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Geysers and how weirdly interesting they are

La,la,la boring car trip for four,five hours…………skip right along to the geysers. One thing you need to know about geysers is that they are extremely diverse. there’s green water, blue water, black water, even purple water in the geysers. there is only one thing in common, they smoke. As we walked along the wooden path, i couldn’t help but admiring each uniqueness. the first geyser we saw was called a mud pot geyser. it didn’t even look like a mud pot. it looked like disgusting melted clay. ewww!!!!!!! we walked along the path some more and saw a huge aqua-colored beautiful spring. the smoke rose so immensely and so fast that as soon as the wind gently blew it towards my face my eyelashes got dewdrops on them. we also found out it wasn’t smoke but steaming hot mist!!!!! we saw a few reddish orangeish geysers and another mud pot before coming to one of the most famous geysers. Fishing pot geyser. sounds all mystical and amazing right??? but we couldn’t even see the geyser. the geyser is only visible during a low tide and we went in a high tide. terrible luck. oh well. we saw some other pretty amazing thermal features. blue funnel spring was my favorite thermal feature of the day. it’s perfectly round and has a moderately dark aquamarine color. Beautiful!!!! it slopes gently inward until you can’t see the bottom we finished the walk around all the thermal features and we all had one thing in mind. Beautiful but deadly. thermal features can easily kill someone just by getting close to it about 1 to 20 feet away! yikes! but it made a memory of a lifetime.


we went to Yellowstone! I was very excited on the car trip, but less and less exciting because we had to stay in the car for the majority of the entire trip.

the most rememberable part of the experience is when we went down to the Jackson Lake and there was a huge dam. I took off my socks and shoes and stepped into the water. It was freezing cold, but my feet got numb and I got used to it. Later Crystal joined me and we collected cool rocks. But then I fell down!!! My legs were wet but I still played! It was the most fun I’ve ever had in water!

Ps I saw a big fish there too!

Geyers in Yellowstone Park



My family and Crystal’s family, are going to Yellowstone on 7/17/2011. I am EXCITED half. Because it takes like two days driving, well, things just don’t go well. Like car sickness. My cousin has serious car sickness, and can end up sneezing and moaning.Today we’re packing. (I will update soon cause my dad isn’t giving me the scoop on Yellowstone completetly) 🙂