Daily Archives: March 31, 2012

Spring Break Part Two

I didn’t get much sleep before it was time to get up, so I was pretty tired the next morning. (Well, technically it was the same morning because we got there at 4 am.) Anyway, my family went down to the World Cafe, which is a buffet, and it’s really good. They have all sorts of food, and there is a guy who will fry eggs and make egg omelettes just for you, and you can tell him what you want in the omelette and he will make it. I loved it! After breakfast, I changed into my swimsuit and went down to a mini-beach. The water was really cold, so my friend Amanda, Bryce, and Andy just kind of waded, and played around. We had fun until lunch, then went up and changed. We went down to a seafood restaurant called Oceana. My brother, Amanda, and I sat at a table. We all ordered shrimp cocktails, and six shrimp tacos. We weren’t that hungry, bbut managed to finish. Amanda and I both got Obsession de Chocolate, which translates into Chocolate Obsession. (The menu had Spanish on it, and the English translation.) Well, the Chocolate Obsession was really good, and then Amanda and I changed back into our swimsuits and went Jet Skiing. It was really fun, and we went pretty far out. There was lots to see, and the ride was bumpy. When we got back, we went to the real beach, and played with the sand. When it was dinnertime, I took a shower and then changed and went down to dinner. I ate at the world cafe, then went up to bed and slept.

Day 3

We got our luggage today. My mom made me get up earlier, because we were going on an hour long ride to one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World; a temple in Chichen Itza. (Chee-chen Eetsa) We had a tour guide and a bus. The tour guide’s name was Jerry. He was funny, and his grandpa was Chinese. He showed us a tree with diagonal knife marks on it. He said that this tree gave resin, which the Mayans chewed as bubblegum. Since the resin had no flavor, the Mayans added honey for flavor. When we got to the mayan temple, we walked a short distance and and waited for some people in our group, because they had to go to the bathroom. Jerry gave us our tickets, and we waited to have them checked. When they were all checked, we walked outside – well, technically we were already outside because the building didn’t have any doors – and went to see the temple. It was really cool, and Jerry said that on the Spring and Fall equinox, a snake like figure is shown on the steps. By the way, there are exactly 365 steps in the temple. So when Jerry was done talking about the temple, we moved on to other things, like where the Mayans played a sport, some other temples, and other cool places. When everything was explained, we got to explore the market. I got an obsidian turtle, and another turtle that is pretty cool. My brother got a glass pyramid with and picture of the sun and moon inside it. The pyramid is glass, and see-through, but with the light, it looks rainbow colored. We met at the ATM machine, and got back on the bus. On the way back from the temple, we stopped at a place where you can go swimming, and stayed there and ate luch. Sadly, none of us except Andy and his little sister had swimsuits, but they didn’t want to swim. After lunch, we went back to the hotel. I learned some interesting things about Cancun that day. The island of Cancun is shaped like a seven, and not connected to the mainland. Cancun means ‘snake pot’ in Mayan. Underneath Cancun, it’s rock, so trees and other plants don’t have very deep roots. That day, it was really hot.