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Days at New Orleans—Day4

 Today I went to the zoo and I saw a lot of different types of animals at the zoo. There’s a water park at the zoo. My dad bought me and my brother tickets to go in. I was there for about 1 hour. Then I took a shuttle back to our hotel. After that I went to Pink Berry. Pink Berry is an ice cream shop and so I got some ice cream. It was delicious. Pink Berry has a lot of flavors to put on your ice cream. The Place cost a lot to get ice cream.   



Days at New Orleans—Day 3

Today I went to an aquarium. At the aquarium I saw alligators, sharks, frogs, dragon fish, Piranhas, and Queen Angle fish. At the aquarium I got to Pet a real sting ray. I was a little scared at first. When I touched it, it actually felt smooth. Then it started to attack me but I was Lucky because it didn’t have a stinger. Today I Played my I-pod touch and I played Zombie café on the I-pod touch.

Days at New Orleans — Day2

Today my mom and my family saw a statue. The statue was a girl on a horse with a flag. Then my mom told me a story about her. She was very good at battling. Her name was Joan of Arc. She died at the age of 19. Then my dad, I, and my brother went to an insect museum and we saw some very interesting insects. Last we saw a church that was 160 years old. It was a sign of New Orleans.


On this trip, the most things we did were walk trails. My favorite trail was perhaps the Big Cedar Trail. The Big Cedar Trail is a trail that leads to the world’s largest cedar tree. I liked this trail maybe because of its beautiful nature it contains or maybe just because you can smell fresh air and hear birds twittering above you. I bounded up a set of wooden steps to smell the wonderful aroma of cedar. After a leaping over few tree roots in the way, tiptoeing around a few puddles, I had to stop and make a mental image of this place. The moss clinging to the trees gave it a natural appearance. The dew drops glistened on the leafs as snow white flowers bloomed. Fallen trees blown over by the wind showed me that no one harmed the forest and that is its natural appearance. I walked a bit more and finally found the world’s largest cedar tree. My dad brushed aside a few branches and we found a path to go inside the tree. Believe it or not the tree was hollow!!! I hid in the shadows and when my mom and sister came I shouted “BOO!”  We hiked back another 0.8 miles back to the parking lot. It was the best trail I had ever done.


My family and Crystal’s family, are going to Yellowstone on 7/17/2011. I am EXCITED half. Because it takes like two days driving, well, things just don’t go well. Like car sickness. My cousin has serious car sickness, and can end up sneezing and moaning.Today we’re packing. (I will update soon cause my dad isn’t giving me the scoop on Yellowstone completetly) 🙂

Hayuea: Discoveries and Disasters

Hayuea knelt down petted her bobcat, Nona, and continued to do the tedoius work of milking cows. She had been doing this for years, and supposedly more. In her life she discovered she was orphaned, and for 13 years treated with hatred doubt, until that 14th year, her stepsister threw her out. Her steps were odd, each one had a unique tatoo pasted from their shoulder to thy ankle. But Hayuea herself had a mark, a small one. An electric blue snake with ancient symbols. Hayuea’s name meant fierceness, strength, and grace, and the hero.

Now as she was 15, living with Nona and Sister Lhea, the catholic couldn’t have treated her better. Hayuea loved to hunt, with bow and arrow. Sister woud only allow a kil a week, but Hayuea used her time to get the biggest she could.

Hayuea’s mind was crammed with nonsense. But one day, and odd man walked in her cottage and attemped to kill her. To take her mind off of things, she went hunting. By Dagger. In the Black Eye, much hated forest, literally forbidden. As Nona climbed a tree, Hayuea hesitated and admitted what she was on. She was on a flat stone with and ancient symbols that read………………………………….

The Poison Apple (Updated)

It was a normal day. I woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast and walked to school, but then everything change.  When I stepped in the classroom, I looked around. I saw animals everywhere- some were running, some were eating, others were playing. Where are my classmates? I thought.

Then suddenly a beaver said “Hey, Katie! It’s me Justin!”  I was so surprised I was sure I jumped 4 feet high.

 “Geez, it is still your classmates,” Said a monkey.

 “Who are you?” I said. “No wait I know. You are George. I have to say the monkey face matches you perfectly.” Then everyone started laughing. Will it was mostly growls and howls but who cares it is still the same thing. After the ‘laughter’ died down I said

            “I also know why Justin is a beaver.”

 “Why?” asked Justin and everyone else.

“Because you are Justin Beaver.”                 

Then everyone was laughing. Will it was mostly growls and howls but who cares it is still the same thing.

“Very funny,” Said Justin while rolling his eyes. While all the animals are ‘laughing’ I looked around the classroom again. Now I can name all the animals. The penguin was Samrina, the gray wolf was Erin, turtle was Marissa, the snake was Annabeth, flamingo was Gabriel, the cheetah was Quentin, then there was Ashley the poodle, Sally the squirrel, Richard the pig, and Perry the platypus.  There was also a chicken named José, a monkey named George, a kangaroo called Tiffany, and a goldfish named Cooper. Who was in my teacher’s coffee mug. And my teacher, Mrs. Zoroark, is a duck and the principal, Mr. Zory, is a lion.

Hey where is Abby?” I asked. Then suddenly I see a humming bird flying straight towards my face. I ducked down right before she hit my face.

“Sorry,” Abby said. “I’m not use to flying this fast, but in a way you deserved it. How can you forget me? ”

“I’m sorry, but you were too small. No offense. Will I found Abby but I still want to hear how you guys turned into animals!” I exclaimed.

“I will tell the story because I am the principal,” said Mr. Zory. “I got here early in the morning around 6:45 am. I went in to my office at the front of the school. I sat down in my pink spiny chair and started to spin around and around.” The class started laughing again.  “Hey! Be quiet! You all have detention after school today!” Mr. Zory commanded. “Now where was I … Oh I remember now, after spinning for a while I looked on my desk. I saw a basket of red apples. It had a note on the handle of the basket. It said “Congratulations! You have won the Principal of the Month Award! You have earned yourself 20 apples!” On the bottom of the note there was the letters G.M.W.”  “ After I read the note I brought the apples to Mrs. Zoroark’s room to share because her class was the closes to my office.” “I walked to the classroom and give everyone an apple. Every one took a bite of the apple and turned into animals. There is still one apple left because you came to school late.”

“Hey! Mr. Zory, I have a question. Don’t you ever wonder what G.M.W stands for?” asked Ashley.

“I would search it up on the computer if I could but I don’t have fingers now, I only have paws,” said the principal.

“I will search it then.” I said as I went to the computers. I went on the internet and search G.M.W. There were 1 billion results. 

Most results talked about robberies and animals appearing at weird places.  There was always a note that was signed with the letters G.M.W. Animals appearing in weird places? I thought. Hmmmm. I haven’t seen the Xterment family and the Brown family in a long time. Could they have…..? I suddenly stopped in mid thought.

“Oh, no!” I yelled. “I remember barks and meows in Mr. Xterment’s house. You all know that Mr. Xterment is allergic to furry animals.”

“There is another problem,” Samrina said quietly. “I live next to them and I saw the animal control go in to their house.” 

“But where is the Brown family?” I asked. Then everyone was silent. We were all thinking about the Brown family.

“The lasssssst time I ssssaw them wasss when they told me to take care of their pet dog until they come back from their trip to Europe. And that was like 5 weeksssss ago!” Annabeth the snake said.

 “We have to turn you guys back! And find them! ” I exclaimed. “But how?”   

“Maybe if we find out who G.M.W is we can find out how to switch back!” Erin howled.

“I know someone that could be G.M.W.!” Perry exclaimed. “My great-great-grandma! Her name is Gabriella Margaret Wright!” 

“How about other ideas.” Erin said. “Better ones.”

Then everyone started to shout out ideas! The room was filled with animal noises. It was so loud the other fifth grade teacher, Mr. Spake came in! 

“Why is it so loud in here?” He asked. Then he saw all the animals in the room and said to me

“Why did you bring all your pets to the class room?” Then he suddenly screamed.
 “Is that a flamingo? I hate those creatures! They freak me out!”

“First of all we are not Katie’s pets. And secondly why are you afraid of flamingos? Marissa said. After she finished talking Mr. Spake fainted.

“Call 911! Call 911!! Now! Hurry!” Mrs. Zoroark shouted. While Mr. Zory yelled “No! Do CPR! Somebody do CPR! I said do CPR!!” 

Then Justin started to sing “One Last Lonely Girl” by Justin Beiber. Then Mrs. Zoroark and Mr. Zory stopped shouting. After a few minutes everyone was plugging their ears and yelling for him to stop. Finally after he stopped singing, I looked at the doorway.

“Where is Mr. Spake?!” I shouted. Then everyone looked at the doorway. All we saw was muddy footprints.

“Someone follow the footprints!” Sally squeaked. After that Quentin, Erin, and Abby started to track down where the foot prints lead. Finally after 15 minutes they found out. The footprints lead to an old house. The house needed some painting job and the windows were all shattered. There was also a noise, it was someone talking.

It said in a deep voice “If you came here looking for a cure to the apples you have came to the correct place.” After it stopped talking the door opened, at the door way it stood a man with a broom in one hand and a knife in the other.

He said “You are just in time for lunch!”

After he said that Quentin, Erin, and Abby started to run back to the school but when they were running Abby was caught.

“Help!” Abby chirped as she was trying to escape from the man. “Help me!”

Then Quentin and Erin turned around to save Abby. After clawing, biting, and kicking the man, Abby was finally free.

“I’ll get you!!!” The man shouted at them.

After Erin, Quentin, and Abby got back to the classroom, and told everyone what had happened. We started to brainstorm more ideas.

“Maybe there is like another fruit like a magical banana or pear that will change us back.”

 “Or there is some potion in that man’s house that will turn us back”

After a couple more ideas we decided to break in to his house at night. We were planning for another hour and soon it was time to go to G. M. W.’s house.  As soon as we got there we heard a loud growl. It was from Richard’s stomach.

“Sorry,” said Richard. “We didn’t have dinner today.”

“Can’t you eat some grass and flower like a real pig does,” Complained Mrs. Zoroark.

“That sounds good!”

After he finished eating, we started to go, but we heard something else. It was Ashley complaining about getting her paws muddy.

“Ewwww! My paws! Their all covered in mud! I refuse to go any farther!”

Finally after 10 minutes we got Ashley to come with us. Then we silently entered to house and went in to a room filled with different jars of potion.

“Hmmm. I wonder what this does.” Jose said as he picked up a jar of purple liquid. Then he poured a drop in the coffee mug where Cooper the goldfish was.  Suddenly we heard a ‘poof!’ and we saw that Cooper the goldfish was now Cooper the fuss ball.

“Opps!”  Jose said. “Maybe that was the wrong one. How about this one?” Jose was holding a jar with green liquid. He poured it on Tiffany. We heard another ‘poof!’ and saw that Tiffany the kangaroo turned in to Tiffany the super tiny kangaroo. She was about 8 inches tall!

“Sorry!” Jose said. “Let’s try one more.” This time he was holding a small jar with a tiny bit of a fire red liquid. Before he poured it on someone we managed to stop him.  We decided to get out of the house before Jose caused anymore trouble and before getting caught by that man.  As we walked back Samrina said,

“Weren’t we supposed to find Mr. Spake?”

 ‘Oops,” I said. “Totally forgot!”

Then we started to search the whole house. In the end we found him tied up in the attic. We also found a basket of pears in the kitchen. We brought Mr. Spake and the basket of pears back to the school.  Everyone got back to the classroom and took a bite of the pear. Then everyone turned back to human beings. Finally we all headed back home.

The next day I came to school happy that everything was back to normal, but when I stepped into the class room and everything was the completely opposite of normal. My classmates were all human but they were acting like animals. Great, another problem coming my way. Maybe it was the pears that caused the problem. I thought.


Sorry if it is too short it is going to be a picture book. Btw this is only book 1

Days at New Orleans – Day 1

Today at New Orleans my dad, bother, mom, and me went to the I MAX Theater and watched a movie about hurricane Katrina and saw how powerful it was. We also saw other hurricanes that hit New Orleans.  We saw floods that hit New Orleans too. I learned when those hurricanes and floods hit New Orleans. But before we did anything else my family and I had on a plane to get to New Orleans. It took two hours to get to New Orleans but I played my I pod Touch till we got there… Well that is the end of day 1!

Changing water for a fish tank

1. What is the proper way of changing fish tank water?

2. How often should the water be changed?

3. Where do you put the fish while the fish tank is being cleaned?

4. Can you put the fish right back into the new water?  Why or why not?

Pet test- Which pet is right for you, and which one brings good luck?

Just pick your favs!

aYou’re a cat person

bTurtles like to mimic you.

cFish are shy and so are you

dGuinea pigs work best in you

eTalkative person, talkative bird

How many different things could stand for U.F.O.?




See how many combinations you can create!

My Fishies :P – updated

One of  my neighbors is moving, so they gave us a fish tank. It’s really big, and they gave us some things to go with it. Fish food, filter, automatic feeder, the gravel, the tank (duh), a fish log, fish treats, and a scrub. My mom says she will take me to get the new fish this afternoon. I am REALLY excited because I’ve always wanted a pet. My best friend, Avni, is a fish expert. She really understands fish. She could be a fish psychologist! In total, she has 21 fish; 4 pea-sized guppies, 17 regulars. I might get guppies. My mom says start with something easy like fish, then you can transfer to guinea pigs, birds, cats, then dogs. Also, one question, according to luck and ch’i, fish tanks in bedroom is bad, so, where should I put it?? And really don’t know what fish to get. And I also don’t know where to get it. I think the water is still contaminated, so I think we should use bottled water, but my mom says tap.

Any ways, I am thinking about getting 10, 3.5 inch fish (including the tail), and mom says yes. But before I get my fish, I am going to ask Promethium if she has any advice.

Actually, I got a fiddler crab, 2 guppies, and a striped fish.


Guppie 1:Electro

Guppie 2:Scarlet

Stripes: PJ

They were cute, but we have to go through a long process, like setting them in the tank so they can get used to the temperature, and putting in the thermometer. It will be worth it though.

These fish are not that expensive.

At dinner time, Finnie attacked all of the fish, electro died 😦 , and Scarlet and Pj died the following morning. The fish lady said the guppies could live with the other fish! Liar……. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

today my dad got a refund, and 5 goldfish, guppy sized, IN A SEPERATE TANK. Their names are Streak, Winnie, Mine, Bubba, and Shark. they are living, and very hungry.

San Juan Island

If you like the smell of lavender, this place is for you. This lavender farm has all kinds of things for you. But I chose an orca whale. How does an orca whale connect with lavender? There at the lavender farm, you stuff your own stuffed animal. You can choose between a dog, a whale, or a bear. You put two packets of lavender in the stuffed animal. Now the stuffed animal will smell like lavenders. I put one packet of lavenders in the head and the other in the tummy. The rest was stuffing. It was really hard to get the tail because the stuffing refused to go in. At the end, I found a chopstick and I finally stuffed the tail. Wow, that was hard. GRRRRRR. How in world are you supposed to stuff this tail??? I kept on thinking. Well at least it prepared me for another challenge. I was stuffing another stuffed animal (a dog) for my friend’s birthday. I tried really hard to stuff the legs but no use. I tried chopstick, hand anything I could think of with no luck. I was about to ask my mom for help when I finally realized that you  have turn the stuffing into a ball. Whew! That was hard!!!

P.S. The whale watched me type this!!!!!

Olympic National Park

Have any of you ever been in a natural spring? If you have, great. If you haven’t then you really should. (Bring a nose plug.) Sol Duc Springs at Olympic National Park are relaxing and fun. At Sol Duc Springs Lodge, they have a natural spring straight out of the earth. It’s this little stream of water shooting straight out of the ground. There is a pool around the spring but the water is really warm so it’s more like a hot tub. I sank into the water my muscles melting. Ahhhhhhh. How relaxing. I never want to move.  I thought. Well readers, do you think you want to do that? If your answer is yes listen to this! (People who answered no please read this anyways ). The pool smelled like rotten eggs. For my dad, the smell was really bad but for me it was actually okay! Now that’s a day I call really fun!!!

Mount Rainier

Majestic, elegant, beautiful, those words can only bring you so far in a field of beauty.

        If you love beauty, nature, snow, and adventure, this hike is right for you. At first, you see snow, snow, and more snow. Then you see that this trail is a snow trail. You start by hiking up a small hill, avoiding small pine trees. This for me was one of the hardest slopes. I wasn’t confident and didn’t know the tricks in hiking. As I hiked, I started out scared and slow in walking. We passed ridges and tree craters (my dad had to drag me) and I gained confidence. I started moving faster and I sprinted ahead, just as I started to understand the trail, the trail ended and my mouth fell open.

         Ahead of me was a snow mountain complete with glaciers and pine trees. It was picture perfect. I had never imagined something so beautiful. Snow and pine trees covered the mountain while glaciers peeked out. It was so artistic. My dad took lots of pictures of course and we started heading back. I was determined to head back without help. But just then a couple told us they saw a bear. I felt some of my confidence drain away yet I continued. I have never done a hike so beautiful, so full of adventure and so memory making at the same time.

Trip To China 6

Last night we went to the Shanghai Band. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you! I’m in Shanghai! Anyways, Shanghai Band is awesome! There are buildings everywhere and we were there at night so it looked really sparkly in the dark! There was one building that has lights on the elevator and when ever the elevator goes up and down, it looks like little tiny stars! There is a river that separates the East Band and the West Band. We got to ride on a boat and look at the view. The boat has three floors. I wanted to go on the top but my sister was a chicken so we had to stay on the stinkin second floor. Well I guess the second floor wasn’t that bad. But, I think the top would be better. I sure had a SPARKLY night! Got to go! Bye! 

Trip To China 5

My over-all trip to Hunan was pretty good. I met every single family member on my mom’s side. Hunan is really pretty. You can see lot’s of green! The family is also really nice. There is a 15 year old boy that can also speak English. I like him just as much as I like Uncle River. After he was done taking a test, he got to play with me every day. Once, he took us out bike riding. It felt so good! Each bike can hold three people. We took tons of pictures. There’s also a girl who is one year older than me. I taught her how to make friendship bracelets. I love spending time with my family! Oh! And, I have something else to tell you too. I got to ride a motorcycle for my first time in my life! Over there, there is another uncle that raises pigs. When ever I go visit the pigs, I get to ride on the motorcycle. Once, the pigs pooped on meI smelled horrible! But, the motorcycle ride feels so good with the wind blowing in your face! Okay, so, we’ve got Beijing trip ticked off and Hunan trip ticked off. All that’s left is Shanghai trip! Hunan trip was awesome! I’m looking forward to another trip full of adventures!

Trip To China 4

There is an uncle named Uncle River that I really like. He can speak english. I play with him everyday when I’m in Hunan. Today, Uncle River needs to go some where else in Hunan for work. After he leaves, there will be nobody to play with me unless I play with my annoying little sister or talk with thoes dirty smoking boys. That’s right, smoking. Did you know that every single boy in this house is smoking? Once I found that out, I put no smoking signs all over the house. I put one on the doorway, one in the living room, one in the kitchen, one in the dining room, one in the bathroom, one on some random wall, and one in Uncle River’s room. Another problem that I’m having here is……….MOSQUITOES!!!! It seems like all the mosquitoes are attracted to ME! I wonder how the rest of my Hunan trip will be!