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Results of 2011 Father’s Day Essay/Poem/Art Contest

According to the voting results, the winners are:
Art Category:
1st place: Art-5 by Diamond. $10 cash prize.
2nd place: Art-1 by Aaron. $8 cash prize.
3rd place: Art-2, Art-3 and Art-4 by Felix and Diamond. They will share the $5 cash prize.

Poem Category:
1st place: Poem-1 by Diamond & Poem-6 by Rainbow Moonstone. They will share the $10 cash prize.
2nd place: Poem-4 & Poem-3 by Crystal, Poem-2 & Poem-5 by Aqumarine. They will share the total of $13 cash prize.

All participants will get a super cool Harry Potter Lizard Pops that I bought from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Please Vote by Midnight June 18th


Entry Title Author
Art-1 Why my daddy is the best by Aaron, 9 yr old Aaron
Art-2 Why my daddy is the best by Felix, 6 yr old Felix
Art-3 My Art Work 1 – to my daddy on the 2011 Father’s Day Diamond
Art-4 Daddy, this is for you. I hope you like it 🙂 Diamond
Art-5 More to my daddy – Happy Father’s Day! Diamond
Poem -1 Father’s Day Poem Diamond
Poem-2 Father’s Day Poem: What I Find Slightly Annoying and (Maybe) some Good Things About My Dad Aquamarine
Poem-3 Father’s Day Poem : Ping-Pong Crystal
Poem-4 Father’s Day Poem 2: Fishing Crystal
Poem-5 Father’s Day Poem Aquamarine
Poem-6 My dad is the ……… Rainbow Moonstone

Art-5: More to my daddy – Happy Father’s Day!

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Art-4: Daddy, this is for you. I hope you like it :)


Art-3: My Art Work 1 – to my daddy on the 2011 Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day to My Daddy!

Poem-6: My dad is the………………………….

My dad is a robot

He is good at a lot of things.

But you have to tell him what to do.

My dad the math magician.

Ask him any question he will answer it.

What is the square root of 2?  1.414

My dad the turtle.

He is slow and always late.

You want him at 7:30, he comes at 7:50!

My dad the quiet one.

He never yells.

Unless he is very mad.

My dad the helping hand.

He is always their when you need help.

By: Faith Zeng

Poem-5: Father’s Day Poem

My dad is funny my dad is weird,

My dad does not have a very long beard.

My dad can dance,

My dad’s NEVER in a trance.

My dad likes sports,

My dad likes to wear shorts.

My dad is mean,

My dad is nice,

My dad really likes to chase mice.

My dad is happy,

My dad is sad,

I still REALLY love my dad!!!!!! :)

Art-1: Why my daddy is the best by Aaron, 9 yrs old

Art-2: Why my daddy is the best – by Felix, 6 yrs old

Poem-2: Father’s Day Poem 2 :Fishing


You like going fishing, and so do I,

I especially like the places way up high.

You took us fishing by a mini-mountain

And the fish I caught had a giant fin.

Sometimes you go fishing just for fun,

And usually, when you’re done,

There’s a fish for dinner,

If it’s Dirum, to me it’s a big prize winner!

Poem-3: Father’s Day Poem: Ping-Pong


You play Ping-Pong with Grampa nearly every night,

Opposite ends of the table, with the ball in flight.

I know you enjoy this sport a lot,

Win against you, I cannot,

You’re too good,

So if you would,

Teach me how to play like you,

I’ll try to learn Ping-Pong too.

I’ll try to learn, and make it good

So then, you won’t have to wear a hood.

The hood would have to protect your head,

If most of my hits, not all, are bad!

But if you’re not home,

Then I’ll just practice on my own!

Poem-2: Father’s Day Poem: What I Find Slightly Annoying and (Maybe) some Good Things About My Dad

For one thing, you are never here! Always annoyingly  somewhere else!

You weren’t even here to catch that crazy, food stealing mouse!

But that’s for work so I can spare you (maybe) from a lot of complaining,

You know, maybe I was just overreacting.

Then again, you are always wanting me to grow stronger,

don’t you know then I’ll have to grow longer?

For the more muscular I become,

I have to grow longer or I’ll look like a plum!

But you are helpful even though you sometimes are overdoing it,

it helps me in school even if you didn’t teach bit by bit.

You do teach me tennis though and that I like,

but why don’t you take me out to bike?

You like sports but you barely take me along,

there should a law saying “Hey! That’s wrong!”

But after all those slightly annoying things,

There some good things like you might be getting us some swings!

You are funny even though sometimes you make crack up to hard,

I’m glad you’re not fragile like a glass shard.

You always think ahead of time,

but you never come up with a good rhyme.

That is helpful during chess,

but I can win nevertheless.

You are nice but you like to smash mice,

I think the mice wants you frozen in ice!

You  swing me around until I get dizzy,

I’m glad someone agrees on things about that little missy.

I’m talking Elan the sometimes troublemaker,

I’m also glad you are not a baker,

I’d hate eating bread all day,

You take me swimming even in May! (When you could have been golfing)

Many things, good and slightly bad,

I still love you a lot because you are my dad!

Father’s Day 2011 Essay/Poem/Art Contest

This year the father’s day is June 19th, 2011.  Let’s all do something special for our fathers and/or grandfathers.  The 2011 Father’s Day Essay/Poem/Art Contest rules are as follows:

1. Everyone can choose to submit an essay, a poem, or an art work of his/her own, or do any combination of them.  The entries must all be about celebrating the Father’s Day.

2.  Essay – no more than 500 words including the title. Poem – no more than 200 words including the title.  Art – must be truly your own work. May be a drawing, a self-made card, a photo you took on your own, or even a music you composed yourself. 

3. All entries must be posted on this blog no later than midnight of June 10th.  Art work should be posted by uploading a digital version of it. That means, you take a picture of your art work. Then upload into a blog post of yours.

4. Voting will start from June 7th and end midnight June 15th.

5. Prizes:  In each category, there will be three prizes. 1st place: $10 cash; 2nd place: $8 cash, 3rd place: $5 cash. The categories are: Essay, Poem, and Art.

All participants will get a surprise gift. Maybe something delicious :).  

6. Winners will be announced June 18th, 2011.  We will decide how to give the prizes to the winners.

Will you participate?

Poem-1: Father’s Day Poem

Dad is wierd but dad is cool,

Dad is sitting on a stool.

He CAN’T dance,

but he can cook.

He can catch a fish on a hook.

Dad is happy,

Dad is sad.

Dad is angry,

Dad is glad.

He’s okay,

He is fine,

He’s a dad,

And dad is mine!