Horse Riding Camp

For Spring Break, my mom signed me up for a up for a horse back riding camp at Iron Horse Creek Stables. It’s five days for about six hours each day and you have to bring your own lunch. We did lots of crafts and rode horses. There are 5 horses to ride except Wahoo didn’t cooperate and we couldn’t ride him. My personal favorite horse was Joker who is a sweet, old horse who is very obedient. For two days though, we weren’t allowed to ride him because he kept on falling down. Joker is 27 years old (human years around 90). My second favorite horse was Sally, a pretty, young chestnut. The two other horses were Bailey and Buck. Bailey is a white and brown paint who is very pretty but extremely hard to ride and is quite disobedient. Buck is TINY! He’s a miniature little pony who is really noisy. Buck gets dirty a lot so we had to hose him down. He didn’t like that. He is extremely cute when he lopes but the only way to get him to do that is if you slap him on his buttocks. Buck has these short little stubby legs that are so slow. When he trots, the other horses can beat him in a race when they walk. His lope is other horses’ trot and his gallop is equivalent to canter/lope. On the last day, we had a riding competition. Sadly, I had to ride Bailey and a super tough time with her. Normally though, you get to ride your top two choices. I advise this camp to all horse lovers!

2 responses to “Horse Riding Camp

  1. Iron Horse Creek Stables

  2. Cool! Where was the camp?

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