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Spring Break Part Two

I didn’t get much sleep before it was time to get up, so I was pretty tired the next morning. (Well, technically it was the same morning because we got there at 4 am.) Anyway, my family went down to the World Cafe, which is a buffet, and it’s really good. They have all sorts of food, and there is a guy who will fry eggs and make egg omelettes just for you, and you can tell him what you want in the omelette and he will make it. I loved it! After breakfast, I changed into my swimsuit and went down to a mini-beach. The water was really cold, so my friend Amanda, Bryce, and Andy just kind of waded, and played around. We had fun until lunch, then went up and changed. We went down to a seafood restaurant called Oceana. My brother, Amanda, and I sat at a table. We all ordered shrimp cocktails, and six shrimp tacos. We weren’t that hungry, bbut managed to finish. Amanda and I both got Obsession de Chocolate, which translates into Chocolate Obsession. (The menu had Spanish on it, and the English translation.) Well, the Chocolate Obsession was really good, and then Amanda and I changed back into our swimsuits and went Jet Skiing. It was really fun, and we went pretty far out. There was lots to see, and the ride was bumpy. When we got back, we went to the real beach, and played with the sand. When it was dinnertime, I took a shower and then changed and went down to dinner. I ate at the world cafe, then went up to bed and slept.

Day 3

We got our luggage today. My mom made me get up earlier, because we were going on an hour long ride to one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World; a temple in Chichen Itza. (Chee-chen Eetsa) We had a tour guide and a bus. The tour guide’s name was Jerry. He was funny, and his grandpa was Chinese. He showed us a tree with diagonal knife marks on it. He said that this tree gave resin, which the Mayans chewed as bubblegum. Since the resin had no flavor, the Mayans added honey for flavor. When we got to the mayan temple, we walked a short distance and and waited for some people in our group, because they had to go to the bathroom. Jerry gave us our tickets, and we waited to have them checked. When they were all checked, we walked outside – well, technically we were already outside because the building didn’t have any doors – and went to see the temple. It was really cool, and Jerry said that on the Spring and Fall equinox, a snake like figure is shown on the steps. By the way, there are exactly 365 steps in the temple. So when Jerry was done talking about the temple, we moved on to other things, like where the Mayans played a sport, some other temples, and other cool places. When everything was explained, we got to explore the market. I got an obsidian turtle, and another turtle that is pretty cool. My brother got a glass pyramid with and picture of the sun and moon inside it. The pyramid is glass, and see-through, but with the light, it looks rainbow colored. We met at the ATM machine, and got back on the bus. On the way back from the temple, we stopped at a place where you can go swimming, and stayed there and ate luch. Sadly, none of us except Andy and his little sister had swimsuits, but they didn’t want to swim. After lunch, we went back to the hotel. I learned some interesting things about Cancun that day. The island of Cancun is shaped like a seven, and not connected to the mainland. Cancun means ‘snake pot’ in Mayan. Underneath Cancun, it’s rock, so trees and other plants don’t have very deep roots. That day, it was really hot.

Pocket Frogs

There is a really popular game in the Apple App Store that you’ve probably heard about. This game is called Pocket Frogs. For those who are insane with this game: Just before I wrote this, I was searching up the rarest frogs. And then I came upon a site about HOW TO GET RARE FROGS WITHOUT BREEDING OR BUYING!

This game is fun and filled with cute frogs you can play with! I highly  recommend this.

If you have questions, PLEASE COMMENT!!

Spring Break Part One

During Spring Break, my friends and I went to Cancun, Mexico. On Monday, we drove to the airport, and got off the van. We did all of the usual stuff you have to do before a flight, then took a tram to Terminal C. We got off and waited for a while. Then we were going to go into the boarding gates, and I saw that our 10:18 flight to Houston was delayed to 11:50 some. I told my dad, and he went to look. He saw it, and told everybody else. We went inside the boarding gates anyway, but the bad thing was, we had less than an hour to make it onto the Cancun flight from Houston, and the plane was nearly two hours late. Well, inside the boarding gates, I waited until I got bored, then I played some electronics for a while. It was really boring. By the time we made it onto our plane, We would get to Houston at about 2:30-3:00pm. We landed in Houston, and got off the plane. Our flight to Cancun had left slightly more than an hour ago. My parents and some of my friends parents talked to the lady to see if we could go on the next Cancun flight, which was around 7:00 pm. We might actually have gone on that flight if there weren’t 14 other people in front of us, also wanting to go to Cancun. Most of us were hungry, so the adults took us to find somewhere to eat. We found a Wendy’s, so we ate there, and then looked around at the shops in the airport. Eventually, we just got on a flight to Mexico City, and from there, the two-hour flight to Cancun. When we landed in Mexico City, we went to the baggage claim, and couldn’t find our luggage! The adults kind of argued with the person behind the counter, and he said we could either miss our flight and get the luggage, or go on the flight and have the luggage later. The adults chose to go on the flight, so we went and arrived in Cancun aroung 3 or 4:00 am. We took a shuttle bus to the hotel, and checked in. Since we didn’t have our stuff, we just slept in our clothes. By the way, the entire time, my friends Andy H., Andy Z., and I were saying that Bryce and Amanda are so lucky, because they had an 8:00 flight to Houston that was actually ON TIME and they made it on the Cancun flight. Well, that was pretty much my first day. We got our luggage the second day, so we were pretty happy about that.

Sarah’s Adventure-Part 3

“SARAH!!!! You said Delancie was going out with some boys! She’s simply just trying on some dresses in her room AND DOING WHAT PRINCESSES ARE SUPPOSE TO DO!!” my mother exploded spitting all over me. “You have no right to lock the door on me either! What were you doing!?” “Um, I-I-I, um, uh, mm n-nothing ma’am.” I stammered. My mother almost looked exactly like Delancie at the enchanted tree yesterday. “Very well then,” my mother said “You shall miss dinner tonight. What a pity, we’re having mashed potatoes, your favorite.” With that she stomped out the room. I sighed then plopped down on my bed. Cupcake meowed then snuggled up beside me. “Secret chambers, me, secret chambers, me” I mumbled staring at the dull gray slabs of paint on my wall.

Then I heard another tap on my window. This time it wasn’t my trainer. A man with a long purple cape with gold moons on it was standing outside. He had a matching hat with a mustache and a big nose. The weird man waved then flashed me a toothy grin. I open upped the window to let him in. “Hello Sarah” the man said. “My name is George the Great King of the Magicians but you can call me George.”  , “Hey George” I replied “And I’m guessing you’re my magician?” I asked. “Correct!” George said with a flourish. “Opening secret chambers is easy.” George started. “If I wanted that table come to me I would say “table come pocus”, if I wanted to repair a broken vase I would say “vase repair pocus”. Get the point?”. “So that means to open a chamber all I have to do is “open chamber pocus”?” I asked. “Fabulous!!” George said with another one of those toothy grins (gee, this guy is annoying). “Now,” George said “try one yourself!”  I thought for a moment, “Turn Delancie into a clown pocus”. Suddenly, there was a strange blue light coming from Delancie’s room, then, “Ahhhhh!” I grinned. “Nice one!!” George said patting me on the shoulder.

“We can hit on the secret chambers after you’re done with dinner.” “I can’t have dinner tonight” I mumbled. George thought for a moment “For a special dinner she must attend, make the mind of her mother’s bend” George smiled “Spells, only great magicians can do them.” And with a snap he was gone. I’m starting to get tired of people just disappearing. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, it was my mother. “I’m sorry about what I said, you may certainly come to dinner. Dinner starts in a few minutes, you can sit at the table and wait for Delancie.” I smiled, “Spells,” I thought “I have to learn how to use those!”

When Delancie came down to eat, her face was covered with a shawl and her outfit was totally ridiculous. Looks somewhat like a …….clown. 🙂 Delancie has cut a hole in the shawl so she can breathe and eat. “Why Delancie, whatever is the matter?” my mother asked, for she was sobbing as if her heart would break. Delancie slowly removed her shawl. When Mother saw Delancie’s face, she literally screamed. “What have you done?!” my mother cried. “I-I don’t know” Delancie sobbed “there was this strange blue light then BOOM, and now I’m a clown (sob, sob, sob)” “Oh Delancie, don’t cry” my mother said, embracing Delancie with her chubby arms. Mom gave me a quizzical look over Delancie’s shoulder. I shrugged, trying to keep a straight face. “Well, why don’t we eat, the mash potatoes are ready.” my mom said.

A couple of minutes later, here I am sitting in my room waiting for George.


Over the weekend, I went to Branson! It was so much fun. The tornado did close down some places but overall, there was no major damage. I went through a maze of mirrors which made me really dizzy and I also got to go to the Hollywood Wax Museum. I saw the New Shanghai Circus. It was amazing! There was this one person who balanced herself on one hand while she did splits and back bends; without touching the ground! I also went to the Table Rock Lake. The water was really cold and all my sister wanted to do was collect rocks. Humph. The Titanic museum was also really cool. We each got to be a person on board the ship. I was Lillian Minihan and I survived! My favorite though was Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede! We became sides on the Civil War I (sadly) was on the South. We ate and watched some friendly competition and the South won 7 to 4. I recommend the Dixie Stampede and Titanic Museum if you ever go to Branson!

Horse Riding Camp

For Spring Break, my mom signed me up for a up for a horse back riding camp at Iron Horse Creek Stables. It’s five days for about six hours each day and you have to bring your own lunch. We did lots of crafts and rode horses. There are 5 horses to ride except Wahoo didn’t cooperate and we couldn’t ride him. My personal favorite horse was Joker who is a sweet, old horse who is very obedient. For two days though, we weren’t allowed to ride him because he kept on falling down. Joker is 27 years old (human years around 90). My second favorite horse was Sally, a pretty, young chestnut. The two other horses were Bailey and Buck. Bailey is a white and brown paint who is very pretty but extremely hard to ride and is quite disobedient. Buck is TINY! He’s a miniature little pony who is really noisy. Buck gets dirty a lot so we had to hose him down. He didn’t like that. He is extremely cute when he lopes but the only way to get him to do that is if you slap him on his buttocks. Buck has these short little stubby legs that are so slow. When he trots, the other horses can beat him in a race when they walk. His lope is other horses’ trot and his gallop is equivalent to canter/lope. On the last day, we had a riding competition. Sadly, I had to ride Bailey and a super tough time with her. Normally though, you get to ride your top two choices. I advise this camp to all horse lovers!

My Random Toothbrush Story! Part 2!

I heard people shouting and screaming, everywhere was chaos! There were men fighting for food and mothers trying to protect their children. A person could smell the blood a mile away and could hear the shouting and gun sounds in the next town. I said, “chronoadum!” and every thing froze in place. Then I thought of what Potato Island looked like when every thing was fine and peaceful. I opened my eyes and saw what I was thinking about. Then I walked over to te center of the island and turned my wand in a circle and soon in my hand was a sword, The 15 Swords of Trust. You couldn’t use it unless you put all your trust into it. I stab the sword into the ground. Suddenly, the ground was shaking, and then where I stabbed my sword, there was a hole. I jumped into the hole and soon I was in the HQ of the_________ , one of the many guilds in the council.

      I landed on top of a guard, and I quickly put him to sleep. I turned myself invisible and I walked through a thousand different tunnels and a ton of traps. Finally after 5 hours, I was in the king room, aka Sarge’s room! 

     The first thing You would see is the throne with a fat, hairy man on it. Next you would see rows and rows of servants and guards. because my invisibility will wear out soon, I stepped in t the shadows quickly and quietly. I drew a sign that looks a bird. Then I started to float up, higher and higher. In 10 seconds I could see the whole room, it looked like it was about 500 feet long, Suddenly an alarm went off, all the guards looked up nad pointed at me. They shouted orders to each other, and got their guns out and aim at me. Soon there was thousands and thousands of bullets flying up on the air at me, threating to hurt me. I quickly drew a six-pointed star in front of me. A shield appeared in front of me, blocking all the bullets. Suddenly, the shield disappeared! Leaving an open spot and I got shot on the arm. I drew a cross on my arm. Pain shoot up my arm but it was healed in 1 second. 

      Then Sarge, the leader of the _________ yelled, “Stop shooting this instant! And you, you filthy looking girl, get down here and tell me your name!”

      I carefully floated down. The second I touched the floor two guards grabbed my arms and two guards stood behind me with three guards on each side. I said in a calm voice, ” My name is Katia.”

About the Lorax

On Thursday, Diamond and I went to watch The Lorax. The Lorax is based upon the book written by Dr. Seuss, which was published in 1971. The movie was about a  12-year-old boy named Ted, who wanted to impress a girl named Audrey. They lived in a town where everything was made of plastic and they had to buy their own air. Audrey wanted to see a real, living tree more than anything else in the world. So Ted went pass the city walls, to find the Once-ler, who was the reason why all the trees are gone. But Mr. O’Hare, who is the founder of the town and a millionaire because he sells air to the people, tells Ted that he has to stop going to the Once-ler, because he thinks that trees give people free air. But Ted still goes to the Once-ler and learned why and how the trees are gone. In the end, the Once-ler gives Ted the last seed of a tree, and Ted plants it with Audrey and his grandma.  I really liked this movie, and I think it will tell people to be more eco-friendly.

Lorax Survey

Kansas City Money Smart Day, March 31, 2012


 Money Smart Day, a free event sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, will offer 30 financial educational sessions on March 31. This will bring financial education resource providers and consumers together in one central location to learn about a host of financial topics for the whole family.  This event will be held at the American Century Investment Building at 4500 Main, Kansas City, MO 64111, from  9 a.m. to 4p.m.  In addition, there will be resources available, a youth center with activities, free financial tune-ups and the ability to run your credit report during the event. Registration and more details are available online

The Lorax

Today Rainbow Moonstone and I went to the movie theater called Cinemark.We were going to watch the Lorax. The movie was based on a Dr. Seuss favorite. If you don’t know what the Lorax is, I recommend reading the book first. The movie was about a boy, Ted Higgle and a girl named Audrey. Audrey thought aloud her wish of a real Truffula Tree, and Ted was determined to get it for her. (Their town has fake trees and they have to pay for fresh air.) He sneaked outside of town to hear the story of the Lorax, Bar-ba-loots, Swamee Swans, and Humming Fish. The tale was told by the Once-Ler, the man who chopped down all the Truffula  Trees.

However, O’ Hare, the boss of the fresh air company is furious and demands Ted to stop going to the Once-Ler, ( because apparently he thinks that trees give fresh air for free). One day, the Once-Ler throws Ted the last Truffula Seed down from his tall rickety house so Ted can plant his tree for Audrey. Then for the last 10 minutes of the movie, Ted’s awesome grandma, Audrey, and Ted himself go on an adventure to plant the seed without O’ Hare’s guards catching him.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE. I thought it was funny and should send a message all over the earth into others’ hearts. Park Ranger, we should get the gems together on Earth Day, Watch this movie, and do fun activities to promote a healthy environment everywhere.

Pi Day!

The majority of you have forgotten….. that it is PI DAY! I am part of “most of them”. For you all that don’t give a clue about Pi day, it is a day to celebrate the number PI! And how is pi a number, you ask? Why it is merely, 3.
1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209 7494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651IDK!

There is a link to show you the entire number pi, at Any ways, like last year, we are making a PI PIE!. An acronomic, super-sonic, math robotic apple pie with pi on top. Picture l8er! I told there were acronyms.

Planet Sub!!!

Today while Promethium and I were at home alone, in the morning, Park Ranger called and asked if we wanted to bike to Planet Sub for lunch! At first Promethium said she didn’t have enough money. But Park Ranger left a ‘buy one 6′ get one 6’ free” coupon with four dollars tucked underneath. Promethium said we could go, but with hesitation. The bike ride was boring because I always had to stop and wait for Promethium to walk into my sight range. Why, you ask? Her bike was previously broken and didn’t bother to check if the Old Horse fixed it. I was practicing swerving around a corner and Promethium appeared and helped me park my bike. We walked in, and I didn’t like this place already! THE PAYING COUNTER WAS TOO TALL!! I looked like toddler on my tip toes listening to my sister order Roast Beef and Chicken Parmesan sandwiches for us. I drank Suicide, ( Which is a combination of more than 2 soft drinks), and ate my sandwich. It was filled with the kind of chicken you find in a pasta, and pasta sauce, which soggied the bread, and gooey cheese at the top.

This time I rode my bike home slowly. I was full and fully satisfied. We should go to Don Chilitos next time!