Over the weekend, I went to Branson! It was so much fun. The tornado did close down some places but overall, there was no major damage. I went through a maze of mirrors which made me really dizzy and I also got to go to the Hollywood Wax Museum. I saw the New Shanghai Circus. It was amazing! There was this one person who balanced herself on one hand while she did splits and back bends; without touching the ground! I also went to the Table Rock Lake. The water was really cold and all my sister wanted to do was collect rocks. Humph. The Titanic museum was also really cool. We each got to be a person on board the ship. I was Lillian Minihan and I survived! My favorite though was Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede! We became sides on the Civil War I (sadly) was on the South. We ate and watched some friendly competition and the South won 7 to 4. I recommend the Dixie Stampede and Titanic Museum if you ever go to Branson!

One response to “Branson!

  1. It’s been so long since we went there last time. I think it was before April was born….

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