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Macy’s 6th Annual Spelling Bee – Sept. 10th, Oak Park Mall store

Kids – If you’re between 8 and 11 years of age, join Macy’s Reading Is Fundamental and show how well you can S-P-E-L-L! One spelling champ from each of the 29 participating Macy’s locations will win a trip to New York City including accommodations at the Affinia Manhattan Hotel to compete in the Final Spelling Bee at Macy’s Herald Square on Saturday, Sept. 24th!

Each Regional Spelling Bee Champ will take home some great prizes including a year of online tutoring from Kaplan Smart Track and a $150 online gift card from Scholastic. The winner of the Final Bee in NYC will receive a $5,000 Kaplan Tutoring Scholarship and a $500 Scholastic online gift card plus a magical California vacation for a family of four including round trip air travel, hotel accommodations and more.

Check out the rules, regulations and event updates on

Will you attend?

Volunteers, Ideas, Creativity and Innovation

Last Saturday a Chinese parent talked to me about volunteering work for
building up high-school resume. It seems an almost banal routine item that a
child got to have on their resume if they aspire to any good college. The
problem is – this is far from being enough.

As this parent told me, some awesome, church-attending kid going to all kinds
of volunteering activities with straight-As throughout high school, yet was
rejected by the college he was so ready to spend next 4 years in. “What is it
that they want?” she asked.

What I see in this type of children is they are too conventional, too much of
a product of a routine, going through the motions, without a demonstrated real
passion for something of their own.

For a starter, here are the problems with this church-going kid andhere are some of my volunteer ideas that guarantee to push them to the frontline among thousand of applicants.

First of all, what do you want to show to the world through your volunteering
1) You are unselfish when everybody tries to get something for nothing and
you give something for nothing.
2) You have time to donate to a good cause that you believe in. That’s also
3) You are willing to make all kinds of personal sacrifices in order to get
into your dream college.

If you don’t have anything other than these three reasons, this is almost the
dead end for you. Because (1) it is not a challenge to come up with this; (2) it
shows you are so one of the crowd, so banal, so empty of ideas and creativity or
anything shining that we want to see in a leader that we don’t see the promise
of a bright future in you.

I once heard this saying, somewhere I forgot where. It goes like this: the
highest reward for your work is not what you get for it, but what you become
because of it. An event or experience always means more than what it appears on the surface.

First of all, to the admission officer, the process of seeking volunteer
opportunities reveals more of you than the fact you donate unpaid time to some
place. You should make full use of this opportunity to let your outstanding
character shine through your narration of this process.

Secondly, for volunteer ideas, your mind and soul must be out of the
conventional box. You must believe there is an inexhaustive gold mine in you and search for this wealth inside you. If you don’t have this bottom line
self-confidence, you are better off without any big dream, which is perfectly
okay. After all, not many people have big dreams.

Next, think of anything you can claim to be capable of doing and are willing
to share with those who is so eager to be on the receiving end as long as it is
free. By the time you enter high school, you got to be good at something.

If your parents made you start piano lesson at age 5 or drawing or Chinese or
marshall art or tennis lesson or whatever your mom was fancy of cramming on you at your tender age, after 10 years of hard drilling or by the time you enter
high school, you should be good enough to torture a group of 5-year-olds with
the same tenacity and dead seriousness, as if they paid you a million dollar for
doing that. Trust me the benefit goes far beyond any monetary measurement.
How? Go to a local primary school or library or nursing home, tell them you
have skills and are willing to share them with the children or senior citizens,
free of charge. You offer to organize kid’s club, teaching whatever you can brag
about. People love freebies, especially now when money runs so low. Parents
embrace it when their youngsters are learning something without their having to
pay for it. Don’t forget to hold a performance party at the end of the activity
as a report and showcase to the parents of how great you are.

During holiday season when you hear the extreme boring money-begging bell
sound from Salvation Army, you volunteer to marshal a group of primary school children, teach them some crafts and sell their work. The handsome proceeds go to the Salvation Army.

If you love, say math or English, go to an elementary school and share your
enthusiasm over it by offering free tutoring in math or whatever you are crazy
about. After all, what’s the use of your good math skill if you don’t
put it to good use? Like an investment, the earlier you put your skills to good
use, the higher the return will be.

The key is be creative, be a passionate leader and be daring and
original in a good way. Be one of a kind. Never ever follow the crowd like one
of the mindless herd. Of course, it is always safe to follow the beaten
path. But don’t you hate the idea of being safe among a crowd? I told my
children security is for senior folks, definitely not for the daring youth.
Finally, your volunteer experience can potentially be a great topic for your
college application essay. Now high schoolers, rise to the occasion, make
difference and do something marvelously good to your otherwise boring

The Knight in Dull Armor (part 4 the end)

The (un)fabulous journey to camp

You might’ve thought it gotten better, but guess what? It got ten times worse. Right now I was at the mountain. The one where the draytaur through me off. It wasn’t that I couldn’t fly across the mountain, it was that there was an army of draytaurs there with rocks that said DR on them. They were armed in full magical armor, had the DR rock, and had a sword or lance in their hand. I was doomed. How could I get across that mountain without being caught?

“Hey bud now what?” I asked.

“Mmmm . . . ya,” he said pointing to himself.

“You know those people?”


“Go tell them to let us in, okay?”


The dragon flew over to the draytaurs and said some dragon language. I could understand them. Probably because my dad made the dragon. The dragon said, “Can we get in?”

“No,” the draytaurs said.

“Please we’re going to half-magic camp.”

“No, you may not get past unless you beat us in a battle.”

“But, that’s not fair.”

“Nothings fair in the world of magic. Are you fighting or not?”

“Fine we’ll fight.”

He came back and got me to help. I stood up and slowly trudged to the draytaurs. I wasn’t going to lose this time. I was ready to bash them. The dragon was fired up. He was going to kill the freaks. I had an idea. The draytaurs wouldn’t be able to deflect a giant meteorite.

“Bulalakawdo!” I shouted.

A meteor bolted towards the army. It was so fast you could barely see it. The draytaurs were dashing out of the way. The meteor cast an explosion of dust and rock. I heard some whispering. When the dust cleared, the draytaurs looked exhausted. A few fainted.

“Okay, you’re too good of an opponent you may pass,” said the leader.

“Thank you,” I replied.

We went on through the mountains and thought they were scared of us, but guess what? They turned around and the leader said, “We’re not done with you, Punk.”

I turned around, “I thought you said we could go, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but we were faking. We will kill you both.”

“You’re not winning, not this time.”

I suddenly remembered the hydra. I turned it into kuldvedulikul by ramming into it. I could do the same with the draytaurs. My wand was ready to get them. This was going to be the battle of the millennium.

“Schildbaldola!” I shouted.

A piece of iron wrapped around me. It was shining brighter than the sun, it was at least an inch thick, and it had a symbol on it. Good thing I was partially magician, I knew what it said. It said: Magical steel. One of the hardest materials in the world of magic. I was glad I had this steel. I could ram them easily.

“Is that all you got?” asked the draytaur leader turning his lance into a bomb.

“You really think you can destroy my shield with a bomb? This is magical steel.” I said.

“Well this bomb is called steeleater. It’s strong enough to turn steel into ashes.”

I was going to be killed. This was the best idea I ever had in my life and it was going to be ruined. Then I remembered, magical steel is the only material that is invincible. He was lying!

“Liars!!” I shouted.

“How are we liars?” they asked.

I wasn’t going to waste any more time. This was the end. Then another idea popped into my head.

“Buddy, blow fire on the shield ball around me,” I said.

“Ya,” he said as he blew flames onto my shield ball.

The place became hot. Not just like . . . um . . . seventy degrees more like ninety degrees. My shoes felt like they were on fire. The cloak I had on was killing me. This was my chance though, to demolish an army. I charged towards them. Burning them badly. Then, when the shield ball wore off, there weren’t any draytaurs anymore. Just kuldvedulikul and the dragon dancing happily.

“Let’s go bud,” I said.

“Ya,” he replied.

“Fluterimo,” I said drawing a star.

We fluttered up in the air and flew towards camp. Then, I heard a splashing sound. It came closer and closer and it popped out of the water beneath us. There in front of us was a sea-devil. He was mostly black, had glowing crimson eyes, shining white fangs, ripped up wings, and the longest arms you’d ever imagine. He had six tentacles coming from his back. They were purple and had claws at the end of them.

“Trolasero,” I said drawing a trapezoid with zigzags.

It blasted out fast. I thought it should’ve killed him but after the electricity stopped, I looked at him. He was totally unharmed. I rubbed my eyes just to see if I was seeing things right. He was still unharmed. He threw one of his tentacles at me.

“Uugh,” I said flying back five feet.

My arm was hurt. I checked it. There was a cut. Not like bandage cut, but a hospital cut. It was killing me. It felt like it was two inches deep. The flying magic wore off and I closed my eyes. I was unconscious.

When I woke up, the dragon was bouncing on my stomach like it was a trampoline. I looked around me. It was the place Cyton died, which meant we were almost back.

“Buddy, could you get off?” I asked.

“Ya, ya,” he replied.


I floated up in the air and I charged towards camp. It only took a minute. The draytaur came and said, “Hello, my young hero. You’re back already.”

“Yeah, um-” I started.

“Where’s Cyton?”

“At my home.”

“Why’s he there?”

“He died along the way and my dad told me he was there.”


“Should I get him?”

“No, this is the time for you to go home.”

And I went through a portal home. It was the greatest adventure of my life.

Rafting whitewater (finally!)

I’ve been waiting months to go whitewater rafting and now I can finally do it in the Yellowstone River (bonus-scenery!!!) We went to the raft headquarters and they had us put on wetsuits. They looked at how skinny I am and gave me a wetsuit that was way to small. Well, the top was really baggy but the bottom was super tight. We got on a van that sent us to the Yellowstone River. We had to climb down a hill first. I hate climbing down hills!!! I slipped more than three times. Gr!!! We climbed into a ginormous fire engine red raft and we headed out to the river. Try to define whitewater. Whatever your answer is , I highly doubt it will come close to this. We rode the waves up and down getting soaked in the first few minutes. The water came in the boat higher than our ankles. For a second i thought we were going to sink. But we didn’t. Our guide named Ryan put a rope in front and asked “who wants to sit on it???” You and me (Yunming-Cindy’s dad) stepped up and tried it. He sad it was super fun so Ella (Audrey’s mom) volunteered. Then, I went. I didn’t care about getting wet, I just had lots of fun bouncing up and down with the crashing waves. It’s really quite hard to describe. I kept going to the front over and over again. We floated by Yellowstone’s Electric Peak. It’s made of iron and steel so lightning hits different parts of it a lot. At one point, my dad jumped into the water and swam with the waves. At another point we saw a hot waterfall. This was the thing i had waited months for and I wasn’t disappointed.

Neighing things

“snort, snort, snort.” That’s the sound you usually hear when you are riding a sneezing horse. This morning i went horse back riding. I mean actual horse back riding- not somebody leading me around a pen. I was completely on my own. Well, not completely on my own. I had two guides and a spunky, awesome horse named Lever. He’s a short sleepy chestnut bay (I think) and he’s mostly obedient.  We started out through the woods on a dirt path. Clip clop clip clop. I gave Lever a rub. Clip clop clip clop. “Deer!” I shouted. Everyone turned to look. It got scared and with a swish of it’s little deer tail, it disappeared into the woods. One of our guides, Bounty, started listing some of the forests flowers . Indian paintbrush, Fire something, and many others  I promptly forgot. “elk bone!” called Bounty. Suddenly the other guide, Tia’s horse reared up. and neighed super loudly. “Don’t worry! None of your horses will do that. This fellow is still in training. Clip clop clip clop. The silent forest was peacefully beautiful in many ways. Moss clings to trees as fungus clings to rocks. Birds twitter overhead before majestically spreading it’s wings and soaring out the wind. I wished i could be up there so happy so free without a care n the world. Then suddenly we stopped. As soon as we stopped, Lever trotted ahead and started grazing. Bad boy Lever! I tried to turn Lever around but Lever refused to budge. It took three long kicks to get him to finally move. The trip back was the same thing. I will never forget this horseful morning

The Knight in Dull armor (part 3)

The priesas vs. the magicians

I charged towards the ground as the dragon got ready to breathe fire. He floated to the ground. I heard a sound of swords slicing, fire burning, and all sorts of violent things.

“Stay here bud, okay?” I asked.

“Ya, ya,” said the dragon as it closed it’s eyes, folded up it’s wings, fell asleep, and started snoring.

I trudged towards the noise and sneaked into the temple. There was a knight in dull armor. I thought their armor were supposed to be shiny. I ignored it and went towards the magicians and there was my dad trying to kill him with magic.

“Hello my son!” he said excitedly.

“Hi dad,” I said.

“Rick, we’re having a big problem with this knight and where’s Cyton?”

“Um . . . uh . . . he kind of . . . died along the way.”


“A hydra killed him with electricity.”

“I hate hydras. They always try to kill people.”


“Now first things first, let’s kill this demon.”


“Rick this is an earthling, you’re the only one that can kill him. You’re part-human and part-magician you know.”

“Yeah, but I thought regular humans can’t live in this world.”

“Rick, this earthling came through a portal  and came here, and you cannot die in the temple no matter what.”

“Oh, well let’s try to get him back through the portal.”

“No! He’s partially a priesas. They are the enemies of magicians.”

“Then how come magic can’t affect him?”

“Rick, priesases can’t effect magicians and magicians can’t effect priesases. Only you can kill him. Turn your wand into a sword and destroy his body.”

“But how?”

“Just draw a cross in the air.”

“I don’t need to say anything?”


“Now kill him!”

I drew a cross with my wand and immediately it turned into sword. The blade was made of magical silver and steel. The handle was made from iron, leather, fairy cloth, and wand metal.

“A silverviper,” said Ferandulus.

“Is it a good sword?” I asked.

“Yes, one of the best.”

“Now I will kill this demon.”

“Be careful, priesases are difficult to beat.”

“I will.”

The fight began. I could sense where he would attack, even when he shot a bow and arrow. I blocked them all with silverviper. It went on forever. Attack, block, attack, block, etc. This guy must die, I thought. That’s when he got ambushed. I jumped in the air and cut his arm off. I thought he would surrender and go back to his home but instead, two arms popped out in his cut off arms place.

“What!? Impossible!” I cried.

“See they can’t die in the temple,” said Ferandulus.

Then I remembered Cyton’s words. ‘If you were just a regular human then you would suffocate in this world and your body would get destroyed by the gas on this planet until there is nothing left of you.’

Then, I got an idea.

“Hey, fatface why do you have three arms? Why do you look like you put your head in some trash? Why do you have armor that’s dull it makes you look dirty. Well, stinkface I gotta go right now bye.” I said.

The knight got mad, he was about ready to wreck me into a-million pieces. He ran towards me not realizing he was going to die. He jumped out of the temple trying to tackle me then, he fell and couldn’t breathe. That was the end of him. A glob of purple gas came down and devoured his body and hopefully not remembered again. My father came out and said to me, “You did it son, you are a true son of the greatest magician of all time.”

“I guess I am,” I replied.

“Well, I guess you need to go back to camp. You’ll find Cyton lying in your room Rick, Bye!”

“I’ll see you sometime later.”



I set off on my journey back to camp. I woke up the dragon and set off.

The Knight in Dull Armor (part 2)

The mission starts and a million of bad stuff happens

Now I’m packing up my things. My wand, dragon food, food, drinks, spell book, etc. I grabbed my pack and went over to where Cyton was.

“You ready?” I asked.

“Ready,” he replied.

“Then let’s go!”

We went to the meeting spot and waved good-bye. Cyton and I went on our journey to the temple. We walked towards the temple slowly. It was 85 degrees Fahrenheit here according to my watch. I didn’t get how the dragon was not tired at all.

“Hey Cyton,” I started. “Do you know who your magician dad or mom is?”

“Yes, his name is Zorlin,” he replied.

“What is he the magician of?”

“He is the magician who created the gas on this planet, the magician who made the first half-magician, and the magician who wrote the spell book.”

“He wrote the spell book?”

“Yes, indeed.”


“Your dad’s even better than mine.”

“Well, yeah.”

“He made the first dragon, magic, and shaped the land on this planet right?”


“Whoa! Look!”

There in front of us was a Hydra (multiple headed dragon). He had a metallic head, a regular dragon head, and a half-metallic head. He charged his head at me at extreme speed. Its head jabbed me in the stomach and set me flying twenty feet back.

“Schildbaldola!” I yelled drawing a circle with an X inside.

A piece of metal wrapped around my body as I charged towards the hydra. Boom! I set them flying into the trees of a forest. A second later it melted into a golden liquid. I walked towards it.

“Don’t go to it,” said Cyton holding out his arm.

“Why not?” I asked.

“It might reform. Some monsters reform after they turn into kuldvedulikul.”

“What’s kuldvedulikul?”

“It is the monsters blood.”

“Oh, but how do they reform?”

“How they reform is still unknown. All we know is that they can reform.”

“Let’s go.”


Our dragon was curled up in a ball behind a rock looking scared.

“It’s okay little buddy he’s dead,” I said.

Then suddenly, I heard a rustling sound. I looked behind me and there was the hydra, coming for a rematch.

“How did it . . .” I said.

“I told you this just might happen,” Cyton replied.

This time it was different, the monster had five heads. One was metallic, one was regular, one was half-metallic, one was a cyclops, and one was made of rocks. They all could breath fire, water, electric, gas, and smoke. They started breathing fire and electric. I was shocked badly by electricity. Cyton was getting burnt by fire badly. I couldn’t stand up to get by spell book. Cyton’s cloak was turning black, his skin grew darker, and he was almost going to get killed by the flames of the dragon.

“Cyton!” I yelled.

“Urpistolar!” yelled Cyton drawing a rectangle with lines in it.

Water burst out making the flames vanish. That’s when the bad part came, all the heads of the hydra opened their mouths and shot out a hundred volts of electricity. Cyton was shocked terribly bad. He said his last sentence, “Goodbye, Rick Jackson,” and he vanished.

My stomach roared with anger.

“Trolasero,” I said randomly drawing a trapezoid with zigzags in it.

A mighty laser of electric burst out of my wand forcing me back two feet. The hydra roared in pain. Then it turned into a glop of kuldvedulikul. I fell to my knees and fainted.

When I woke up, I looked at my dragon who was happily dancing around on my back.

“Come on buddy. We’re going to have to do this ourselves,” I said.

“Ya, ya,” said the dragon.

“So come on, we have a long ways to go without our friend.”


“We might see him again.”

“Hmm hmm.”

“Let’s go.”


We were on our way to theTemplewhen we got to a river that was too dangerous to cross. There were whirlpools, serpents, and evil mermaids ready to kill me. But I wasn’t going to let that happen. I looked in my spell book and looked in the “useful spells” section. Ah-ha, just what I needed, I thought.

“Fluterimo,” I said drawing a star.

I floated up into the air and charged down towards where the monsters were. They showed their sharp teeth shining brightly in the sunlight.

“Trolasero!” I shouted underwater drawing a trapezoid with zigzag lines in it.

First one lightning bolt came out then two then three. And after about five seconds, a-thousand volts of electricity shot out of my wand hurting the monsters so bad, they turned into dust. There wasn’t one bit of kuldvedulikul. I was stunned. Am I really that good at using magic, I thought. I shot back up to the surface and smiled at the dragon.

“C’mon bud let’s go!” I said excitedly.

“Ya, ya,” said the dragon smiling.

“Fluterimo,” I said drawing a star with my wand.

I flew up in the air and charged toward the island up ahead. I landed gently on a mountain. Then, in the distance, I heard a twig snap. I sneaked towards the sound and there, holding a rock, was a draytaur, different from the one at camp. He had a scaly body, muscular legs, a fat red tail, and wings bigger than any of the wings I had seen before. He had his eyes pointed straight at me. I took out my wand. The draytaur took a piece of the rock on the mountain for a shield.

“Trolasero,” I shouted drawing a trapezoid with zigzags in them with my wand.

Again, a-thousand volts of electricity shot like arrows towards the draytaur. That’s when the draytaur got smart he got his shield and blocked off all the electricity. The rock was unharmed. I was shocked. How could that have happened? It should’ve broken the rock to pieces. That’s when I noticed the marking on the rock. It said: DR which I thought meant draytaur rock. The draytaur shoved me off the mountain. I searched for my wand. It was gone! Then, something fell. It was my wand and it was broken! The dragon saw me, swooped down, caught me, and landed me gently. Glad I had the dragon. The draytaur (the one at camp) was right dragons do help a lot.

“Thanks bud,” I said quietly.

“Ya,” he cried.

“We probably have to get a new wand for me bud.”


The dragon licked my wand and somehow repaired it. It became as good as new.

“Thanks bud!” I shouted excitedly.

“Ya,” replied the dragon.

“H-h-how did you do that?”


“Don’t know do you.”


“Well let’s continue.”

“Ya, ya!”

We went on towards the temple until I could see a temple. The temple had bright lights around it and was entirely made of different valuable stones. I could already sense something was wrong.

“Fluterimo,” I said drawing a star with my wand.

I floated towards the temple and I got my wand ready. That’s when the trouble started.


Last week I made COOOOOkies With Promethium and with out parent supervision!!!!! FREEDOM!! It felt like there was no limit in what we would do. (jump off a cliff 🙂 ) In the summer after noons, my mom is at work, so me and Promethium found something fun to do. COOOOOKIES!

We pretty much only made 12 coooookies because there wasn’t a lot of batter. To make them colorful, we added sprinkles. yay. The Batter was sticky, so the shapes of the cookies were blobs.

When the cookies were done, the house smelled like baked cookies, because there were baked cookies. (DUH) We took the pan of cookies out of the oven, and they looked perfect!! We waited for 15 minutes to cool down the cookies. When we actually ate them……………………………………………………………………………. the cookies were DEEEEEEEELICIOUS! The sprinkles were taste less and colorless. When we bit in to them, the outside was crispy the inside melted in my mouth, so did the chocolate.


The Knight in Dull Armor (part 1)

I’m a magician

It was a dark winter night while I, Rick Jackson, was drawing creatures and monsters that I thought were never alive before. Dragons, Ogres, Elves, Satyrs, and much more. I got tired and more tired until I fell asleep in my bed. In my dream I was in a world, much different from earth. It had Dragons and Knights in shining armor riding on Horses that had armor shining brighter than the sun. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck me and I was being shocked I ran, jumped, skipped, galloped, and crawled the whole time but the lightning bolt would not get off me. Then after a second, I was laying on the ground asleep unharmed.

The next morning, I felt weird. It made me feel like I could predict the future. I washed up and went downstairs.

“Morning mom,” I said.

“Morning Rick,” She replied.

“What will we have for breakfast?”

“Waffles or pancakes?”



“Is there syrup?”



Those are the only things that my mom cooks well for breakfast, waffles and pancakes. I’m getting tired of pancakes and waffles. Once in a while we go to a restaurant but we’re poor and we live in an old beat-up barn with five pigs, two cows, four horses, two dogs, three cats, one rooster, fourteen chicks, five chickens, three hens, a million bugs, ten-thousand birds, a lot of plants, and three people. It takes hard work to manage the farm. I ate my breakfast then right after I was done . . . DING DONG!! The doorbell rang. I opened the door. It was my friend Carson.

“Hey bud,” said Carson.

“Hey,” I replied.

“Watcha doin’?”


“What do you wanna do then?”

“Dunno, you pick.”

“Whata ‘bout . . . that card game you got.”

“Clinterson Creatures? Sure!”

“C’mon let’s go!”


Clinterson Creatures was our favorite card game. It had all of the best creatures in the world! Dragons, Satyrs, Ogres, Elves, Knights, Demons, Devils, and best of all . . . time travelers. They had a brown cloak with a hood with a wand that had a giant crystal, ribbons, and a symbol on it that said TT for time traveler. Then, I sensed something was different about this card. Something that could make me see something I didn’t know about myself. Then I started to do weird motions with my hands that gave me a brown cloak with a hood. And then I felt my pocket it felt weird. I got out my old cell phone and it immediately turned into a wand. When I looked at Where Carson was he wasn’t there anymore. In his place was a time traveler, smiling at me.

“Carson! You’re a time traveler?” I asked.

“No, my name is not Carson.” He started. “My name is Cyton.”

“Cyton, are you a time traveler?”

“Yes, and so are you.”

“I see.”

“And we’re not actually called the time travelers. We’re the magicians.”

And right when he said magician, we were in a new world. It’s the world in my dream, I thought.

“So you’ve had the dream huh.” Cyton said.

“What dream?” I asked

“You know that dream about a different planet then earth.”

“Oh, that one. How did you know?”

“Magician’s can read minds Rick. They are the most powerful living things in two worlds.”

“So I’m one of the most powerful living things in the world?”

“Not exactly, You’re actually part human part magician. Rick you know your Dad who got in a car crash and was missing?”

“Yeah, so what?”

“Well, he must have been one of magicians.”


“Yeah, that’s why you’re here.”


“If you were just a regular human then you would suffocate in this world and your body would get destroyed by the gas on this planet until there is nothing left of you.”

“Whata ‘bout you? Are you a part human part magician person?”

“Yes, Rick everybody in this area are like that. Your dad is in The Temple of Magicians.”

“Do you know him?”

“No, but we will soon meet him. C’mon let’s go to the camp.”


The camp was really well protected. It had a pit of acid all around the camp and a dragon guarding the entrance of the camp. There was almost no way I could get across. Then Cyton took out a whistle and blew. It made no sound. The dragon woke up though.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s a dragon whistle,” Cyton answered. “Each dragon has a different type of ear so each dragon has a different whistle.”

“Does everybody have a dragon whistle for this dragon?”

“Yeah, and we need to get you one.”

“Let’s go!”

I got to meet the Boss (or whatever you want to call him). He was a draytaur (Half dragon Half Human creature). I recognized him. Good thing I got experience from the card game Clinterson Creatures.

“Hey, draytaur hi,” I blurted out.

He turned around.

“Ahh . . . Rick Jackson,” he answered.

“How do you know me?”

“I’ve known you for a long time Rick. We all can sense when there is a new magician born.


“Yes Jackson.”

“Then magicians must have a lot of magical abilities and I . . . um . . . need a dragon whistle for the dragon guarding the door.”

“Yes, I will get you one.”

He went into the room where baby dragons were taken care of or what I call the dragon room. He came out and gave me the dragon whistle.

“Now don’t lose it. I only have one left,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

“Follow me, I need to start training you.”

I followed the draytaur until we got to the training place. There were magicians and draytaurs training everywhere. The magicians were using magic spells to attack strong metal dummies. All of the Draytaurs were using swords or bow and arrows to attack targets and straw dummies.

“So . . . where do I start?” I asked.

“Whata ‘bout here.” He replied pointing to a metal dummy.

I looked in a book that had multiple spells. I looked in the table of contents. It said:


First spells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Attack spells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

Healing spells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56

Defense spells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79

Useful spells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102

Powerful spells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 145

Combining spells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 151


I flipped to page four. I looked in the book and read. It said:


The magical punch


Draw a circle in the air with your wand and say: Golpemagicocres. For more and faster punches, draw an X in the air and say: Magiastempla


I did what it said and a hand formed. It balled up into a fist and hit the dummy so hard it hardly looked like a dummy anymore. The dummy turned back to its regular shape. I tried the next one.

“Magiastempla,” I said as I drew an X in the air.

This time, two hands appeared and balled up into fists. One hurled itself to the dummy and the other chased right after it. They did it about three or four times. I quickly looked at the next spell as the dummy started to lift its arm up to throw something at me.


The shield


Draw a triangle in the air with your wand and say: Fortaescutso. For a giant metallic shield ball draw a circle with an X inside and say: Schildbaldola.


A giant shield appeared and the darts that the dummy threw bounced off uselessly. This world is amazing, I thought as the shield faded away. I went to the next spell.


The lightning bolt


Draw a straight line in the air and say: Dienboltclo. For two at the same time, Draw an oval with two lines coming down and say: dienbulonggo.


A blast of electric shot down faster than an arrow. It shocked the dummy so bad it burnt to pieces. I tried the second one.

“Dienbulonggo,” I shouted as I drew an oval with two lines coming down with my wand.

Two big bright lines of electric striked the rest of the dummy so bad it turned to nothing but a burnt up wooden stick.

“Aren’t you a powerful one,” said the draytaur.

“You haven’t told me your name yet, what is your name?” I asked wanting to change the subject.

“Honestly draytaurs have funny names I’m kind of too embarrassed to tell you.”

“Oh . . . um . . . okay.”

“I usually only tell people when they beg me to tell them my name. It’s just too annoying for me.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“What time is it?”

“Whoa it’s nine o’clock P.M. at earth!”

“That means it’s nine in the morning here.”

“Oh that’s cool.”

“Now keep training. You might get a mission sometime and you’ll need to know these techniques before you get to have one. Jackson, you are two times more in danger than humans. You can be affected by regular and magical weapons.”

I did what he said and looked at the next spell.


The fireball


Draw an oval with your wand and say: Bolapicor. For a meteor draw a circle with a square inside with your wand in the air and say: Bulalakawdo.


I did the first one.

“Bolapicor,” I said as I drew an oval with my wand.

A rock about the size of a tortoise flew rapidly past me and burnt part of the stick off. I went on.

“Bulalakawdo,” I said as I drew a circle with a square inside with my wand.

A giant rock the size of an elephant charged down with extreme speed and finished the rest of the dummy.

Suddenly a lightning bolt came down and struck the ground beside me and there standing right beside me was a man with a brown cloak like mine and a wand in his hand that looked much fancier than mine. He gave me a letter and flew away.

I opened it. It said:


Dear Rick Jackson,


I am so glad you made it here. You must help me in the temple. We are having trouble with something. Get a mission right away from the Draytaur. I will be waiting.


Your father,



Now I new who my father was, Ferandulus. I rushed to the Draytaur.

“Draytaur I know who my father is. His name is Ferandulus,” I said.

“What did you just say? Your father is Ferandulus?” he asked looking frightened.

“Yes, look,” I said showing him the letter.

“Y-You are the son of th-the magician who shaped the land on this planet, the magician who made the fierce creature the dragon, the magician who made magic, the most powerful magician of all time!”

“No wonder my magic was so strong against the dummy.”


“And I want to tell you something else.”


“I need a mission.”


“Look at this letter again. Here.”

“You really do need one. But I need to give you something first.”

“What is it?”

“You need a pet dragon.”


“He helps you in every way Rick. On your journey to the temple you will get confused on which way to go. The dragon though will be able to smell the scent of the magicians. And that’s only the first way. There are many other ways he will help.”


“No problem, just be careful with him he’s only a baby.”

“I will.”

“Would you like to take someone with you?”

“Yes please.”

He started to blow a horn that meant drop everything and come to the meeting spot.

“Who would you like to take on your mission?”

“I would like to take Cyton with me.”

“Cyton would you like to go with Rick to the temple?”

“Yes please.”

And that’s where it started.

Geysers and how weirdly interesting they are

La,la,la boring car trip for four,five hours…………skip right along to the geysers. One thing you need to know about geysers is that they are extremely diverse. there’s green water, blue water, black water, even purple water in the geysers. there is only one thing in common, they smoke. As we walked along the wooden path, i couldn’t help but admiring each uniqueness. the first geyser we saw was called a mud pot geyser. it didn’t even look like a mud pot. it looked like disgusting melted clay. ewww!!!!!!! we walked along the path some more and saw a huge aqua-colored beautiful spring. the smoke rose so immensely and so fast that as soon as the wind gently blew it towards my face my eyelashes got dewdrops on them. we also found out it wasn’t smoke but steaming hot mist!!!!! we saw a few reddish orangeish geysers and another mud pot before coming to one of the most famous geysers. Fishing pot geyser. sounds all mystical and amazing right??? but we couldn’t even see the geyser. the geyser is only visible during a low tide and we went in a high tide. terrible luck. oh well. we saw some other pretty amazing thermal features. blue funnel spring was my favorite thermal feature of the day. it’s perfectly round and has a moderately dark aquamarine color. Beautiful!!!! it slopes gently inward until you can’t see the bottom we finished the walk around all the thermal features and we all had one thing in mind. Beautiful but deadly. thermal features can easily kill someone just by getting close to it about 1 to 20 feet away! yikes! but it made a memory of a lifetime.

Trip To China 14 – the end

Yesterday I went to a party where my mom get’s together with her old friends. There was a boy who played with me over there. Without him I would be the only kid with only a sketchbook and a DS to entertain myself. The boy who played with me reminded me of a friend.I really like him AS A FRIEND! We ran around the whole place making friends with all the people who work here, we sat against dragon statues looking at fishes and telling ghost stories, we entertained the people who worked here with animal noises (dogs, birds, ducks, etc), we took food to the adults and ate some ourselves, we played games together and took  business cards and used them as flying plates, and we had a ball! He also taught me this weird way of fighting. It’s called the dog fighting. You get on all fours then you kick with your hind legs. It looks very awkward. As you know from my title, this is my last journal. I had a ball these two months and it was my pleasure to share my adventures with you. I love this trip and it was beyond amazing to be able to see all of my family again. I can only come once in two years. Can’t wait to see them again!Until next time! See ya!

Trip To China 13

I came back from my friend’s house today. I went over there again. This time we made flowers. My friend helped me make six BEAUTIFUL flowers when I helped make one petal. I kind of feel guilty. But, I gave my butterfly wallet to her so I guess we are evened out. The kinds of flowers that my friend made for me are 2 roses, 4 flowers that I don’t know, and 1 lily. They look so real! I’ll never be able to do it as good as her! I really think my friend should make some flowers and sell them. I really, really, really enjoyed my time over there. Especially since this time I went on the weekends and my friend’s daughter and her husband doesn’t need to work on the weekends. They took me out ice skating once. My friend’s daughter said I look like a swan when I skated. Just like swimming, I haven’t skated for a long time. It feels so peaceful on the ice. Every time I step on the ice I feel like I’m floating. The cool breeze brushes my face like light silken feathers. This trip is going very, very well. And as I’m writing this journal, it’s slowly skating away too.

Trip To China 12

Last night my mom and I went to see the final Synchronized Swimming Competition. Synchronized swimming is a sport in the water. All you really do is just dance in the water. I think I was so lucky to see the real show and not on TV. China got second place. The first place was Russia. All of the countries were awesome! It was so pretty! At the competition, there were these Canadian girls. They are so crazy! If you were sitting next to them during Canada’s performance, all you could hear was GO CANADA, GO CANADA, GO CANADA, WHOO!!!! And whenever the music starts, they’d jump up and start dancing. I think those girls were from girl scouts because at the end, some of them spread out and gave and gave other people swaps. Another thing that was awesome was the building. I think that the structure of the building was beautiful. At night when it’s dark, the building will turn blue. Because of this event I kind of started to believe in magic! Last night was a very magical night!!!

Trip To China 11

Yesterday, my aunt, cousin, and I went to climb the mountain to pray to the Buddhist. You can make whatever wish you want. To tell you the truth, I barely got to do anything because there were too many people. Almost everybody treated me like a random toy that can be pushed around. The whole thing went on until 1:00. I ended up going to sleep around 2:45 . When we finally climbed to the place it was 10:43. The house opens at 12:00. Inside the house there are all kinds of gods and crazy things. I didn’t get to look inside the house because my aunt was scared that I will get hurt if I keep on being pushed around like that. When we were out of that creepy place my aunt decided that we should go to another Buddhist. At that time I at least got to see the thing for more than 10 seconds.  But, we got squeezed out by all the other people again! Then that’s where my trip kind of ends. I think the over-all mountain climb was pretty good. Everything was really pretty! There’s also a beach over there but we didn’t have time to go. I really like this trip! Well, I guess this is going to be my end. Good-bye!


we went to Yellowstone! I was very excited on the car trip, but less and less exciting because we had to stay in the car for the majority of the entire trip.

the most rememberable part of the experience is when we went down to the Jackson Lake and there was a huge dam. I took off my socks and shoes and stepped into the water. It was freezing cold, but my feet got numb and I got used to it. Later Crystal joined me and we collected cool rocks. But then I fell down!!! My legs were wet but I still played! It was the most fun I’ve ever had in water!

Ps I saw a big fish there too!

Trip To China 10

Last night I went to a piano concert. It sounded beautiful! The pianist was an old man nearly 90 years old. His name is Abbey Simon. Abbey Simon is an American renowned pianist invited to shanghai. He played EXTREMELY well for his age! The concert went on for 2 hours. It was so magnificent! Even the concert hall seemed to be shining with pride to have such an awesome man performing with them. Abbey Simon is really talented. I think it’s awesome to be so old and still play so good. I would be blessed to have him as my teacher! Today I also did something fun.  I WENT SWIMMING!!!!! It felt so good to be in the water again. I haven’t touched the water ever since I left USA. You don’t know how excited I was just to see a goggle! We had lunch at Papa John . It’s good to eat pizza again. When we were eating pizza, my mom said she felt like she was in USA again! These two days were truly amazing!

Trip To China 9

Today I just came back from my friend’s house. I stayed for five days! She’s actually an adult. I really like her! She can do lot’s of crafts. Last time she taught me how to make flowers. This time she taught me how the thread beads into something like wallets, tissue boxes, and flower vases. It’s so fun! Right now I’m making a butterfly wallet. The wallet is actually used for holding your credit card or any kind of card but, I’m fine with coins. I need to make two pieces, then I need to pin them together. I just got done with the first piece and now I’m working on my second piece. It’s really pretty! I matched the colors and everything by myself. My friend’s daughter is also very nice. She’s 30 years old. I got to play with her too. I also like my friend’s daughter’s husband. He’s really cool! I really wanted to stay at my friend’s daughter’s house for a few days but they need to go to work. On the day when it was time to go, I almost didn’t want to leave! I was having a ball until my mom came. Right when the doorbell rang, my heart almost jumped out of my mouth! Well, when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Same here with this journal! Until next time!

Trip To China 8

Guess what! I got two new bunnies yesterday! One is a boy and one is a girl. They are only one month old! I named the boy coffee and the girl Milk. The bunnies are so cute! Coffee is snowy white with black ears. Milk looks the same except she has black circles around her eyes. I need to do everything for them. My mom said that the bunnies were my test for a puppy. I’ve been asking for a puppy for a LONG time. This morning I cleaned out the cage and put new bedding inside. Then, I fed them. I need to feed them again tonight. I wanted to put the bunnies in my room but my mom said it would be too stinky. How could a cute, fluffy, and furry little bunny like them be stinky? I love my bunnies! But when I go back to USA I won’t be able to bring them with me. I trust that my cousin will take good care of them when I’m gone. You’re probable wondering what my annoying little sister got. Well, she got eight goldfishes. This morning, we found out that three goldfishes died. I have a big feeling my sister did it. My sister is really cruel to animals sometimes. Once, she wanted to pet this dog but the dog didn’t want her to so he tried to run away. Now here is where my sister comes in. My sister grabbed the dog’s neck, not the collar and holding very tightly not letting the dog go. I know she’s only a toddler but she’s not that small! (Sigh) little siblings.

Trip To China 7


Today I went to my grandma’s house. Her house is really small! There’s only a sink next to the door, a little room with only a bed and a table next to the bed, and a toilet. I’m not sure where the kitchen is. She lives in an apartment so the rooms can’t be that big but, I’m writing this journal in an apartment too and the rooms are WAY bigger. I also went to my grandma’s sister’s house. That house is a little bit bigger. Her house has a little white cat. It’s really pretty, but really mean! I also like my grandma’s sister’s husband. He taught us all kinds of magic tricks! He’s really cool! I want to see him again! Next time I come, I am going to bring my magic kit so we can do the magic together! That guy is old but clever! I like him! And I bet you would too! I guess it’s conclusion time! Bye- bye!

Discoveries ,Disasters, and Nothing Too good (updated(teehee))

Hayuea knelt down petted her bobcat, Nona, and continued to do the tedoius work of milking cows. She had been doing this for years, and supposedly more. In her life she discovered she was orphaned, and for 13 years treated with hatred doubt, until that 14th year, her stepsister threw her out. Her steps were odd, each one had a unique tatoo pasted from their shoulder to thy ankle. But Hayuea herself had a mark, a small one. An electric blue snake with ancient symbols. Hayuea’s name meant fierceness, strength, and grace, and the hero.

Now as she was 15, living with Nona and Sister Lhea, the catholic couldn’t have treated her better. Hayuea loved to hunt, with bow and arrow. Sister would only allow a kil a week, but Hayuea used her time to get the biggest she could.

Hayuea’s mind was crammed with nonsense. But one day, and odd man walked in her cottage and attemped to kill her. To take her mind off of things, she went hunting. By Dagger. In the Black Eye, much hated forest, literally forbidden.

As Nona climbed a tree, Hayuea then noticed a sparkling blue stone surrounded by flat ones. She fingered the small engravings and the little diamond, picked it up and casually walked away. after a minute of striding, the earth beneath her vibrated. She stopped dead dead in her tracks and turned around. the flat stones surrounding the blue one rose up in a timely matter; each one a dorr sliding open, revealing a creature, a beast, a disaster. Large snakes with scaley leathery wings, and a crown of thorns on each end of the tails.

As Hayuea stared in disbelief, a fiery sensation struck her. the blue stone, now glowing, leaped around in her pocket, but she hardly noticed. then words burned her like lightning.Hwæt! Wke Gardena         in geardagum,
þrym gefrunon,
hu ða æþelingas         ellen fremedon.

The winged snakes slithered together, joining heads, and turning into rusty diamonds. Hayuea picked it up. It was now her new hunting weapon and……………………………………………………………………