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See what your pencil pouch looks like

Personalized Pencil Pouches are arrived at last!

I hope everyone likes it. I hope people wouldn’t think that I spent their money on useless things. This was meant to be students’ awards ….

Personalized Bags

The original bag style didn’t work out after all of the time searching, deciding, finding the vendor, deciding, emailing, and reviewing the sample bag, etc.  The reason is the poor quality of the bag itself, even though the embroidery on the bag looks fine.  Vendor said if I could increase my budget, I could get a much better quality bag.  But I don’t have more budget. Privately I was willing to chip in her outrageous 40% shipping charge ($30 for total product cost of $120). That is in essence increasing the “budget”.  However, I ended up not being able to order from her any ways, because I knew no one would like the bags.

Luckily I found a different format of personalization on eBay on regular pencil pouches. It took me many emails with the seller discussing about the order quantity, discounts, sample bag, meticulous personalization details, refund, deadline, etc.  Finally the seller emailed yesterday saying that the order was shipped yesterday and should arrive this Friday.  I can’t wait to see the actual product! I did all these within the budget. I hope all will turn out great.

Sample Bag - Blue Topaz