clue Luke,” I said. “A burn mark.”

We looked down and found another clue, a muddy footprint. The print looked small and wet. It looked too small to be an adults print. The class started to come in our direction. I thought we were in trouble again but they went the other direction.

“Phew, that was a close one Luke,” I said relieved that they weren’t coming in our way.

“Hey Luke,” I started. “Let’s follow them.”

“To where?” he asked.

“Wherever they go.”

We were exhausted and wanted to get a drink of water. We were jumping and rushing and doing all sorts of things to not be seen. Once while we were rushing to the restroom to do you know what, one of my classmates turned around almost looking straight at me. I would’ve been in jail at the next hour probably. When I got out, I found a piece of cloth laying on the floor. It was brown and looked like it was ripped off of something. I thought about brown stuff that I’ve seen in the museum.

“Luke,” I said. “What do you think this is?”

His eyes focused closely to the piece of cloth.

“I think it’s part of the detective’s clothes,” he said.

Then, I saw something on it. I flipped it over. There was black paint on the back of the piece of cloth.

“That’s weird. Why’s there paint on here?” I said.

“Yeah, that’s funny,” said Luke.

“Let’s go to the boss’s room.”


We went to the room and looked. There was no one there. We looked everywhere. Nobody was there. Then I turned around to look at the window. It was broken.

“Luke look!” I said tapping him on the shoulder.

We ran over and looked down. Something wasn’t right. The broken glass was outside of the building. We had to get some information.

“Luke I’ll be right back,” I said. “You just look around.”

I ran out and found the nearest worker.

“Do you know when the Mona Lisa was stolen?” I asked.

“Um . . . I think it was on the twenty- first. The security camera says it was around nine-o-clock,” the worker said.

“When does your boss leave?”

“At nine-thirty.”

“Is there anybody else besides him at that time?”

“Besides him? Um . . . the janitor but no one else.”

“Okay, thanks.”

I ran to where Luke was and said excitedly, “Luke, there’s two possibilities of who it could be.”

“What?” he said.

“There’s the janitor and the boss.”

“Now, we just have to- wait! The cloth, it’s probably the detective’s. Remember the matches? He must’ve used those to burn the string that was use to hang it up. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I have the burnt string right here.”

He took out a string about four to six inches long. The two sides were burnt.

“Luke, I have one more thing to ask the worker,” I said as I ran out the door.

I found him at the same place.

“Hey, where is the boss?” I asked.

“Oh hi, he said he was going on a trip toChina,” he replied.

Now I knew who stole the Mona Lisa. It had to be the boss.

“Where’s the janitor?” I asked.

“He’s still here,” he said. “Just takin’ a break.”


I ran back as I heard the worker say, “Any time.”

I went in and said, “We’ve got our man Luke.”

He looked at me and smiled.

Journal Entry 5

I finally skied black diamond! First I went on Safari which was really fun but really hard. I felt like a TURTLE! I nearly stopped at the end of every single turn. I fell down twice and the bumps were TORTURE when I did it even though the second time was SUPER FUN! I still went like a turtle though. Even though I thought Safari was awesome, I HATED Pinderoon. It didn’t have any bumps but it was very, very, VERY HARD! I did stop at the end of every turn and each turn was so flat that instead of going down the hill, I was going across the slope while pros zoomed down the mountain at top speed. Not fun at all. If you ever go to Vail or Beaver Creek, I advise Simba, Cinch, and Safari.

Journal Entry 4 (in Vail now!)

“Yahoo!” I shouted. Kevin, Austin (two VERY annoying boys who I don’t like but am stuck with for no apparent reason) and I were skiing down Eagle’s Nest Ridge. We ha long since lost Jennifer and Anna and had went off by ourselves. We decided to go down Coyote Crossing the whole way. As usual, Kevin and Austin were already at the bottom of the slope, waiting. We continued to ski the green but occasionally a few blues if they lead back onto the green ( we wanted to ski blue the whole way down but Kevin said no because he didn’t want us to get hurt). Soon we came across a fork. Gitalong Road or Lion’s Way (or of course the double black diamond in front of us).  We chose Gitalong Road. But then when we ended up in Vail Village, we saw the lift Vista Bahn Express. Where were we?!? How did we end up here?!? How could be get back to Lionshead Circle? Kevin went up to  a ski school instructor and asked “Excuse me, could you please tell us how to get back to the Vail Chophouse?” (The Vail Chophouse was where we ate lunch). We took a crowded bus ride where I was holding all the poles, Kevin held his skis and mine, and Austin who only held his skis. When we got home, the parents were so relieved to see us I got three dollars! Best part of the day.

A dream dog fer me

A dream dog for me would understand English. It would be intellectual, fit and good with kids. My mom woud want a dog that doesn’t bark, doesn’t shedssssss( my ssss key isss glitcheds) and is not scary. ( i willss have her definesss that)

It would be nice to have that kind of dog POTTY TRAINED!! and Obedient. So that it woud n’t make my mom boil up about yellow aromic stains, and so that it would listen to us.

I will research more and see what else dogs have in range.


Today my family and I played Wii. It’s a little hard for me because i haven’t done it in a long time. Wii fit I keep popping my bubble in the balance games and Park Ranger says I can’t play ant more untill I write something here! Please answer to following polls.


Journal Entry 3

Warning: This entry is full of complaints and is probably dangerous to your health.

5 things I HATE about ski school:

1) It is SOOOOOOOO boring!!!!!!!!!!

2) They put you in levels you have already mastered.

3) The instructors are terrible-they don’t teach you anything.

4) They take you onto slopes waaaaaaay to EASY!!!!!!

5) I get BORED TO DEATH!!!!!

When I took the harassment, they decreed me level 4-5, somewhere in between, (at least I think so). Instead, they had me do level 3 because it was the first group they found. The instructors (Danielle and Jason) took us down bunny slopes and later Red Buffalo. VERY EASY!!!!! I ski Safari and Pinderoon (Black Diamonds) not Red Buffalo! They said I mastered everything  at the end of the day too! The only thing I learned:

NEVER go to ski school in Beaver Creek!

Journal Entry 2

What’s the easiest slope in Beaver Creek? Cinch, of course. Yet it is long and a great ski slope for beginners and professionals alike.  For beginners, it’s great because it is so easy and long. For intermediates (like me!), it’s one of the best slopes to practice and master parallel skiing on. For pros, they can just zoom down the mountain without having to worry about bumps, ice, trees, and even rocks! This slope is special for me because it is where I learned and mastered parallel.

Journal Entry 1 of my trip to Vail and Bever Creek Colorado

Today. as my first day in Beaver Creek, of course I was stunned by the scenery. The frosty diamond snowflakes danced through the air pushed by the chilly, winter wind. Sharp evergreens dotted the landscape. Tall, jagged mountains rose into the sky high, high above the rolling hills an the cute little village. All the buildings make me think of warm cozy fireplaces and hot chocolate with melted marshmallows. Puffy white clouds match the powdery white snow. As I zoomed down the slopes, I felt lucky to be in such a beautiful world.


Christmas Couplet

As people lay sound in bed,

Enters a plump man in red.


Winter solstice poem

The snowflakes shimmer in the light,

Layer the ground bright white.

The stars start glitter,

And snow starts to flitter,

And the Winter solstice is in sight!

My Christmas eve Poem

The thin cold draft comes creeping in

As inches of snow come sweeping in

The just suddenly become so long

Beacause we stay up to play Mah-Jong!

Hunting for the Mona Lisa (part 2)

Sneaking to the Museum

The ride took about an hour and was so boring I almost fell asleep. At the airport, I woke myself up by putting lots and lots of cold water on my face. The time was eleven-o-three. I looked at the schedule.

“We don’t have much time Luke,” I said. “The plane leaves at eleven twenty.”

“We’ve gotta be quick,” replied Luke eyes wide open.

“Let’s move!”

We ran up and down the stairs trying to find tickets toParis. We rushed left and right but still couldn’t find any tickets. All we found were tomatoes from hamburgers, ripped up pieces of paper, and water bottles thrown around trash cans. Then, I found two gold pieces of paper laying on the ground. I ran to them. They said: Ticket toParis. Best seats in the plane is yours.

“Dan, we found two one million dollar tickets!” said Luke.

“These are really one million dollars?!” I asked.

“Of course, do you think I’d lie to you?”


“Hey, it’s eleven eighteen already.”

“I’m not surprised.”

“C’mon! Let’s run!”

People got in our way and blocked us. We had to walk there which would’ve taken us about five to ten minutes until someone called on the intercom, “We will depart toParis,Francein a few seconds.”

People ran all around the place trying to find the plane toParis. I had to wait until everybody was done running like maniacs to get on theParisplane. I gave the man who took all the tickets the golden tickets. He took them like he wasn’t surprised we had them. We ran to the best seats in the plane and sat down. They were probably the most comfortable seats in the world. It felt so relaxing just sitting on the seats. We had TVs, video games, drinks, snacks, and many other great things. The plane took off and we were off toParis.

The ride was great we got off and immediately ran to theParis,Franceairport. When we got there, I saw my class walk up the escalator.

“Hide!” I whispered to Luke.

“Why?” he whispered back.


We ducked behind two tall green plants. Luckily they didn’t see us.

“Luke, next time I say ‘Hide!’ hide, okay?” I said.

“Got it,” Luke answered.

We ran up the escalator trying not to be spotted by the class. We sneaked behind stores and restaurants that the class walked by. When I walked out someone was looking at me and I quickly jumped back hoping they didn’t see me.

“Was that Daniel?” asked my classmate Josh.

“Josh, you were probably just seeing things. You really need to get better glasses than those cracked pieces of junk,” said someone in my class.

“Phew,” I thought. “We were almost caught.”

“Man, that was close,” said Luke.

“Yeah I thought the detective was gonna arrest us.”

The class went downstairs and took a bus to theLouvreMuseumor also known as the Musée du Louvre.  We had to sneak over to the bus which was pretty easy but getting on the bus without being seen by our class? Now that’s tricky. We’ll either have to be seen and get punished or not be seen, which would be pretty rare, and get very uncomfortable.

“Luke, do you have a plan for us?” I asked hoping he did.

“Sorry, nope. I’m smart but I’m not that smart,” he replied.

“I guess we’ll have to wait for another bus than.”


The wait was long and boring. About twenty or thirty minutes I believe and we had nothing to do. But when the bus did come, I said, “Luke the bus is here.” I punched his shoulder a few times. He was sleeping. I punched harder and harder. He never woke up.

“Must be a heavy sleeper,” I thought.

After about two minutes he woke up.

“Is the bus here yet?” he asked.

“We missed it ‘cause of you. Why did you go to sleep?” I asked.

“I was just tired.”

He yawned.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Okay let’s wait another few minutes,” I said.

Another twenty or thirty minutes past, leaving Luke and I way behind the class on the case. I was bored. I was glad that Luke didn’t go to sleep this time. We got on the bus and waited until the driver said, “Musée du Louvre.”

We ran off the bus and went in as quickly as we can.

The place was large. It looked almost fifty times larger than an apartment building inChina(the apartments there are very very tall). We went inside and saw many crowds of people there looking at great works of art. But, when we got to one wall of artwork, there was a huge space that looked about two feet wide and taller than me. I knew that it was the Mona Lisa’s spot. Then, the class came and they spotted us.

“We’re in trouble Luke,” I whispered.

Luke turned around very quickly. He looked at me.

“You’re right. We’re dead,” he said.

“What are you doing here? Daniel!?” said my teacher, Mrs. Anderlin.

“Um . . . looking around,” I said.

“Why did you come toParisthen?”

“Uhh . . . we . . . wanted to . . . look at the art museum.”

“Arrest them!”

The detective came and took out handcuffs.

“I really hate to do this boys but your teacher paid me,” he whispered.

“I’m not letting this happen,” I said. “C’mon Luke. Let’s run!”

We ran out the door and hid under a tree. It was a long wait before we lost the class. We needed a new plan.

“Luke, got a plan besides sneaking?” I asked.

“Um . . . Yeah,” he said. “Listen closely.”

Santa Claus Poem

Here is a poem I wrote about Santa delivering presents to a family.

In the middle of the night,


As he drives his sleigh


He climbs down the chimney


Entering through the fireplace,


Into the stockings


While sleeping soundly upstairs


He climbs back up the chimney,


He shouts, “Merry Christmas to all,


Random Facts on Pocky Sticks! ^^

Facts on Pocky Sticks:

v     Breadsticks covered in various flavors

v     Actually pronounced like Pokey does not rhyme with hockey

v     Were created in 1963 by the Glico Corporation

v     Was not called pocky at first was called Chocoteck

v     First flavor is chocolate

v     Pocky came from the sound pockin’

v     In 1971 a new flavor, almond, came out

v     Six years later Strawberry flavor came out

v     Ever fall a new flavor is out

v     Some flavors are only in Japan

  • Grape in Nagano(super rare)
  • Lemony-mikan in Kyushu
  • Sweet milk
  • Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry (strawberry sauce with “real” strawberry in it.)
  • Almond crush (chocolate with crushed almond pieces)
  • Winter set which contain chocolate pocky and coca powder
  • Glico Pocky and Mart (mini series)
    • White and chocolate
    • Custard and Orange
  • Glico Pocky Panda- Cookies and cream (makes a LOT of sense… Chocolate breadstick and white cream with black cookie pieces)
  •   Salty!
  • Black Sesame- white chocolate with sesame seeds
  • Brazilian Pudding
  • Murasaki Imo- sweet potato

v     There is a Malayisa version from Glico called Rocky

v     Also a Korean called Pepero  not from Glico (people got the idea from Pocky thought)

v     In UK is called Mikado

v     In Hong Kong in 2008 the China Glico made Pocky Men’s

v     Pocky men’s  Chocolate is a Dark chocolate Pocky and is not as sweet.

v     Pocky Men’s Bitter chocolate= very bitter not very sweet.

This was for a speech fo Speech and Drama at my school. ^o^

Matilda by roald dahl

Matilda is the book I’m doing for letters for literature.

Matilda is a remarkable girl, and this book of Mr. Dahl’s is as well. I can relate to this book because the way Matilda self-teaches her is like how I know something, whats wrong, but don’t know how to solve it. And eventually, she finds a creative way to do it! But I’m also really different from her. I have good parents, she doesn’t, I was brought up in tenderness, she wasn’t. I really admire her, because she has common sense, and is intelligent. If my dad was to read Matilda, he would start a jealous comparison. If I could I would pop into this book, be Matilda’s parents, and allow her to be inrange of college. Just a kindergardener gettin ready for college! But her school must be private, because a principal dictator would be caught. It’s so cruel to have your headshoved into soft, fluffy chocolate cake and forced to eat or being flung over a fence by your braids. The Chokey! A terribly small small space with dense air filled with who-knows- what-is-sticking-out-from-the-wall, and not-sure-smells-funny-around-me.



Hunting for the Mona Lisa (part 1); TO MY OWN ACCORD

Hey huys im gonna start this thing called


Don’t Play With Fire

It was a bright sunny day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and you could feel the warm summer breeze rushing by your ears. I’m Daniel Remirza. I’m thirteen years old and I am in sixth grade at Daisy Elementary School. I’m pretty good at sports and I like playing with my friends but I have probably the worst grades in school. I bomb my math tests, flunk language arts, I am not good at geography, and I get grades so bad on my science tests that the teachers at my school created the grade “G.” And I thought you should know I was held back. Oh gosh, now I betcha you’re thinkin’  Oh dude, dish guy ish dum. before you know it Ima deck you one! Even the teachers act like I’m the worst person that they’ve ever seen in their entire teaching career. I can’t believe that I’ve been asked to be the leader of this extravagant case. The Mona Lisa . . . was STOLEN!

“Dumb-iel can’t be the leader,” started my know-it-all classmate Sarah. “He’s bad at everything.”

A detective just came into the classroom to talk to us about the Mona Lisa case. He had a light-brown hat and a light-brown jacket. In his pocket was a small box of matches and a magnifying glass. He had a mustache and his hair was dark brown. He had brown eyes and light-brown eyebrows. You could tell he really liked brown just by looking at him.Or he spilled hot cocoa or coffee in everywhere. Or some impolite dog didn’t bother to, you know do his doo-doo on him.

“I’m sorry Sarah, he just seems like a good detective for this case,” said the detective. “You never know, sometimes the worst people become really great heroes.”

I don’t really like this guy when he calls me the worst person.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” whispered Sarah.

You could tell she was really disappointed. I stood up and said, “I’ll do it. I just need one or two people to help. Who would like to come?” And if you don’t I’ll wobble your can and knock it over..

Nobody raised their hands. I got real angry and balled my fists as anger spread through my nerves as fast as a plague. My knuckles turned white, and I clenched my teeth hard enough to make a squeak. I felt like slamming everyone with a good hard punch.

“Then-then I’ll do it by myself!” I shouted furiously.

I rushed out the door and sat down on a nearby bench. I wanted to cry. Even my one best friend Luke didn’t want to come. The mad disease spread through my body again, and drained it all out along with the energy. A steady beat came to lullingly and my breathing folowed to it. My eyelids drooped as I fell asleep.


I felt a tug, then a kick, then a whack in the face. I woke up and found Luke pulling my face up frantically.

“GAH! wake up you meaningless lowlife!” and he alternated slapping my facing lightly.

The school was burning and all you could see was flames, smell cinder, and taste sharp sparks. They were everywhere. No fire extinguishers were near us. We were trapped.

“Hey Dan, you got your water bottle?” asked Luke.


“Then we’ll have to go to plan B.”

“Pl-PLAN B? What plan B?”

“Okay Dan, you see those flames?”

He pointed at the flames that just started a little while ago.

“Stand there and hold out your hand. I’ll do the rest.”

I ran over and held out both of my hands. Luke ran, stepped on my hands, and leaped across the flames; and one spark caught his.

“GRRR!” and he patted his bosom.

He got a fire extinguisher and the flames slowly disenegrated. We ran through the school destroying every flame we came across. Then, there was a flame about ten times bigger than the rest. IDKIDKIDK. The fire extinguisher ran out of its chemical.

“GUGH! I couldn’t remember a better day.”

Beads of sweat trickled down my face. A plot had to be thought up fast. The flames were burning everything. The ceiling rafter cracked and was ready to fall on us. Luke took out a soda can and tossed it into the fire. It got smaller but only a little. You could barely see a change.

“You got any carbon dioxide stuff-uff?” asked Luke.

“WOULD I?” I said.

“Okay, then we’re dead. My ma would like us deep fried or, medium rare? meduim rare, then walk further!”

The fire grew immense. It was about ten or eleven feet tall by now. Now we were really trapped. Not like we weren’t before. Then, I saw something that could help.

“Luke, the water fountain!” I said.

He looked at me like I was crazy.

“Like how are we gonna reach that?” he asked.

“I dunno,” I replied.

I had to do something. I didn’t have water or anything that could destroy flames.

“Wait,” I said taking out a magnet.

I threw it at the water fountain. BANG! It stuck on and the fountain started shooting out water.

“Now we just need something to make it shoot at the fire,” said Luke.

Suddenly, the ceiling shook. It was cracking open. Small pieces fell down to the ground. This is the weird part. Magically, two fire extinguishers fell from the ceiling. I picked one up and started spraying the whole fire with the chemical inside it. Almost immediately, the fire was gone. Luke and I ran as fast as we could out the front door. We were outside now. Nobody was outside. It was like they simply just disappeared.

“Where’d they go?” I asked.

“They said they all were going toParis,France,” said Luke.

“But . . . why?”

“Don’t you know? The Mona Lisa is there or . . . was there. They wanted to take your spot as detective.”


“It’s true Dan. When I was out here, I overheard them about going toParis, France. They talked about the plan. The plan was to go to the airport and fly there when you weren’t there. They said it was a perfect chance for them to get revenge on you.”

“Revenge? What did I ever do to them?”

“I don’t know but I’m sure they do. I think we’d better hurry up and catch up to them.”

“Oka-wait, what do you mean we? I’m the only one doing this case.”

“Well, I forgot to tell you but I want to join you, can I?”

I thought for a second. He didn’t seem to be playing a prank on me.

“Well, you shoulda told me you wanted to join. You’re in!” I said.

“HURRY UP,” said Lucas as we raced to our bikes.

We got on, clicked our helmets, and pedaled all the way to the airport.

Crown Center And Its Wonders

Yesterday at Crown Center, I had a piano concert. I played a duet with my teacher of Frosty the Snowman. The concert was for anybody that walked by. I’m pretty pleased with my performance. No stumbles of misplayed notes. It sounded very festive! Speaking of festive, at practice time, my piano teacher told me to dress festive. So, on Saturday morning, I wore a red sweater with white designs and a plaid skirt with warm grey leggings and a pair of cute snow boots. My mom said I looked liked an American girl doll. The whole thing lasted about half an hour. After that, we decided to spend the whole day at Crown Center. While my mom and my sister were waiting in the line to go to Crayon Land, my dad took me to the gift shop. I got a “license plate” for my bike and some gifts for my friends. When we were finally in Crayon Land, I was like, “What did I get myself into?” Crayon Land is sooo boring! All it is, is a trail around the room with little activities and slides then at the end of the trail you get to see Santa and take a picture then tell him what you want for Christmas. But, the best part about this day was the ice skating. In case you haven’t been to Crown Center, the ice skating is an outdoor rink. After it being a long time since I’ve stepped on ice, I was pretty surprised to see how good I was. It felt so good racing on the ice with breeze in your face. Ice skating is a wonder! And after all this time I can still do a lunge! Crown Center is a place filled with wonderful wonders!!