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Mothers Day Rap

Mothers Day Rap
This family didn’t exist til I came along, but if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t of wrote this little song.
So I have a special thanks to one special person and her name starts with a m and it is mommy mom mom.
Shes been there for me, every time, so got to tell you all that’s why I wrote this little rhyme.
So if you see her make sure to give her a thanks, and give her a card 1-10 rank rank.
I got one more thing to say about my mom, she is really cool and she is the bomb.
I wrote this little rap, just for fun, but if youll ixcuse me I got to run run run!

Buzzer Beater

Errrrrrrrrr. The buzzer went off just as Bradley shot the last shot of the game. He was sure that when the ball came out of his hands, it would go in. Swoosh! Nothing but net! All the parents in the bleachers started screaming. Bradley’s teammates all went piling on his back cheering him on. He knew that not only did he win the game; he also booked their team a ticket to Tampa Bay, Florida for the 6th grade little league basketball championship game. Bradley loved telling that story day in, day out. However, that was last week. He needed to focus on how to help their team to victory on Fridays’ big championship game. He was excited. His team was excited. Even his parents were excited.
Practice was today. This would be the last time that they would meet until the game. Coach thought they didn’t needed this practice. But the only star on the floor last game was Bradley. The team needed practice more than Bradley because they were facing last year’s champions, and the only team they had lost to all season long.
Today was Thursday. The plane flight was booked for today at noon. The team probably has already left to go to Tampa because when Bradley woke up this morning, it was 1p.m. sharp. He called his parents and they were on their way. When they got to the airport, the plane had already gone. He had to wait for the next flight which was in 2hours. Later on. The front desk said that all flights would be cancelled for the rest of the day. He was shocked. He and his parents went home and decided what to do.
They finally agreed to drive to Tampa. He lived in South Carolina so the drive would only take 12 hours. When they showed up on Friday his team was worried that he wasn’t going to make it to the game in 1 hour. They were about to take Bradley out of the starting lineup. But he made it.
Before the game, both teams did the shoot around. They knew that they needed to play their best basketball because the game was going to be broadcasted on TV. After shoot around, both teams went into the locker room. In there, they would set up the plays they were going to do. when they got back on the court, there was a huge crowd cheering on either teams. The referee blew his whistle, and tossed the ball in the air for the tip off. The other team had the ball first. At halftime, the score was tied up at 20 apiece. Both teams went back in the locker room to make adjustments. When they came back on the court, Bradley’s team got the ball to start the Second half. When there was 1 minute left in the game, Bradley’s team was down a point. It was their ball. They knew that they could hold the ball for the winning shot because there was no shot clock in little league.
The ball was in the hands of Bradley’s. when the clock said 10 second left, he started dribbling to the basket. He stopped and turned. The clock now read 5 seconds. Bradley then pasted the ball inside the lane. He turned, jumped and released. It was good! They won! They were named champions. Bradley was mvp of the game. Everybody picked up Bradley and started chanting,” We are the champions”.

Bradley’s Survival Adventure

Blue skies, scented flowers, and green trees along with the smell of freshly cut grass filled the air.  Bradley though, couldn’t care less.  This was his first day of summer break.  And like any other 6th grader at his school, he would like to enjoy the time being homework free.  He had just got up a few moments ago still feeling tired.  That didn’t stop him from catching his favorite TV show at 6 a.m. every morning.  You know, the show with the purple dinosaur that 3 year olds watch.

He was eating breakfast while watching the show like always.  He and his friends were going to go to a buddy’s house for their usual Saturday game day.  At the time, the house was empty because both his parents had gone to work.  Bradley loved having the house to himself because then he could do whatever he wished.  By now it had already been noon.  Bradley’s mom was going to come home for lunch.  There was no time for his mom to cook him lunch.  Instead, his mom got take out from a Chinese restaurant because he had to go to his friends’ in a little.  Bradley was eating slowly because he always loved Chinese food.

He then looked at the clock and saw that he was late.  His mom drove him over to his friends’  He was there for the entire afternoon.  He felt tired so he walked home because his house was two miles away.

 When he had got home, he took off his shoes and coat and looked up.  The president was standing right in front of his face.  Bradley was shocked.  He was asking himself why the president would be in his house.  The president asked him if he would like to take his place as president.  Bradley immediately answered yes not knowing the consequences.  He then followed the president to the helicopter landed in the back of their house.  He stepped inside the chopper, and they left.  When they landed he then stepped outside the chopper.

  Bradley was waiting for the president to come out, but he shut the door and the helicopter left.  Bradley looked around.  All he could see was trees and swamp. He was confused, knowing that he was not at the white house.  He then realized this was some kind of trick.  Then he asked himself why the president would want him to take his place.  Bradley yelled for help.  There was no answer.  He luckily had brought his pocket knife.  It was attached to his cell phone.  But there were no bars so he couldn’t call for help.  He started walking north knowing that would get him closer to civilization.  It was getting darker and was harder to see.  He decided to stop there.  He first built a fire using the pocket knife and a couple of sticks.  He quickly found as many grubs as possible and roasted them over the fire.  He got tired so he found some giant leaves and pilled them up for a pillow.  He then fell asleep quickly.  During the night, he woke up a few times wondering how worried his parents were not knowing where or what he was doing.

 In the morning he started towards the north again.  Several hours past with no luck.  Suddenly, he found a river, knowing that if you followed it down stream, it would lead you to civilization.  It took him many hours, but he finally came to where he was at a place he knew.  He was at the pizzeria a city away from his house.  Although he would like to get home now, it was midnight and Bradley was tired, hungry, and thirsty.

  He stayed here for the night.  No one was at the pizzeria, so he took whatever he could eat and drink.  Then, he fell asleep.  The next morning, he started toward his house.  He managed to get there in a few hours.  When he got home, he opened the TV.  He found out that the president had been arrested.  His parents weren’t home either.  How did they know what the president did to me?  Where had happened to my parents?