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StarClan’s Rescue (Warrior series; super edition)


    Moonlight washed palely over the border as two she-cats padded softly along. Two pairs of eyes, one ice-blue and another pale amber, blinked in the shadowed undergrowth. The small brown tabby she-cat blinked warmly at the other.

“Greetings, Brambleberry. Do you have any particular news you would like to share with me?” The other cat meowed warmly in reply.

    “RiverClan is going to have much trouble with Twoleg kits,” the Brambleberry mused. The blue-gray she-cat narrowed her eyes.    

“They captured Willowshine when she was out gathering herbs last sunrise.”

Brambleberry nodded. “I saw. Come. Let us sit down here where we will not be

disturbed.” She flicked her tail towards a large rock almost hidden behind a waterfall. The sleek blue-gray she-cat meowed wistfully,“This reminds me of the Tribe of Rushing Water. I had many friends there. But how are we going to get to the rock?”

Purring, Brambleberry replied, “You are RiverClan aren’t you? You swim of course.”

“Under that wall of water, Brambleberry? What are you thinking?”

Brambleberry laid her tail tip gently onto the blue-gray she-cat’s back. “This way. There isn’t as much water pouring down over here.”

The two cats swam over to the rock. Shivering, the blue cat meowed, “It’s chilly over here!”

“I apologize, my friend,”  meowed Brambleberry, “Let’s continue walking.”



Two cats emerged from the Dark Forest, both dark-brown tabby toms. Together, they silently stalked the two she-cats. The she-cats had no notion that they were being stalked. The two toms looked at one another, reviewing their plan mentally, and nodded. As one, they leaped into the air, one landing on Brambleberry’s shoulders, the other knocking the surprised blue-gray she-cat unconscious.

“Quick, Hawkfrost! Drag her across the border where Brokenstar is waiting to help!” yowled the brown tabby.

Brambleberry shook the cat from the Dark Forest off her shoulders, spraying drops of blood onto the leafy green plants.

“Tigerstar!” she spat, “I should have known!”

Growling, Tigerstar attacked Brambleberry once again. Brambleberry leaped into the air and twisted, sinking her teeth into Tigerstar’s long, matted fur. Tigerstar kicked his hind legs onto Brambleberry’s stomach. Yowling, she tried to get up but Tigerstar held her down and raked her belly until she drifted into unconscious.


“Spottedleaf!” meowed Feathertail urgently, “Brambleberry has been attacked!” Spottedleaf rushed to Brambleberry, her carefully collected herbs forgotten in her panic.

“This looks like Tigerstar’s work,” she hissed, narrowing her eyes.

Feathertail gasped. “Look at those paw prints!” Two pairs of paw prints, both fairly large, lead deep into the Dark Forest.

“It looks like they dragged a cat with them!” meowed Spottedleaf, who looked as if she’d been struck by lightning, with her fur standing on end.

“Why would they do that?” wondered Feathertail, “Who did they take?”

Spottedleaf growled “Look!” A pair of ice-blue eyes blinked once and disappeared. Feathertail turned to Spottedleaf.

“Hawkfrost.” Feathertail meowed, furious. “Hawkfrost must have dragged the cat away.”

“But why?” Spottedleaf was shocked.

“I don’t know, but I need you to go get Yellowfang. Quick!” meowed Feathertail urgently, “I don’t know ThunderClan camp as well as you do.” She hoped Spottedleaf would hurry. Brambleberry could die if Yellowfang didn’t come quickly and treated her.

Barely conscious, Brambleberry muttered “Feathertail,” before drifting back into unconsciousness.

“Brambleberry! You’re alive! Who was with you? What happened? Brambleberry, I need to know!” Feathertail meowed, her voice rising. What had happened? Would Brambleberry be all right? What would happen if she never woke up? Would she just…fade? Feathertail didn’t even want to think about it.

She shook Brambleberry.  “Brambleberry! Wake up! Please!” Feathertail glanced despairingly over her shoulder to see if Spottedleaf was back yet. They needed a medicine cat, desperately. She began to lick Brambleberry’s pelt to wash all the blood away. Maybe that way she’ll wake up, thought Feathertail.

“Feathertail. Where is she?” murmured Brambleberry.

“Where is who?” meowed Feathertail, hope rising in her chest like a caged bird. Quick paw steps filled the air.

“What happened?” demanded Leapordstar.

“Brambleberry has been attacked and Spottedleaf is going for help.” meowed Feathertail.

“Brambleberry has been attacked?” repeated Leapordstar, dazed.

“Yes and Brambleberry keeps on talking about a she-cat. I was about to get an answer, you know,” Feathertail replied, annoyed. Why did Leapordstar interrupt when she was least wanted or needed? Why couldn’t she go and do something useful for once, instead of just lying around ordering other cats to get her fish? She was new in StarClan, for- well for StarClan’s sake. She should stop ordering cats around and do some work for once.

“Mistystar……gone…….” Brambleberry drifted back into unconsciousness.

Feathertail was confused. Why was Mistystar gone? Where was she? Who took her? She was so aggravated that she yowled to the open sky “What?! Where is the RiverClan leader? Where is she? Where is Mistystar?”

Chapter One

    Icewing was back in the forest. The yucky one with the muddy rivers that were as slow as a slug climbing to the old Highstones and the icky, leafless trees that blocked out the sky; not the forest that the ThunderClan and ShadowClan cats lived in – not the one by the lake.

“Hi, Icewing!” came a call from a few paces behind.

“Hello, Ivypool!” she called back. Ivypool was a cat from ThunderClan, and she was really nice, but she always seemed to have something other than training on her mind, meaning she was normally slightly distracted.

“More training, less talking!” growled a voice behind her. Icewing jumped. She turned around and saw Tigerstar stalking out from behind the leafless trees. Ivypool had disappeared.

“Sorry Tigerstar,” Icewing mumbled guiltily; she knew Tigerstar did not take kindly to distractions from experience.

“We are doing tree training today. Come on. The other cats are already assembled.” Tigerstar leaped over a fallen tree towards a clearing. Icewing scrambled over after him.

Tigerstar jumped onto a large rock, easily. “Those ThunderClan fools have been cheating in battle. They climb trees! Are they cats or are they weak little squirrels? We will do tree training too! We will play their own trick against them!” He growled. Tigerstar paused as yowls of approval rang out from the assembled cats beneath him. “We will work in partners! Snowtuft, you are going to be with Hollowflight, Shredtail, you are with Sunstrike, Thistleclaw, with Breezepelt, Ivypool with Blossomfall, Hawkfrost with Icewing, and Brokenstar with Tigerheart. I will be supervising. We are not kits play fighting so unsheathe your claws!”

“Who am I assigned to?” meowed a voice from the crowd of cats.

Tigerstar narrowed his eyes. “You were beaten by an apprentice,” he spat, “You do not deserve to train any cats until you have proven yourself worthy again, Darkstripe!”

“Come Icewing! We haven’t got all night!” Hawkfrost beckoned Icewing other to a twisted, gnarled tree with his tail. “You’re going to climb first and try to attack me as you jump. Got it?”

Icewing nodded. RiverClan has never climbed trees, she thought rebelliously. But another part of her mind said this is going to make me the best warrior I can be. She told herself firmly that again as she strained her hind leg muscles to push herself up the tree. Hawkfrost circled around impatiently. Quietly, Icewing tiptoed down the tree trunk half way and bunched her muscles in preparation for the spring. She landed squarely on Hawkfrost’s shoulders, yowling in triumph. But her triumph turned to confusion when Hawkfrost rolled over and smashed her to the ground. Thinking quickly, Icewing pushed Hawkfrost off herself and when he was still recovering, slashed his belly with unsheathed claws. Growling, he pushed himself off the leaf littered ground. Icewing backed up cautiously, unsure if he was about to pounce. She relaxed though as Hawkfrost purred “Nice moves there ‘paw’ but I saw you coming down the tree. Try not to be quite so loud.”

“Like this?” Icewing scrambled up a tree and climbed down as softly as she could.

“Yes,” meowed Hawkfrost. “Now try attacking me.”

Thinking harder this time, Icewing climbed up the tree and waited.

“Hurry up!” Hawkfrost growled.

Icewing didn’t move. Hawkfrost had started circling the tree once again. This time, she silently jumped straight from the branch so as not to give Hawkfrost any kind of warning. Howling, she bit down on Hawkfrost’s back as he jumped into the air to make

her crash. She quickly retaliated and slithered under him, clawing his belly as he landed.

“Excellent,” Hawkfrost meowed. “Now do it again, but try to think of something different.”

Icewing once again went up the tree. This time though, instead of jumping, she successfully got down on the other side of the tree without being heard  – where Hawkfrost wasn’t waiting to attack her. Icewing crept up onto Hawkfrost and attacked from behind.

“Sneaky!” Hawkfrost meowed approvingly, “but you didn’t use the tree to your advantage.”

“But I did use it!” retorted Icewing, “I went up it and so when the enemy was preparing for me to jump down onto them, I leaped up onto their back so they got taken by surprise.”

“Excellent thinking!” Eyes narrowing, Hawkfrost growled “However, your enemies may find that attacking you without you being on them is much easier than fighting you when you land actually on their back.”

“But I can always scramble up the tree and land on their backs while they are wondering where I went.”

“ThunderClan knows that trick. We must prepare for that. I am still a true RiverClan cat at heart,” Hawkfrost meowed, “You have a sharp and clever mind. Use that to your advantage, too. Let’s see how many more interesting strategies you can think of. More training and less talking!”

And so Icewing crawled up the tree, her muscles aching.


“You know, I think I’m the first RiverClan cat to do tree training – ever.” grumbled Icewing. Her muscles ached and her back was on fire. It would be a miserable day when the sun rose. Hawkfrost’s voice brought her back to reality.

“Wrong, Icewing. I was the first RiverClan cat to climb a tree. But you were the second. Now, go tell Tigerstar I think it’s time.”

That’s just like Hawkfrost- always bragging. It’s time for what, though? thought Icewing as she ran over to Tigerstar to tell him Hawkfrost’s news.

“What’s it time for?” the green-eyed she-cat asked after she delivered her message.

“I can’t tell you!” snapped Tigerstar.

Icewing wanted to ask why, but she knew not to cross Tigerstar when he was grumpy. Still…

All of a sudden, Tigerstar yowled “Next time she visits, one of our apprentices will take her final assessment!”

Would that be her?

A high, reedy voice from the back of the crowd of cats yowled back “Who, might I ask, is this mysterious she-cat? It should be me!”

“And why would I tell you, Breezepelt? Anyways, you’re still not ready,” replied Tigerstar coolly. “I hope you’ll tend to the ‘cat-in-the-brambles,’ as our apprentices kindly call her, next moonrise instead of training with us. Have fun with the mouse bile and changing her moss. She’ll like that. The rest of you, go – oh, and whatever you do, do not go near the clearing where we used to train or I promise I will personally rip out your pelt and use it to line my nest; even my warriors. I am making an exception for Breezepelt because he must go there tomorrow. Now leave me to think for once, instead of helping train you mouse-brained young ‘paws’ to become ‘better warriors’.” And with that impressive speech, Tigerstar bounded off the “Announcement Rock” and away into the forest.

What is the matter with him? Icewing was bewildered. Tigerstar’s never been grumpy enough to threaten to rip out our pelts before. Humph. Who is this mysterious she-cat? Why can’t we go to the old training clearing anymore? So many questions, yet no answers.

Suddenly, Icewing felt a pelt brush hers, then smelled the slightly musty scent that belonged to Ivypool. Ivypool’s scent was a mixture of Dark Forest and ThunderClan, just like hers was a mixture of Dark Forest and RiverClan.

“Icewing, go home. I am warning you, do not fail your warrior assessment or else you may never go back to your clanmates by the lake.” warned the other white she-cat, then she turned and disappeared.

Icewing felt an ominous chill go down her spine at those words. Was Ivypool hinting that she would die if she failed?


Chapter 2

After Feathertail and Spottedleaf found Brambleberry hurt and Mistystar missing and Leopardstar discovered them, there was utter chaos until…

“Silence! Do you want all of StarClan to come rushing here right now?” yowled Leopardstar.

“Leopardstar, Mistystar is missing! Do you know the significance of that!” growled Feathertail. She’s interfering again. she thought, aggravated.

“I know, Feathertail. Calm down. Besides, if we’re too hasty, it could lead to our downfall as well as Mistystar’s,” soothed Leopardstar.

Feathertail thought for a moment. What Leopardstar says makes sense, she concluded. “Who else will help us?”

“No one but us. They will all try to take over, and this is only RiverClan’s business.” Leopardstar meowed.

Feathertail nodded in agreement. “You’re right, Leopardstar. What should we do now?”

Leopardstar narrowed her eyes. “Keep quiet and look for unexpected allies. Make sure they’re at least half RiverClan.”

Why at least half RiverClan? Has Leopardstar gone crazy? thought the silver she-cat. “I’ll do that. I think we should visit Willowshine to tell her what has happened,” meowed Feathertail.

“Yes, I agree. Could you do that? I must go. Crookedstar asked me to come to a meeting of Clan leaders and medicine cats to discuss Brambleberry’s situation.” Leopardstar took off running, her tail streaming out behind her.

Feathertail sighed. Why did Leopardstar always have to take charge? That night she visited Willowshine’s dreams. “Willowshine!”

“Feathertail! Mistystar went to the Moonpool and I went with her and Mothwing but she never woke up! We had to drag her back to camp. Everyone thought she was dead but she was still breathing,” meowed Willowshine in a hurry, “What are we going to do?”

“Her spirit was captured by the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest, or The Place Of No Stars, is where cats that are not accepted by StarClan go after they leave their bodies,” explained Feathertail. “Ask Reedwhisker to temporarily take the leader’s role, but tell him not to change his name to Reedstar as we can not give him nine lives since Mistystar still has all of hers. Don’t forget, Mistystar is still alive.”

“Okay, Feathertail. But how is Mistystar going to escape the Dark Forest?” questioned Willowshine.

“StarClan will rescue her!”

Feathertail’s voice faded away as she hurried back to StarClan’s hunting grounds. When she returned, Leopardstar was waiting for her. Humph.

“Our meeting went very badly,” announced Leopardstar.

“What happened?” asked Feathertail. Nothing could be worse than a hopeless quest into the Dark Forest.

“Crookedstar brought Brambleberry in and he questioned her thoroughly. All we got out of her was that she was walking along the border and got attacked by two cats from the Dark Forest,” meowed Leopardstar, “She doesn’t even remember anything about Mistystar’s capture.”

Feathertail nodded, “We need a plan to rescue her. Mistystar, I mean, not Brambleberry.” Though Brambleberry does need help, thought Feathertail privately. She knew not to cross Leopardstar when she was grumpy or happy, all the same.

Leopardstar thought for a moment, “Let’s go visit the Dark Forest. Come on, lets go now.”

Why now?

The pair padded along silently until they suddenly saw a spotted pelt flash by.

“Greetings, Feathertail, Leopardstar. Did you see Yellowfang earlier?” meowed Spottedleaf.

“She was at Four Trees not long ago,” answered Feathertail. Why is she looking for Yellowfang now?

“Thanks! I wanted to tell her about a new herb I discovered recently.” Spottedleaf trotted away, tail and spirits high.


“Well, we won’t be looking like that for a long time,” commented Feathertail. Leopardstar didn’t answer. They quietly strolled along for a while until they reached the border.

“I guess we’ll go in,” meowed Leopardstar. Not long after, they scented Brokenstar on the slightly musty breeze. Leopardstar tensed. Feathertail crouched. What does he want? she thought.

“Well, well, well. Who do we have here?” purred Brokenstar in a silky voice. “I thought we made it clear StarClan was not allowed here.”

“You said was not allowed. We are allowed because this is not the past, but the present. Yes?” retorted Feathertail.

“A clever tongue, as usual. Now, if you’ll give me a tour of StarClan’s hunting grounds, I will gladly let you visit my territory, as that is only fair…Now get out!” Brokenstar barred his teeth.

Thinking fast, Feathertail meowed “Go ahead. Visit anytime.”

“Feathertail! What you are you thinking?! Since when were you so fish-brained?” interrupted Leopardstar, again. Feathertail silenced her with a glare. Leopardstar returned the glare but did not question her any further.

“Then go ahead and explore all you want.” Brokenstar took off into the dark woods.

“What was that all about?!” hissed Leopardstar, narrowing her eyes.

“Wait. I’ll tell you later,” murmured Feathertail distractedly.

“As you say, Featherstar,” grumbled Leopardstar. Humph. AnnoyingStars all over the place were invading.

“Really! Please stop insulting me! Now can we just get on visiting this place and get out of here? I don’t like it any more than you do!” Exasperated, Feathertail stalked off. With a heavy sigh, Leopardstar followed. Why was Grumpystar always so hostile? thought Feathertail.

“Wait,” Leopardstar halted suddenly, “I smell a familiar scent. Tigerstar!” They spun around in unison to see a large dark brown tabby striding towards them. “The visitors Brokenstar mentioned.” He nodded, “Don’t let me interrupt you. Continue as you please.” Tigerstar disappeared into the shadows.

“He becomes more and more evil every passing moment,” Leopardstar growled.

“No one can deny that,” agreed Feathertail. What makes me think that something is amiss? Those two can never be trusted.

“Humph,” meowed Leopardstar suspiciously. “He sounded like he was up to something.”

“Whenever was he not?” asked Feathertail, “ I wonder if his scheme has something to do with Mistystar’s capture?”

Leopardstar didn’t reply.




The two walked off into the forest, following the twisting and turning path. Feacertail’s mind was filled with questions, one after another. Whys and hows and lots of coulds floated around in the air. She was sure that even Leopardstar, who as lost in her own thoughts too, could hear her mind buzzing with questions.
    “Feathertail,” Leopardstar voice was tense, “I think we’ve been going around in circles.”
    “How come? We’ve been following this path,” replied Feathertail.
    “Look at that same gnarled tree trunk. I’m sure we’ve been past it before.”
    “Hmm,” meowed Feathertail thoughtfully, “You’re right.”
    “I’m going to scratch a cross onto this tree so that way we’ll know if we’ve been here before.” Leopardstar did so.
    After a few hundred heartbeats, they came back to the same tree. Feathertail gasped, surprised at how easily they’d been fooled. “We really are going around in circles!” Her voice rose to a wail, “ We’re hopelessly lost in the Dark Forest! Here were no one would even think about us being in this…!”

Chapter Three

“What do think we are going to do? Obviously we just don’t follow the path. Now let me lead,” Leopardstar shouldered past Feathertail and growled “Come on!” With a humph, Feathertail followed her leader. Why was Feathertail always so slow? She obviously thought I am a grumpystar, but that doesn’t mean she has to be so grumpy and sharp tongued with me. thought Leopardstar

“Hey! I didn’t see this fork in the path before!” meowed Feathertail excitedly.

“That’s because I’m leading,” grumbled Leopardstar. Really, Feathertail was so cheery she could beat a sparrow singing – that is, if she could sing. She couldn’t sing, only birds and possibly Twolegs could. Then she crashed into a bush.

“Hurry up, Leopardstar! We’re losing our time for exploring!” hissed Feathertail.

Leopardstar didn’t like that and retorted “Well, stop singing like a bird!” With a growl of fury, she turned around and stalked off. She could sense that Feathertail wanted to say something back to her but even she knew better than to start an argument with a leader. Leopardstar felt a stab of self-satisfaction with that small victory of words.

Soon, they reached a clearing filled with cats surrounded by trees. They quickly hid themselves behind two of these disgusting under-growths and peered out from behind them. It seemed like the cats in the clearing were having a meeting of some kind. Some of the faces in the crowd looked familiar, and they scanned them with sharp eyes, gold and blue, to see what cats they knew. Feathertail was the first to spot a Lake cat they knew.

“Look! There’s Icewing with Hawkfrost! They’re training together. I never knew this was happening!” wailed Feathertail, clearly distressed.

“It’s all right. She might be a spy for RiverClan like Ivypool is for ThunderClan”

Feathertail visibly relaxed.   

“Let’s continue along. Mistystar is obviously not here,” meowed Leopardstar. She turned and headed off into the shallow undergrowth. With a sigh of exasperation, Feathertail followed. She sniffed, then stiffened. Leopardstar followed suit, and smelled a scent that she had never wanted to smell for the rest of her death years.

“Brokenstar!” she warned. Sure enough, Brokenstar appeared moments later. “Visits are over. I will show you the way out.”


“That was useless!” growled Leopardstar, “and now he can visit our territory! He probably set us up to get lost. That way we can’t learn anything.” Brokenstar was the most obnoxious cat from the forest to the sun-drown place; from the mountains to the lake.

“Just wait. He’ll get his payback.” purred Feathertail.

What was that cat up to?

“You still haven’t told me why you are going to let Brokenstar into our hunting grounds,” reminded Leopardstar. Feathertail was so forgetful she would forget she was on a patrol the minute she left camp.

“He said ‘If you’ll give me a tour of StarClan’s hunting grounds.’ Well, that is exactly what I plan on doing. I’ll give him a tour on the most boring and useless places,” Feathertail paused. “I’ll also give long uninteresting lectures. Then I’ll send him out of here like he did to us.”

“Brilliant, Feathertail!” meowed Leopardstar, “Great thinking!” How had Feathertail thought of that? Well, she’d add to that. “Try to somehow get him lost in the most uninteresting place – the island in the middle of  the small lake would do. Just make a bridge out of wood and lead him across, then destroy the bridge and swim away.” He’s such a drypaw, she thought in disgust.

“Amazing, Leopardstar!”

Leopardstar was pleased with the praise, but she decided not to say anything. Maybe if Feathertail gave her more compliments, she would make her her personal deputy – for helping the Clans only, of course.


“Cats of StarClan!” yowled Willowstar, “Brambleberry has been attacked by one of the Dark Forest. We are suspecting that Tigerstar did the fighting while a different cat dragged someone over the border and is currently holding them hostage. Leopardstar and Feathertail, would you like to speak?”

“We were there not when the attack happened but at the aftermath. Feathertail and I do not know who was taken except that they are not from RiverClan.”

Leopardstar felt guilty that she was lying at a Gathering, but she had no choice. She jumped down from Highrock in a graceful leap and meowed “Feathertail, would you like to speak?” Leopardstar. She would probably mess up the whole lie and tell everything that had happened since the attack on Brambleberry and Mistystar.

“ Well, we went into the Dark Forest to investigate the matter…….” A chorus of cats started yowling “What! Why didn’t you tell us? You should have discussed with the rest of StarClan first!”

“I’m sorry but there was not enough time. As I was saying……..”

Feathertail got interrupted again this time by Mossleaf, an old StarClan cat. “Are you not telling us something?” she meowed suspiciously, “Something is missing and without it, your story smells quite fishy.”

“No Mossleaf,” assured Feathertail, “I have told you everything – well, almost everything, and I’m going to tell you the rest of it right now.”

Mossleaf sat down back on her haunches again but kept a glare on her.

“Right,” meowed Feathertail, ignoring Mossleaf, “Brokenstar is going to visit StarClan in return for our visit to their home.”

There was a few collective gasps but no one spoke.

“I plan on giving him a tour of some of the most boring places there are here; like the many different varieties of herbs in StarClan that grow next to the border drop-off.” The border drop-off was when the territories just fell into space: the ground just turned right into sky. Of course, StarClan could walk on it, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that most cats were just afraid of the sheer drop-off, even though they couldn’t die a second time. Yellowfang’s voice suddenly brought her back to the present.

“I’ll be the medicine cat,” meowed Yellowfang. Feathertail nodded with appreciation. Leopardstar was surprised. Yellowfang was usually much grumpier than even the cat Feathertail called Grumpystar – namely, herself.

“I will need a medicine cat’s help on that. Also I will show him WarmRocks and the pond. It would be best to have some cats fishing there. The waterfall will be shown to him also, and best of all, I will make him swim! I’ll tell him he can either swim or be pushed into the water – his choice. Yellowfang will be my backup, since she’ll already be with me, making sure he doesn’t run away.”

Yowls of approval came from the assembled cats.

“We’ll fish,” came the voice of some cats. Feathertail had nodded again. Leopardstar craned her neck to see who had said that.

“Humph,” she muttered.

The cats were all craning their necks and Leopardstar couldn’t see over the heads of the other cats. She felt like a kit. All the other cats were so much taller than her when the ones in front of her were so much taller than her when they were all standing on their hind legs and craning their necks, so she did what they were doing.

    “And Leopardstar has one last thing to tell us!” yowled Feathertail over all the cats meowing in a hurry.
    Leopardstar gulped “I do?” Did Feathertail want her to tell the cats about THAT? Feathertail gave a little nod as if she knew what Leopardstar was thinking. Leopardstar burned with fury. She was a leader and Feathertail was a mere warrior! She was superior and Feathertail was a servant! Leopardstar humphed again. All eyes were on her now. “Well, Feathertail and I found Tigerstar training cats from the living clans. We suspect the Dark Forest is tricking them into training since we found Blossomfall, Birchfall, Icewing, Ivypool…”


After the Gathering was over, cats clamored around Leopardstar and Feathertail. Is that really true? was the most common question.

    “Enough!” yowled Willowstar, “This Gathering is over and will all of you please return to your dens. Leopardstar headed off to her den but stopped. There was going to be a lot a whispering. Instead, Leopardstar had Feathertail follow her to a secret place where Leopardstar had found when she had just joined StarClan.
    “It’s beautiful!” gasped Feathertail.
    “Duh,” humphed Leopardstar. They had just walked into a little clearing through a flowering arch. In the middle, was a little pond filled with every kind of fish, and to the back, was a small waterfall. They were surrounded by trees and flowers.
    “No one knows about this except for you and me,” meowed Leopardstar proudly, “Now hurry and make your nest.”
     “What about you?” asked Feathertail. Leopardstar pointed her tail tip to a small cave whose only entrance was under a willow tree. When Feathertail had finally gathered enough swan feathers, they both headed into the cave. The cave shimmered and sparkled from all the shiny things Leopardstar had put in. The cave was so small, during the day, it was flooded with green light. Leopardstar pointed to a small hole right above her comfy swan feather covered nest.
    “You can see the stars,” Leopardstar meowed quietly, “There’s enough room for you to sleep next to me.” Feathertail quickly constructed her nest and laid down and sighed softly. Of course, thought Leopardstar, rolling her eyes. Feathertail is awestruck by the beauty, once again. Then, they both lay down to sleep.

Chapter Four


Icewing woke up, stretched her mangled fur and yawned. It had been a long night. “What in the name of StarClan happened?” her daughter Petalfur shrieked with one look at her pelt. “I went night hunting and fell into a bramble pit,” lied Icewing. “The only bramble pit is next to the Twoleg place and there is absolutely no prey there,” meowed Petalfur suspiciously. “I got spooked by an owl,” invented Icewing, while secretly slipped a long thorn into her nest. She wriggled around a bit. “And there is this!” meowed Petalfur triumphantly, holding up the long thorn, “You have been sleeping on this too!” “Oh! Thanks for finding that, Petalfur,” Icewing meowed, feigning surprise.

Challengers: Rising to Vela 2

Jules snapped out of it. She flipped around in a frenzy her eyes wide and trying to find where the voice was from. Her Father’s form was translucent, but not blurry.

“Hello Jules,” came a syrupy voice, “I knew you’d find out one day. Now you and yore brat friends will never live to find outmore!” HIs voice turned grim.

It appeared that Claws had taken a long bronze staff from his girdle and stuck the floor with astonishing force. Nothing happened.

“I see you and yore frinds inheerited my power. Unfrorchinitly, you doun’t know wat they’m ar. Yeeeheeeheeeeehaaahaaa!” With a satisfactory sneer, Claws vanished.

“Looks like wee’ms goina ta Songbreeze’s castle. Purfeck plass to find yon’s power!” Granny Beth raised a staff like Claws’, but redwood and trimmed with silver and beads. “holath jin! Er, Jilath hon, i mean, Jolath hin, uhh, hilath Jon! Thats it Hilath Jon!”

“Hoooooray! I’ve been expecting yon travellers like thee!” A girl dressed in a simple blue sash and gold head band that was slightly older than the befuddled group went around pinching cheeks and spewing greetings.

“Oh, HELLO, my friends, I well thee to Planet Glave! Oh grascoius, gracious, have I not offer yon incinerated glorkaroaches? I do not expect yon to be twibaddled, ’tis a showing of hunger. Surely yon not must be skidoobled with my beautiful sister Rimrose Beth with yon!”

“Pardon, pardon, wot may I ask be glorkaroaches? And who be Rimrose Beth?” Amma asked trying to lighten her British accent.

“Sorree yon fellers, I be Rimrose. Most powerful 126 year old to walk on Earth!” surprisingly Granny Beth stated.

“Oh, dear, yon hasn’t been taught what glorkaroaches be? They be a wonderful dish. Burnt on the outside, yet runny on the inside. Glave’s fv greeting dish.”

“Well, I don’t mean to be a pig, hog, or whatever is pink ond snowarts, but may Oi podin to taste ee glorkgthes?”

Jules wasn’t hungry she was squatting down, examining the symbols on each members’ wrists.

“Hmm, Fred, fire; Amma, circle thing; Aubri, sun; Baron Lee, katuana; Dipti, ocean; Clarice, thunder and lightining; and me, and oracular surl. Songbreeze, wat does this mean?”

Footsteps echoed from behind the terrace.

“Oi speckkt ee nought gudd time to dizguzz ee symbowls?”Baron questioned, heavy on Italian accent.

“oh SONGBREEZE! Whotcha tokin’ to?”

This is the meaning of Earth Day-Peom

Herbs to spice as trees are to leaves,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

Grasses quiver as the strong wind heaves,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

Without the fresh air you would be untoned,

With out the leaves green, you’d be stock stone,

Without Mother Nature you’d be forever alone,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

NOw we can take back the damage we’ve done,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

Frolick in meadows, lay in the sun,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

In representaion of Earth we will stand,

We’ll do whatever to keep this great land,

Keeping it clean would just be grand,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

Challengers: Rising to Vela

Jules lay on her bed, thinking about bad luck. Thinking about what had happened. Her dog was found in her apartment and sent to the pound. Her step-mother had given her a long lecture on juvenile detention. Grandpa died. Worst, her older brother Devon was kidnapped.

She twirled her hair and sat on her bed. Bririririring! Bririririring! Immediately she sat up and answered the cell.

“Jules speaking, who it is?”

“J-j-jules, you h-have to c-come now. Its im-i-important. Aubriana out.”

“Aubri? Wha-”

Aubriana hung up. Jules sighed, hung her keys around her neck and left the kiwi colored room, and out the door of the single story house. Jules didn’t even walk 2 blocks to Aubri’s house and little Bill came running.

“Juwos, Abwi-gasp-found-def note- on cwaset shewf-Aubwi need cwues and help!”

Jules had a bewildered look on her face.

“Come on Juwos, wets go!” and he gave Jules and gentle shove. Jules broke off running, her keys jangling.


Chapter 2: titchy

She didn’t even knock, she broke down the door of the unsteady house. SHe could see her close friends gathered around a granite dinner table, with frightened looks on their faces. Freddie’s grandma was seated on a vintage stool.

“Jules, finally! for the fastest girl in our grade, that was slow.”

“Jah, joo eder ‘elp vat to doo, or mak Aubris fase turn narmol.”

“Dipti, that was very unkind. Please, Jules, could you help?”

“I will, when you tell whats GOING ON! First, Aubri calls me. Then I run for and EMERGENCY to her house with Little Bill. WHat next?”

Clarice couldn’t help it anymore. “Aubri found threatening notes all over her house and her room destroyed , and passed out and the notes were signed Claws and- and- and-” Tears were waterfalling all over her cheeks.

“I told ya young whippa snappas, its the infamous George Claws, Kidnapped mah brotha, yo brotha, and Clairecy’s brotha.”Freddie’s grandma Beth spluttered

Jules’ green eyes’ pupils shrank. Her hazel hair blew from the window wind wildly. Her mouth ran dry. She only managed to say in a raspy whisper,”George Claws, him, h-he’s dead, he w-was in a car crash, he was m-my Father.H-hated us, h-hated Devon. Devon!” Jules’ face was wet. But there was a bright tattoo glowing on everybody’s wrists.

“Hello, daughter. I heard you miss me.”

Spring Break Part 5

Day 6

Today is our second to last day in Cancun. On the eighth day, we will be on the plane back. I had breakfast today at the world cafe, and as usual, it was delicious. Afterward, I went down to the beach and played. Then my dad told me to change into my swimsuit. I went and changed, and he took Amanda my brother and I down to the Carribean beach to go swimming. It was actually pretty shallow, and it was a perfect day. When we were done, we went to get some lunch, and then we  went bungee jumping. After that, we played hide and seek in the hotel, and then had dinner and watched a show. When the show was over, we went to bed.

Day 7

Today my mom made me get up earlier, because since it’s our last day, we are going to the flea market. There was so much stuff there, it was amazing. I got some bracelets, and a belt. I also got a turtle, and a bag that says Cancun on it. I saw a bow with arrows, but my mom didn’t let me get it. I wanted it, though. My brother got a bag of seashells, and a turtle. Not a real one, of course. Just a little ceramic one. Amanda got a blue Cancun bag, and some bracelets and a belt. When we got back, it was time for lunch. Afterward, I messed around until it was time to go bungee jumping. After that, I played, and played, and played until dinner. After dinner, there was ANOTHER show. These people have got like, unlimited show ideas. Anyway, we had to go to bed, because our plane was at 3 in the morning tomorrow.

Day 8

Today was so boring I’m just going to give a brief summary. We got on the plane, and slept until we got back, and then rode back in a van. I fell on the couch when I got home. Even though Mexico was fun, I still like my house better.,


A couple days ago a neighbor, named Tammy, gave us silkworms. She told us that she had about 60 of them so she donated sixteen of them to me! When you feed them, you have to feed them mulberry leaves. When they grow up, they will produce silk!

I woke up the next morning in my old world, with the dull gray slabs of paint. Floppy’s words kept ringing in my head. I decided to go again after breakfast. I slipped a t-shirt over my pajamas then changed into a pair of jeans. I took my bottle of pepper and lemon spray from the shelf and sliped it in my pocket, my trainer always said to keep those near me. I grabbed my bow and arrow just in case. “Ding!” I said touching Floppy’s nose. Just as I’d expected, nothing happened.

After doing the morning routine, I did the spell that I heard George do yesterday, “An invisible veil that covers us all, not one little glimpse, down the hall.” I walked to the kitchen then grabbed a bar to eat on the way. As I reached the closet I took a deep breath then tightened my grip on my bow, Floppy’s words had somehow made me nervous. Doing what I did yesterday, the whirring noises started then the closet door flew open. I stepped inside and braced myself. If Delancie Jr. really was dangerous, whatever she was planning, she must be doing it today. I learned that the painful way with my trainer. It’s always the second time. Then I heard a rustle in the coats behind me, I suspected it was just from all the spinning and whirling. Little did I know that my invisibility spell didn’t have enough juice and it wore out right when I got my bar. Delancie has been following me. Finally everything stopped. I stepped out the closet.

I walked to my room greeted by Delancie Jr., “You’ve come back!” she cried. “What’s that for?” Delancie asked eyeing my bow and arrow. “Oh! Um, I just came back from archery.” I said quickly. “Fun!” (the Delancie I know would of freaked out if I said that). I ran to Floppy, “Ding!” I said tapping his nose. We all flopped down on bed again. Delancie looked at me, “You look hungry sis-(clap, clap) Get this poor girl some food!” she smiled at me “Dumb cooks, always so slow.” As I waited I talked to Floppy. “So, can you tell me more about Delancie Jr.?” I whispered “You’ll see.” “What do you mean?” I asked, but he didn’t speak again. “Well that’s helpful” I muttered. Suddenly, the doors opened. It was Delancie, the real Delancie. “What are you doing here Sarah!” she cried, Delancie looked over at Delancie Jr. “W-Why is there another one of me?” Delancie asked pointing a shaky finger at Delancie Jr., Delancie Jr. rolled her eyes then said “This always happens! Guards, take her away!” I watched in horror as Delancie was bounded and taken away. As much as I dislike Delancie, no one’s going to treat Delancie like that, she’s family, and that’s all that matters. I turned to Delancie, “Can I borrow three of your Barbie dolls?” I asked, “Oh no,” Delancie said with the most unsettling smile “you’re not leaving.” I looked down at Floppy, now I understood what he meant. “
Mum!” Delancie shouted, “Have fun!” Delancie smirked then walked out the room.

A few seconds later, Delancie’s mom came. She looked exactly like my mother, fat and short with wavy blond hair and watery blue eyes. I looked more like my dad who died when I was four, caramel colored hair and bright brown eyes. My “mom” walked towards me holding a tiny box in her hands. She stopped a few feet away from me and gave me a warm smile. I know now that things like that sometimes aren’t true. She’d be smiling now and then a few seconds later try to rip out my heart (when I was little I watched Snow White and that little box reminded me badly of when the hunter killed that poor animal and used its heart as a replica of Snow White’s). “Sarah,” she started “I’m afraid I have to sew your eyes out” Mother opened the box which contained various buttons, then, she pulled out a needle and thread fr0m her pocket. She walked slowly towards me and raised her hand. The needle was about a few centimeters away from my eye when I shouted “Wait!” grabbing her wrist. “Why?” my mother said through clenched teeth. My hand went instinctively towards the two sprays. I grabbed my lemon one and sprayed it right at her eyes. She screamed then repeatedly rubbed at her eyes. My mom won’t be able to see for about three minutes. I ran to the guest room not knowing where to go next. Three ghost children were there. Their eyes were missing. “Don’t let her take your eyes” they moaned “Your eyes are precious, don’t let her take your eyes” I stumbled back into a mirror.

“You wretch!” I heard my mother scream. My mother came and grabbed my wrist, her eyes still slightly watery. “Now let me sew your eyes!” I ducked and my mother was sewing the air for a second then she came at me. I slid under her leg then sent a single straight karate kick at her back sending her crashing out the window. Now I need to find Delancie. I ran to the dungeon hoping that this would be the same as my house in the old world. I found Delancie then untied her, Delancie was unconscious. I did a pocus spell so that she would be sent home then remembering that when I fell asleep I would end up in my old world. I flopped down on bed tired of all the work and fell asleep immediately.

I woke up to the sound of Delancie shouting “We’re going to be explorers!” and mom furiously signing paper after paper. “Sarah! We’re going to be explorers! I finally know the importance of adventure. First off, the rainforests of Africa!!” my mother said noticing that I was awake. I smiled with relief, now we’re really talking. No more “Sarah, stop climbing trees” or “Sarah! Stay away from the woods” or “Get away from that river, you could get wet!” now my whole family’s in this, and we’re going to have a blast!

Spring Break Part 3

Day 4

Today in the morning, I went to eat breakfast, and then got my swimsuit on and messed around with my friends for awhile. Later, we went parasoling. It was really cool! First, we got on a boat that took us out to somewhere, and then we had to put on harnesses, and mine was ridiculously small. There were other people on the boat, and 8 of us went on the parachute. Anybody who went got hooked to a parachute, and the boat moved forward, and a rope or string or whatever it was was released slowly, and whoever was on the parachute went up. We went in pairs of 2, so it only took a little. Amanda and I were the 3rd pair to go up.  It was kinda chilly up there. At least there was no wind.  When we got down, the last pair of people went, and then the boat took us back to shore. We got off, and went to have lunch. After lunch, I went bungee jumping, and did a lot of flips, and one of them was a frontflip. Everyone says that a frontflip is really hard to do, and I agree. I almost fell on my head trying to do it. After that, I had to change into my swimsuit again, because we were going swimmin’ with the dolphins. We got to have a mini water fight with a dolphin, Give it a massage(just stroke the dolphin is giving it a massage), feed the dolphin, get a picture of us with the dolphin, and the best-float on your stomach and let the dolphins push you! Yeah, it doesn’t sound exciting. It was really cool, because there was a wave that you ride on, and you just have to depend on the dolphins. At the end, we all got into a row, and the dolphins-4 of them- jumped over us. I thought that it was really cool. I got out of the pool and got my stuff. Then I went back and took a shower. It was time for dinner, so we went to eat, and then watched a show. After the show, I went to bed.

Sarah’s Adventure – Part 4

Tap, tap, tap. I open upped the window. “Hi George, could you do something so that my mom and Delancie won’t bother us when we’re doing this secret chamber business?” I said as George got settled in. “Well, let’s see” George pondered “An invisible veil that covers us all, not one little glimpse, down the hall.” As George finished, my whole body seemed to be glowing, “Does this mean that I’m invisible?” I asked. George nodded, “Now let’s go!” he said. As we walked down the hall, I accidently bumped into my mom, but she didn’t even seem to notice me, in fact, she walked right through me! Unable to control it, I screamed. But my mom just kept walking as if she didn’t hear me scream or feel me bump into her. “Did I do a good job?” George asked grinning. I gave a shaky nod.

            Finally we reached a door. “What?! Our front door? This can’t be a secret chamber!” I said. “Watch” George said. He stepped forward then touched the eye of the lion design on the hatch. “Open chamber pocus” he said. Suddenly, there was a big burst of light. When the light dimmed, there was a series of stairs descending down. I stared in awe. “This,” George said with a flourish “is the first chamber.” George raised his hands “Chamber close pocus” again, same burst of light, and when it ended, it was just a front door again. I lifted the hatch then opened the doors. It led to outside, nobody would of guessed a secret chamber was here. Secret chambers, I like it!

            The other three was at a drawer, a toilet, and a fish tank. And now, I have to find the fifth one figure out how to open it. As I walked by a closet I noticed something. There was a ruby encircled by silver rhinestones in the middle of the closet door. Before, I would of thought that was just a decoration but now…..  “Good job!” George said “Here’s a clue on how to open it, listen closely. Mary, Mary, so contrary how does your cave mine grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and three maids in a row.” Then I got this funny feeling, as if my brain was telling me to pull open the air vent above the closet door. I pulled it off then inside was a mini cave mine. Excitement bubbled inside me. Suddenly, I remembered our Christmas set. Running to the other closet in my mom’s room, I retrieved the silver bells and threw it in the air vent/cave mine. Now the cockle shells, yes! I ran to my room and got the jar of cockle shells that I found at the lake with my trainer when I was six, I threw that in too. Now where in the world would I find three maids in a row? Delancie’s Barbie dolls!! Grabbing the Barbie dolls I added it in the cave mine. Instantly, the ruby started to glow and then the closet doors burst open. “Step inside!” George yelled over the whirring noise.

             When it all stopped, I opened the doors of the closet and stepped outside. I was in my house as usual. Did I do something wrong? Then Delancie came. “Wanna climb trees sis?!” I was stunned, first of all, Delancie was never this kind to me. Second, since when did she call me sis? And third, last I checked, there’s not a single tree around. I looked out the window, there were trees all over the place as far as the human eye can see. “Um, not right now, I’m feeling a bit tired.” I replied “Ok!” Delancie said cheerfully “We can go to your room!” as I walked in the room expecting the gray slabs of paint as I usually would, I saw bright sky blue walls, my favorite color. Then I remembered, this is my own world. We both flopped down on my bed. “Here” Delancie said handing me Floppy, my stuffed seal that I got from the Omaha zoo. “Ding!” Delancie said touching Floppy’s nose. And then, Floppy came alive! “Hello Sarah!” Floppy said. I screamed and almost dropped him. As we were laying on the bed, Floppy whispered “Watch out for her, she’s dangerous.” “Who?” I whispered back. “Delancie Jr., she’s dangerous” I looked over at Delancie “How could she be dangerous?” “Just watch out for her”.