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when Kathryn ran the mile

(I’m just writing how it felt to run a mile at school)

Kathryn sat on the top seat of the cool, silver bleachers. She watched Maasen’s class start running on the track below. “GO!” Everyone was dashing off, and around the track. Kathryn shoved an earphone in her ear, and listened to PSY Gangnam Style.As she listened, she cheered Christina on her mile. “You can do it! I know you can! WOO! OPA GANGNAM STYLE!”


Finally, It was Sample’s class turn to run. That meant Kathryn. “SET, GO!” Everyone sprinted ahead of her. Her feet pounded the track as she started to average out with the others. Her earphones waggled, making the acoustics of Honesty by Billy Joel waggle out too. The they fell out, and she swung them around so they landed in her hand and then she shoved the working one in her ear. This kept going on, running, then slowing down. By the third lap, Kathryn was agonizing. Yes, she was smiling, but if you studied her face well enough, through that smile was a look of anguish.

Finally, carrying on her fourth and last lap, she clutched her side, and slowed down. Ellen slowed down with her, “Are you okay?” Kathryn was too out of breath to answer. She just breathed hard and held her thumbs-up.

Kathryn looked up. Jake, Rhys, Avni, J0, Makenna, Goy, and Rylie were all in from of her. I HAVE to beat Jake. He’s so annoying! I’ll show him what he called a loser. Kathryn sucked in her breath. She pumped her legs far, up and down, pointing her toes after bouncing off them. Closing her eyes, she sprinted. To the end.

After she was done, she looked back, breathing like a machine. She passed them all. And her time was 8:57.

Here are some…..

Here are some story beginnings that I won’t finish. I am a procrastinator and I will probably not continue these. I am writing them because I feel like they are good story beginnings.

1. Once upon a world, there were 8 creatures. They controlled all of the world. Their names were Earth, Water, Sun, Moon, Fire, Wind, Poison, and Life. They were having arguments with Poison, because she was tricking her sisters into eating, drinking, or doing things to poison themselves.

Moon and Sun, who were the youngest, as well as twins, Hid under Earth’s rigid wing. “Help us, Earth! Poison has made yellow bumps on our snouts!” They cried unanimously. It was clearly visible. Yellow splotches pushed their way all over Moon’s silver snout, and the same on Sun’s scarlet scales. Water saw the rickety argument as Earth summoned sharp boulders at Poison’s way. Poison cast her magic on tendrils of ivy, and commanded them to tangle up her sisters.

Water stormed up to Poison. She lifted her huge claws and let the ice rise and trap the ivy. Water, who was a neck taller than Poison, swatted her sky-blue tail at Poison sharply so that the sharp shard of ice pierced Poison’s skin. “Dare you! Have you curse this beautiful plant! It will now be called poison ivy. And do not harm our little ones! They are your youth!” Water spat shards of ice towards Poison, towering over her like a dinosaur. Water was about to unleash her rage on Poison, when Life came down and stopped her.


Today I went to my fellowship meeting at Eunice’s house. I played a few songs on the violin. I played from the Hymnody Book, and Promethium played the piano. I have to say, that her playing was not that good. 😦 Well, later we had a discussion about love. Love is patient, love is kind. Love  is…….. I forgot. Well, we have an assignment- to either write a poem, make up a song, or share your own experience.

Horse Back Riding – A Great Experience.

For my sister’s birthday we went horseback riding at Saddle Creek Stables. The experience was amazing! Those who know me would know that I love animals! There was an old man that taught us commands and how to ride then assigned us horses. I was old enough to have my own horse. My horse was a beautiful albino speckled in brown. Her name was Lea.

We got to ride on a trail in the woods and then had barbecue in a meadow. I was a little nervous at first because I was actually riding alone – like without anybody holding the reins. But, Lea was so sweet and gentle. Riding a horse was actually really easy. At first I was horrified at the idea of kicking the horse on the sides but all the horses feel is a little tap.

I really like my mom’s horse too, Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter is a BEAUTIFUL bay. The perfect shade! My sister rode with my dad, she was too small. My dad’s horse’s name is Valentine. Peanut Butter is actually Valentine’s mom! There was another family with us too. Their horses were Irish, Pocahontas, and Ms. Gunner. All of the horses were females.

Finally, after the two hour ride, we came back to Saddle Creek Stables. I was so sad that I sighed out loud and moaned under my breath. Right now I still miss Lea a lot. After all, she did take me over streams, up steep hills, drop offs (now you see why I was nervous). I really wish we could go back again!!

My Old story

(All of my flashbacks are written in different colors.)

Blood stains. Everywhere on the carpet there were blood stains. A trail of bloody footprints led to the wall. And on the wall was written, “No kill. lesson taught. Price paid. Lesson 2. Next time.” in blood.  Who’s blood? “No-!” She saw the mangled body of Neil, a large gash across his leg; injured the worst. But then she stopped and cringed at the pain in her stomach. Dazed, she looked around. Mia, Caden, Shannon, Lukus, Alice, Nathan, Neil…. She named the friends that had resisted with her. What did they resist against? Before she knew it, her eyes blurred. The world before her swirled before her to a stop, her head lolled back and her head hit the floor with a deafening noise. Black. Gone.

This is the tale of Karis. Linky Karis Robinson. Make that Linky Karis Juntas Carnoff Mary Robinson. She doesn’t know why; why everyone gasps every time she says her name. Especially her full name. She has deathly gray eyes, that can morph black. She can do things with those deathly gray eyes that she has never regretted. She can do things with those deathly gray eyes. She can do things no one else can. This is the tale of Karis Robinson. She is the one.

“Karis, what’s going on? You’ve been acting unusual lately. Even for Karis.” Alice let her hand flutter towards  Karis’s forehead, as if to feel her temperature. Mia trotted over and gently stuck her chin out to face Karis as they walked to science. “Yea, you are like, placing things in weird spots and then watching your watch then in precisely 37 seconds, someone picks it up and says, I lost it!”

                “I-,” Karis clutched her head painfully. “I’m having serious migraines. I just can’t handle them.” 

“Well, we’ll catch you if you fall.” Alice joked.

Liquid Black. It filled her vision. She was shaken. Karis’s lids fluttered open. She saw a peach colored blotch. Slowly, the blotch wavered into a face, almond shaped eyes, pale lips, ruffled black hair. Alice.

Miss Liz cooed her students, “All right, class. Let’s go outside for out next experiment!” She skipped outside with the students walking alongside their friends. Miss Liz was talking to the students about the variables of the experiment. Well, really she was talking to herself because she thought the students were listening. 

”Hey,” Mia peered into the sky with an arched eyebrow, “What the heck are those clouds doing??” 

“Karis! Wake up! Please! Wake up!” Alice was bent over Karis, her deep brown eyes staring into hers with a portrayal of grief. She forgot what Karis’s deathly gray eyes could do, and she slept, and doubled over. Only Mia knew what was going on, for she was another. She was another. Another one.


My Old story

Blood stains. Everywhere on the carpet there were blood stains. A trail of bloody footprints led to the wall. And on the wall was written, “No kill. lesson taught. Price paid. Lesson 2. Next time.” in blood.  WHo’s blood? “No-!” She saw the mangled body of Neil, a large gash across his leg. But then she stopped and cringed at the pain in her stomach. Dazed, she looked around. Mia, Caden, Shannon, Lukus, Alice, Neil…. She named the friends that had fought the battle with her. 

This is the tale of Karis. Linky Karis Robinson. Make that Linky Karis Juntas Carnoff Mary Robinson. She doesn’t know why; why everyone gasps every time she says her name. Especially her full name.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

              Over the weekend I went to see the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green. The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a humorous and touching story. It lets us appreciate nature in a different way. Here’s a little summary.

                Cindy and Jim Green have always wanted to have a child but recently the doctor said they couldn’t. Cindy and Jim wrote down traits that their imaginary child would have then stored it in a box and buried it in their garden. Overnight Timothy Green grew OUT OF THE GARDEN! Timothy has leaves on his legs but overtime the leaves wither and fall of. When Timothy’s leaves fall go, he goes. Of course, not before the Greens and a girl named Joni go through wonderful adventures. To find out more, go watch the movie!

Warriors Super Edition: Earthen Clan: Complete Again 5

Dovewing curled her tail around her kits. Silverkit, Spottedkit and Bluekit nuzzled her belly, while Kinkkit grumbled his way out of the nursery, just as Tigerheart came in to fetch a squirrel for his mate. “You can go out of the nursery by yourself when you’re an  apprentice.”

“But that’s in like,”Kinkkit thought about it, twitching his kinked tail, “a whole, half, moon!”

“I bet that I’ll be a better apprentice than you.” Bluekit  flexed her claws, and dropped into a hunter’s crouch.

“No you won’t! I was the one whose tail was run over by a monster, and  lived.” Kinkkit motioned to his dark tabby tail that was broken. Then he launched into a    powerful spring towards all of the she-kits.

“Hey!” Spottedkit squealed. “I was in the middle of grooming mama’s ears!” So she pretended to slink back and launched a surprise attack, tumbling into a play-fight. She batted his ears while Kinkkit poked her ribs quickly. She prepared her special attack and – “Hey, I was winning!” Sandstorm had picked Spottedkit up by her scruff. Kinkkit made a dash to hide behind the fresh-kill pile, and nibbled on a chunk of torn mouse. He slowly padded toward a secret bramble exit, then made a dash for the clearing. He was so captivated by the beauty of the forest that he tumbled down into the Riverclan stream border.

“HELP!HELP!” he spluttered. Mothwing and Willowshine appeared at the border, picking tansy, and borage leaves.

“Oh! A Thunderclan kit! Willowshine, see if you can get the border patrol. I’ll help this scrap.”

She watched helplessly as the kit drifted into unconsciousness.

“I’m coming!”

Reedwhisker had plunged into the roaring waters and hauled the soggy kit out of the water. “Sorry little scrap.” he roughly pushed Kinkkit towards willowshine’s tabby figurine. “Maybe if we tell Mistystar, we can get something in exchange for this kit.”

“Now what would a warrior be doing, doing a shameful thing like that?”

Mistystar appeared, her kits tumbling around her, and Beetlenose padding up from the patrol group to nuzzle his mate and kits. “Yes, that’s right, it wouldn’t be  very warrior-like if we traded prey for a kit. Come, Willowshine, Let’s wake this kit and then return it back to it’s home.”

“Can we help? Can we? Can we?”

“No, Streamkit, you, leafkit, and fernkit are too small. How about a game or moss-ball?”

At sunhigh, Kinkkit was safely returned to the nursery. Mintstar padded onto high rock and yowled, “Let all cats old enough to hunt gather here! I, Mintstar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon this apprentice. She has trained hard to learn and understand the ways of your noble code, and i commend her to you as a warrior in her turn. Lilypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend this clan at the cost of your life?”
“I do”
“Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Lilypaw, from this moment on you shall be known as Lilystem. StarClan honors your bravery and intelligence, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan.”

“Seedpaw, you are now, Seedwhisker.” The Ritual performed again and the new warriors’ new names whisked about the clan. They were all going to resume eating fresh-kill when Bramblestar padded over Dovewing and tigerheart. “Dovewing, May I see you?”

“Actually, Bramblestar, I can’t really move.”

“Then I will tell you here. Wait a moment. Seedwhisker! Could you distract these kits? How about moss-ball?” The kits bounced up excitedly and bounded towards Seedwhisker. “Dovewing, I had an omen from Starclan. Jayfeather went through my mind and told me what it meant. He said that a mysterious striped she-cat said an omen.”

“Are you sure that she wasn’t a tabby?” Tigerheart looked curious.

“Yes. I remember now. She was light brown with darker  stripes across her face. She said, ‘Bring back the sixth clan.’ Does she mean that I should go on a quest? Like Firestar?”

“I think so. I’ve had prophesied dreams, and each night they tell me something different. I wasn’t born yet, so i’m not the expert. You should wait for another omen.”

“Mama? Mama! Dad! Silverkit got hurt! we were playing moss-ball by the Sunning Rocks, then a possum came out of the cracks and bit her and scratched her and….. Will Silverkit die?” Spottedkit was whimpering now.

“Is she in Jayfeather’s den yet?” Tigerheart was crouched, as if he were ready to spring.

“No, Kinkkit fell asleep while we were trying to drag her and bluekit got mad at him, and they fighted. I mean foughted.”

Dovewing didn’t have time to reply before her mate bounded out to help Silverkit. She heard a squeal of pain as tigerheart hauled her by the scruff. As she was grunting to get up, Mintstar reassured her. “I see to the kit.”

Daisy was woken from her sleep. “Oh! a Possum! Here Dovewing, I’ll help you get up to the medicine cat den.” Dovewing staggered heavily and leaned on Daisy’s shoulder as they slowly made it to the medicine cat den.

Voices could be heard. “I don’t know, Tigerheart. These injuries are pretty serious. I don’t if she’ll make it without being blind.”

“No! This can’t happen!” Tigerheart growled.

What? My kit is blind? Dovewing collapsed.

“DOVEWING!” Daisy yowled. “Help! Tigerheart! I think she’s collapsed!”

Birchfall darted over just in time to catch his daughter falling. “Urgh… Cloudtail, I need to carry her to Jayfeather’s den.”

Cloudtail dropped his vole and hauled dove wing by her scruff, while Birchfall nudged her rump into the medicine cat’s den. “No! Jayfeather! Its Dovewing!”

Briarlight said calmly, “I think she’s fine. I need to let her sleep. I hope she wakes.”


“Ugh…, mama? Mama? Mmamaa??” Silverkit was squealing all over the dark place. “Where am I?” she wailed.

“Hush, my dear. You’ll be alright.” A beautiful silver she-cat appeared and gave Silverkit a few comforting licks.

“Where am I?” Silverkit demanded, gathering up her courage to huff it out. She pulled away from the glittering she cat’s pelt.

“You are in Starclan now.” The little kit relaxed slightly. But continued to ramble on. “Where’s Dad? Where’s mama? Are they coming? Who are you?”

“They soon will be, dear. I am Silverstream. Now. Are you hungry? I’m sure the other Starclan warriors will welcome you…”

Silverstream soothed the nervous kit as they padded slowly towards the Starclan camp.

“Hello? Hello?” Dovewing was padding through a familiar forest, sparkling fir trees, and well-structured oak trees loomed over the lush undergrowth. 

“Are you looking for something, Dovewing?” A beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat appeared, weaving through tall heather. Spottedleaf! 

“Hi,” Dovewing mewed, “I need to tell you something.”

“You can tell me anything. Oh! Is it about those visions Bramblestar has been having?” Dovewing was shocked. “How do you know?”

“Long story. There were once 6 clans. Sky, Thunder, Shadow, River, Wind, and Earth. One day Earth Clan came to a gathering, about to tell the others that they were moving camp, due to Twolegs. Then when the rest were told, they turned their tails on them. Even when it was full moon.”

“Really, do you think-“

“Mama!” Silverkit came bounding through the beautiful forest. Dovewing stuttered, “Little one, I- How, How did you get here?” Silverstream stood behind  Silverkit, her head bowed. Dovewing understood. 

“Oh, Little One, I can’t play with you or see you during the day, but mama will come as often as possible at night.”

“Mama, mama! I have a new friend here! Her name is Mosskit! I she’s really nice and……”

“Tigerheart. Wake up,” Dovewing prodded his side with a stick.

“Hrmm?” He rolled over, eyes still closed. “Our daughter, Silverkit, she’s in Starclan.”

“What?!” Dovewing nodded. “I saw her.”

“What do you mean? She was still breathing at moonhi-“

Lilystem came rocketing into the warriors’ den, gasping. “You, *gasp* have to go to the nursery. *Gasp* Icecloud’s kits, *gasp* are so cute and- Hey! Dovewing, you’re not in the nursery any more.”

“Oh, I needed to tell something important about Silverkit. She’s in Starclan.”

Lilystem ceased gasping. She stared at Dovewing with her unusually purple eyes. When she got hold of herself, she quietly stalked out of the den. “I’ll be sitting vigil tonight.” 

“So will I.”

“And I.”

“me as well.”

Toadstep, Foxleap, and Brackenfur were bowing their heads. “Well- I- You- I- I appreciate it.” she mewed at last.

“Dovewing! I need to ask you something. Important.”

“Well, okay.”

“It’s the vision. It came.”

“Again?” Tigerheart was practically yowling with frustration. 

It was different. Silverkit was leading me somewhere. She was greeting me, and skipping around like a fox in a fit. And she showed me two cats, then….”

Memory recalled…..

“Hi Mintstar! It’s me, Silverkit! Thanks for visiting me.”

“Hi, I- Wait. Something is moving in that heather over there. I’ll-“

“Ha! That’s my friend, Mosskit. and this is her mama, Stripestar. Isn’t that cool? They have stripes instead of tabby patterns like me and dad. Hi Mosskit! Hi Stripestar! This is Bramblestar, the Thunderclan lead- Hey!”

Mosskit sprang up and landed in a tackle fight, pawing at Silverkit’s exposed belly. Then Stripestar, the beautiful tan striped cat bowed her head momentarily. “You cannot rescue the betrayed Clan. It can only be accomplished with the heart of a tiger, and the wings of a dove, under the full moon, when the morning dew has dried.”

Memory UNrecalled……

“……..and that was it.”

” Do you think that-“

Lilystem was by the leader’s den again, only more careful. “Um, Bramblestar? Squirrelflight and Briarlight are kitting in a moment. Would you like to come wait?”

Bramblestar immediately bounded towards the nursery. “My, my, so many kits.” he grumbled under his breath.

By the next sunhigh, the kits were born. “Oh my, Briarlight! Yours are so small! Have you named them yet? Jayfeather will be so proud.” Then she paused for a moment, thinking about the emotions when Jayfeather found out about the broken warrior code of Leafpool. “Your’s are beautiful too, Squirrelflight. Mine’s grasskit, robinkit, Goldenkit, and dewkit.” All of the she-kits were wailing and rolling in the nest. But Dewkit looked like a ready kit, five moons old. She curiously looked around with her mist-colored eyes, then groomed her striped fur.

Wow! She’s opened her eyes already. And she has stripes…. Dovewing thought as she entered the nursery to peek around. Dewkit confidently marched to the fresh-kill pile, selected a fat squirrel, and carried it towards the nursery, wobbling on her skinny legs. Briarlight was still drowsy from poppyseeds when jayfeather came in to lick his kits. He heard Dewkit rambling about the camp while her sisters suckled for mother’s milk. Turning his sightless gaze on Dovewing, he said, “she’s the one you’re looking for.”


“Dewkit. She’s going to save the sixth clan. The Earth Clan.”

“How- how did you….? Oh. You read my thoughts.” Dovewing padded into a corner of the nursery and lowered her voice to a whisper. “Can you believe it? a Sixth clan? I mean, Cherryfrost’s  and Rockshade’s kits are part Skyclan, the fifth clan, but Earth Clan? What do they do to hunt? stick their paws into mouse holes?”

Jayfeather shrugged, and padded out to fetch a mouse for him and Dovewing. “I don’t know. But There is a feeling that Moonpaw and Dewkit are part of this. Something. “

“Jayfeather! Jayfeather! You won’t believe it!” Lionblaze stumbled into the nursery, panting.

“Oh. Lionblaze. I need to tell you something. There was a vision. To Bramblestar, from a-“

“A striped cat! And- and……–“

“Hi Dovewing. I got that vision too.” Moonpaw was treating borage leaves to Briarlight with Dewkit learning. He had overheard them cats talking, so he joined the converation. “Me- I did too.” Dewkit had padded over next to Moonpaw, mumbling through a mouthful borage.

”Hey. Can I talk now?” Lionblaze was obviously getting impatient, tapping his tail on the floor of the camp. “Oh, yeah. I totally forgot. I’m sorry.” Wow, Starclan! This newborn kit can already talk, fetch fresh-kill for her mother, and what beautiful manners!

”Cinderheart is expecting a second litter!” Lionblaze literally yowled. “Great,” Moonpaw grumbled, “More brothers and sisters. and expecting she-cats! *tsk* *tsk*. The job of a medicine cat and his apprentice.”

“Hey, its better than you think.” Cinderheart had slowly crawled toward the group of cats. Her belly was exposed for only a moment, but everycat could tell that she was heavily pregnant, and would be kitting in a few moons. “Its just that there might-“

”FOX! FOX! EVERY KIT AND ELDER TO THEIR DENS!” Molestep was bounding into the camp, yowling. Everyone braced for battle, and just as Cinderheart was going to crawl back to the nursery, 2 giant foxes protruded through the camp, snarled, and leaped at Cinderheart. 

NO!” Lionblaze leaped in front of Cinderheart. “Cinderheart are you ok?” The fox saw this distracted moment, and snapped his jaws around lionblaze’s ear, and  tried to yank it off. Bramblestar sped towards the fox that wasn’t busy and lunged into it’s soft belly, ferociously clawing. But dewkit didn’t listen to Molestep and was silently sitting in between  the indiviual battle. When one of the foxes had battered Bramblestar off, it lunged towards Dewkit, she just Hissed, and the two foxes ran off like scared kits. 

By sunhigh, the fox victims had been treated and taken to. Lionblaze’s ear had been torn but healed quickly. Bramblestar refused to be treated to his wound, and quickly searched the camp for Dewkit. But the white striped kit was nowhere to be found.

“Dewkit? Dewkit!” Bramblestar found Dewkit under the shady  branches of intertwined hazel and lilac. She was sleeping, and a long gash was laid across her, so deep, that it seemed fake. Bramblestar carried her by the scruff towards camp.

Dewkit woke up in Jayfeather’s den. “Ow! Er.. hi Jayfeather. Where… where am I?” The silver she-kit saw Jayfeather sorting through leaf bundles. Jayfeather mumbled something under his breathed, then sighed heavily. “Er… Don’t mmove. You’ll reopen your wounds.” Then he added,”Rock spoke to me. You know who Rock is, right?” Dewkit nodded knowingly. “Well, er.. uh there is a new prophecy, and uh… you are part of it. So is Moonpaw and some other cat. Here. Eat these juniper berries. I’ll be back in a second with a chervil root poultice.”

Dewkit stumbled forward a bit to reach the leaf bundle. She unsheathed one claw and scratched open the leaf bundle, then silently licked up the minty blue berries. “Hi!” Moonpaw padded in to see the new patient. “I know why you have that long scar. You are a prophecy cat, although you know that already. You have boundless agility, and limitless strength in battle, but on the battle you use the powers on, the wounds of the victims of that same battle are inflicted upon you. Cool, right? Guess what I can-”

Moonpaw’s rapid meowing had been cut off by a painful screech from his mother, Cinderheart. “oh! Cinderheart is kitting! I’ll have to go. Here. I’ll heal you.” He placed a tender paw on dew kit’s flank, then left quickly.

“Yellowkit, Tallkit, Poppykit, and Cinderkit. What nice names.” Lilystem stared longingly at the kits. “Oh, my dear Barkpelt, when will you be better? We could have kits of our own!” Lilystem wailed.

“Ooh! Can we play with them, Cinderheart?”


“I want to be the first to play with them!”

“Cinderheart?” Hazeltail panicked. She had taken Jayfeather’s place as medicine cat when his tail was torn. Cinderheart’s flank was cold, and her breathing ceased. She prodded her side, then let out a sigh of defeat. “She is hunting with Starclan now.”

Hazeltail was wailing inwardly, about letting a proud mother die of her kits. her “close friend”, Foxleap, was worried about her. “What’s the matter, Hazeltail?” he murmured.

Hazeltail couldn’t keep it in any longer. “Ohh! I let Starclan take Cinderheart and  Yellowkit!” She moaned, and her eyes lolled over.

“Hazeltail!” Foxleap grabbed her by the scruff into the medicine cat’s den. Thank Starclan Moonpaw is here. “Moonpaw! Hurry! Hazeltail has, I don’t know! Just fix her!” Hazeltail was moaning softly, “No,no,no, NO!” Foxleap bent down and gave her ears a comforting lick. “You’ll be alright, my dear.”

Moonpaw gently spilled a yellowish poultice into her mouth. “She is in the hands of starclan now.”




“Pineclaw! Finally! Where have you been? You were gone when we found shadowclan scent on our side of the border. and a squirrel.” Pineclaw jumped at Mintstar’s ‘greeting’. He took a sharp intake of breathe. That must’ve been the squirrel Blackpaw stepped on when we met! He mentally hit himself for not covering up the scent.

“I was er.. going hunting,” Pineclaw started. then he knew he was hunting because he automatically grabbed his thrush and dropped it in the fresh-kill pile. Petalface bounded over excitedly. “Hi Pineclaw! Want to share my rabbit?” She shoved a rabbit towards him, with tufts of her dappled fur here and there on it. She innocently batted her green eyes. Pineclaw cringed at the ferocity of the scent on her. Clover? I thought…. “Err.. Sure.”

“Ooh! Pineclaw and Petalface will have the cutest kits!” heatherpaw cooed. Goldpaw snickered. Sometimes she could be a real pain in the tail.