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You stare in awe around you, admiring your home planet. As you gaze at the swirly blue and white ball, a romance may be taking place. Suddenly, satellite debris begins to rain down. Your perfect moment in space is gone. You are now drifting, with no visual of the ship. You may die today… This is Gravity.
The lesson “never give up” appears in many movies, but none is as effective as Gravity. Specialist Ryan Stone has already lost her 4 year old daughter. She and Matt are the lone survivors of the ISS, that is until Matt sacrifices himself to save her. Ryan’s world has turned upside down and inside out. Will she find the faith and courage to live on?
Gravity has definitely been one of my favorite movies. I guarantee a mind blowing experience. You can ask my dad, my mouth was big enough for a bird to fly through! I was inspired by Ryan’s bravery, and touched by her faith. I encourage all of you to check it out. This movie deserves way more than a five star rating!