Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

Planet Sub!!!

Today while Promethium and I were at home alone, in the morning, Park Ranger called and asked if we wanted to bike to Planet Sub for lunch! At first Promethium said she didn’t have enough money. But Park Ranger left a ‘buy one 6′ get one 6’ free” coupon with four dollars tucked underneath. Promethium said we could go, but with hesitation. The bike ride was boring because I always had to stop and wait for Promethium to walk into my sight range. Why, you ask? Her bike was previously broken and didn’t bother to check if the Old Horse fixed it. I was practicing swerving around a corner and Promethium appeared and helped me park my bike. We walked in, and I didn’t like this place already! THE PAYING COUNTER WAS TOO TALL!! I looked like toddler on my tip toes listening to my sister order Roast Beef and Chicken Parmesan sandwiches for us. I drank Suicide, ( Which is a combination of more than 2 soft drinks), and ate my sandwich. It was filled with the kind of chicken you find in a pasta, and pasta sauce, which soggied the bread, and gooey cheese at the top.

This time I rode my bike home slowly. I was full and fully satisfied. We should go to Don Chilitos next time!