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The Aluminum Show

on Fri. 6, 2011, me, diamond, and crystal went to the aluminum show. i HAVE to write about how aluminum looks[although u guys no what it looks like] its shiny, silver, and and it is sometimes smooth.

The Gumdrops That Fell From the Sky

“Get out of there as fast as you can!” I yelled to my brother as big gumdrops fell from the sky and crashed into our house. But my brother didn’t do that. Instead he opened his mouth and ate the gumdrops. “Help! Those are sour, not sweet!” Then he fainted. I didn’t know what to do so I just ate a gumdrop and I fainted just to be with him. The End.

Longer Days

Have you ever noticed that some days seem much longer than others? That’s because longer days happen when you’re awake and shorter days happen when you’re asleep. And some days just might start again. I’m saying you should stay awake so the longer days happen longer than shorter days and then if you want the day to start again, just be awake all the time and you’ll never get any sleep and you’ll die without any sleep.