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Changing water for a fish tank

1. What is the proper way of changing fish tank water?

2. How often should the water be changed?

3. Where do you put the fish while the fish tank is being cleaned?

4. Can you put the fish right back into the new water?  Why or why not?

Pet test- Which pet is right for you, and which one brings good luck?

Just pick your favs!

aYou’re a cat person

bTurtles like to mimic you.

cFish are shy and so are you

dGuinea pigs work best in you

eTalkative person, talkative bird

My Fishies :P – updated

One of  my neighbors is moving, so they gave us a fish tank. It’s really big, and they gave us some things to go with it. Fish food, filter, automatic feeder, the gravel, the tank (duh), a fish log, fish treats, and a scrub. My mom says she will take me to get the new fish this afternoon. I am REALLY excited because I’ve always wanted a pet. My best friend, Avni, is a fish expert. She really understands fish. She could be a fish psychologist! In total, she has 21 fish; 4 pea-sized guppies, 17 regulars. I might get guppies. My mom says start with something easy like fish, then you can transfer to guinea pigs, birds, cats, then dogs. Also, one question, according to luck and ch’i, fish tanks in bedroom is bad, so, where should I put it?? And really don’t know what fish to get. And I also don’t know where to get it. I think the water is still contaminated, so I think we should use bottled water, but my mom says tap.

Any ways, I am thinking about getting 10, 3.5 inch fish (including the tail), and mom says yes. But before I get my fish, I am going to ask Promethium if she has any advice.

Actually, I got a fiddler crab, 2 guppies, and a striped fish.


Guppie 1:Electro

Guppie 2:Scarlet

Stripes: PJ

They were cute, but we have to go through a long process, like setting them in the tank so they can get used to the temperature, and putting in the thermometer. It will be worth it though.

These fish are not that expensive.

At dinner time, Finnie attacked all of the fish, electro died 😦 , and Scarlet and Pj died the following morning. The fish lady said the guppies could live with the other fish! Liar……. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

today my dad got a refund, and 5 goldfish, guppy sized, IN A SEPERATE TANK. Their names are Streak, Winnie, Mine, Bubba, and Shark. they are living, and very hungry.

Top Ten Reasons Why I should get a Pet

1.Especially yorkshire terriers can be guard dogs

2.All pets make good company

3.They can work to be therapy animals

4.They can totally be your alarm clock!

5.I’ll have someone to talk to

6.So you can have something in common with your friends

7.If there’s awkward silence, you can start a conversation

8.Show how responsible you are to your parents by training an taking care of it

9.You’ll get exercise from it EVERY DAY



If you think that this is good enough, post your suggestions. Because my mom is literally offering a pet to me! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Fluffy’s wet nose: A very hot bunny. An explanation of our heroric actions.

So there is a bunny named Fluffy, today she was outside in that hot sweltering sun without any shade. He was out there for an hour or so and when I came to see him, his snout was unusually small. His snout was wet and looked like it had caved in. We found out on the internet that Fluffy was suffering from a heat stroke. I was supremely inclined to take Fluffy to the vet immediately  but my mom wasn’t so sure. After what, 7 days or so,  we took Fluffy to the vet. I ‘m kidding. In about an hour, there was Fluffy at the vet. In case you’ve never been to Belton Animal Clinic, it’s really boring. They take your animal to the back, shut you up in a small stuffy room and after an hour, they tell you how your animal is. In this case Fluffy was fine but according to the doctor, bunnies are very sensitive to heat so poor Fluffy could have been seriously well, heated and injured in a sun burned way. We found out Fluffy is a boy! We had always thought Fluffy was a girl. This process took about two whole hours. Then we clipped Fluffy’s way too long nails.  While we clipped Fluffy’s nails, I found a new way to pick Fluffy up. The vet also made Fluffy a special diet except Fluffy refuses to eat it that bad little bunny. Now Fluffy is better. I’m glad Fluffy’s so much better. I was so scared when Fluffy got that heat stroke but I’m also kind of glad Fluffy got the stroke because without it,we never would have known so many new things about that little bunny!!!

Snowfurball – A little bunny that died

Snowfurball was my pet bunny. She had fur as white as snow and had two long pink ears. Her eyes were black with red circles around them. Her soft, fluffy tail was like a white bundle of fur. She was a small thin bunny and her eyes always shone when she saw food. We named our bunny Snowfurball because her fur was as white as snow and she was like a ball of fur. Snowfurball used to live on our porch. Whenever Snowfurball saw us she used to run to the porch door and stand on her hind legs, placing to front paws on the glass door looking at us. We used to take her outside onto the grass and play with her. We gave her grass and flowers. She would nibble them and sniff for more. When Snowfurball ate, she would sit on my lap. My sister and I taught Snowfurball tricks like following us and standing up her hind legs. Snowfurball brought us joy.

How Snowfurball died.

We had brought Snowfurball to travel with us since we didn’t want to leave her alone in our house in China. When we were heading back to our home in China, we put her in a cage. The cage didn’t have enough air and that’s how Snowfurball died. Suffocation. We didn’t know Snowfurball didn’t have enough air until we arrived home. I was taking Snowfurball out of her cage when I noticed something was wrong. Snowfurball was all limp in my arms and when I set her down she couldn’t even stand. She  flopped around like a fish when you unhook it and lay it on the ground. I was scared. Scared of what was going to happen to Snowfurball. Then, quite suddenly, Snowfurball stopped moving. That’s when I realized Snowfurball was gone. Gone forever. I sat there in shocked silence. When I had time to pull things over, I started to cry. You won’t believe how sad I was. The tears ran down my face like a flooding river. Then my mom advised me to write about Snowfurball and that’s what I did. My tears became a part of the original parchment as I wrote about Snowfurball. Even now, I remember the day Snowfurball died quite clearly. She was my first bunny and one of my favorite bunnies.  We all love Snowfurball even though she’s gone from us.

A Silver White Morning ….

To my pleasant surprise, I woke up this morning and saw a silver white world!

It snowed!

Immediately, I felt cold. So I tucked myself deeper under the warm cover. Then I wanted to see the snow again. I looked through the window. Yes, it really snowed. It snowed enough that the tree branches are half white now, the ground is white, the neighbor’s rooftops are white. My lawn is also white … NO… there is something that is orange color in my front lawn!  It is NOT white!


What could be that orange thing? 

I used my camera to zoom it up closer …..

I see that the orange thing is the Sunday paper wrapped in the orange plastic bag!

The KC Star people are so clever to wrap the paper in such a bright color so we couldn’t miss it. But how I wish it was something else … something surprising … something wonderful …

What if the orange thing was a little puppy? Shivering in the snow, waiting to be found?

What if the orange thing was a surprising birthday present?

What if the orange thing was a Christmas gift that Santa had forgotten to give on the Christmas eve night?


What would be your story?

If you could have a new pet, what would it be and what would you name it?

(i didn’t have enough room in the title, but please include gender and breed)I would like a cocker spaniel dog, female, and name? Maybe… um…… uh….. Zaza Dizzle!!!!!!! Hee hee where did I get that name?!?!  Me of course! Oh well…….