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Days at New Orleans—Day4

 Today I went to the zoo and I saw a lot of different types of animals at the zoo. There’s a water park at the zoo. My dad bought me and my brother tickets to go in. I was there for about 1 hour. Then I took a shuttle back to our hotel. After that I went to Pink Berry. Pink Berry is an ice cream shop and so I got some ice cream. It was delicious. Pink Berry has a lot of flavors to put on your ice cream. The Place cost a lot to get ice cream.   



Days at New Orleans—Day 3

Today I went to an aquarium. At the aquarium I saw alligators, sharks, frogs, dragon fish, Piranhas, and Queen Angle fish. At the aquarium I got to Pet a real sting ray. I was a little scared at first. When I touched it, it actually felt smooth. Then it started to attack me but I was Lucky because it didn’t have a stinger. Today I Played my I-pod touch and I played Zombie café on the I-pod touch.

Days at New Orleans — Day2

Today my mom and my family saw a statue. The statue was a girl on a horse with a flag. Then my mom told me a story about her. She was very good at battling. Her name was Joan of Arc. She died at the age of 19. Then my dad, I, and my brother went to an insect museum and we saw some very interesting insects. Last we saw a church that was 160 years old. It was a sign of New Orleans.

Days at New Orleans – Day 1

Today at New Orleans my dad, bother, mom, and me went to the I MAX Theater and watched a movie about hurricane Katrina and saw how powerful it was. We also saw other hurricanes that hit New Orleans.  We saw floods that hit New Orleans too. I learned when those hurricanes and floods hit New Orleans. But before we did anything else my family and I had on a plane to get to New Orleans. It took two hours to get to New Orleans but I played my I pod Touch till we got there… Well that is the end of day 1!

Art-1: Why my daddy is the best by Aaron, 9 yrs old

Art-2: Why my daddy is the best – by Felix, 6 yrs old

My best Mom – by Stone

My mom is the best because she is funny in some ways. One way that makes her funny is that when she supposes to hit the ball she doesn’t hit it but when she’s not suppose to hit the ball she tries to hit the ball. She makes me laugh when we’re in bed because she starts tickling me and laying on me. She makes me laugh because when she forgets something she makes a funny sound.

I like my mom’s cooking. I like it because they are my favorite foods. She makes yogurt, bread, cookie cake, and regular cake. (word count =103)