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Things that you are passionate about but are not your main means of living.

Do you like them?

Home made birthday cup cakes

Triple baking day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I was bored, so my dad suggested making some stuff. So, We started with Creamy Carnival cups topped with whip cream. (RECIPE FOLLOWS) Then we just thought, how about cookies too? So we just kept baking, and my mom wanted banana bread, so, why not banana bread?? Three of them. THREE!!! Creamy Carnival cups, cookies, AND banana bread. YUM!!

Creamy Carnival Cups

1 cup of boiling water

1 package of any fruit flavored Jell-O gelatin

2 cups of vanilla ice cream

Whip cream

Stir boiling water into dry gelatin mix in medium bowl, until completely dissolved. Add ice cream and mix well.

Pour into 6 dessert bowls. Refrigerate 30 minutes or until set

Top with whip cream.

A Game For All Horse Lovers

Are you a horse fan? Do you like riding horses or collecting pictures of them? If the answer is yes, you should try Trust me – it’s really fun! It’s a free game, and you can take care of horses, train them, enter them in competitions, and do a lot more! By the way, you have to spell the website h-o-w-r-s-e or it will go to a different website. You should try it!

Why are polar bears Sweet?


The By-standing, Mouth-Hanging former cupcakes!

I used the rest of the chocolate icing for that! 🙂

I made them from the base of a cupcake!”]My Cupcakes!![/caption]
Because, I MADE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what they are made of!!

The Storm in a Friendship Part 1

I wrote this story in 6th grade, but I have decided to share it. It’s titled, The Storm in a Friendship.

It was raining. Again. And I hate rain. Lightning flashed across the dark black sky, followed by a rumble of thunder. I hated rain, which was ironic, because my name happens to be Raine. It was raining last spring when–well; actually, I’d rather not talk about it. Lightning streaked through the sky again, leaving a faint yellow glow in my eyes. My bedroom light flickered and went out, plunging me in darkness. My alarm clock began to flash, displaying only 12 o’clock in red numbers.

I was tired, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I picked up my lucky–well, it used to be–blue pen. I called it “lightning bolt blue”, but I never knew why. Lightning bolts aren’t blue are they? I remember the day when my best friend bought it for me. It was a year ago, at a shop that sold school supplies, and it was raining that day too. I clearly remember it.

A light drizzle of rain fell from the sky as my best friend, Katie, and I admired the large rack of colorful pens behind the building next to the school. We had just been dismissed and were walking along the streets.

“I owe you, Raine,” Katie had said.

“For what?” I asked, brushing my dark brown hair aside.

“For buying me that delicious, double-scoop chocolate fudge sundae the other day,” She laughed.

“Oh, all right.” I watched Katie scan the rack of pens. Our eyes landed on the same on, my Lightning Bolt Blue.

“That blue one please.” Katie said to the man behind the stand.

“Are you sure?” The man looked at us a little skeptically.

“Why wouldn’t I be sure?” Katie looked at the man, “I do want that one.”

“Well, suit yourself.” The man handed us the blue pen from the rack. I took it from him as Katie paid. With the new pen in my hand, Katie and I ran home, our jackets zipped tightly. At the intersection dividing our houses, I said goodbye to Katie. I pulled open the door to my house as quickly as I could to get out of the rain. I stepped inside and slipped off my shoes. They were dry. And so was my hair. And my jacket. That was weird. My mother came downstairs when I walked in. She had a smile on her face.

And there’s Part 1 of The Storm in a Friendship. If you want to read more, please comment! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

Why Are Polar Bears Sweet?

Because They Are Made From Cupcakes 🙂


My hot chocolate!!!

In January, do you fix a cup of hot chocolate for yourself? I do. I like Harry London peppermint hot chocolate with with mountains of whip cream and marshmallows…..

Before the marshmallows melt, they carefully swim in the thick whip cream. Finally, I let my dad try some, and he always ends up draining the cup!

What is your hot chocolate like???? 


Gingerbread marshmallows climbing on a mountain of whip cream

YUMMY YUM YUM!!!!! 🙂 😀 😛 :X

What’s your favorite recipe for chicken?

Out of everything, really, my favorites are my Chicken and Lettuce wraps. You simply recook rotisserie chicken with butter on a frying pan, until brownish. Put the recooked chicken on lettuce,and wrap it up. IT’S SO SIMPLE!!!  Mayonnaise is optional…..