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SnowCreek: TUBING!

Today I went tubing at SnowCreek! Honestly I was surprised that my mom would actually let me. Normally, I would assume she’d say, “Oh, it’s too dangerous!” but no, she actually encouraged it. (Not danger, but tubing. Not Danger.)

SnowCreek is a ski lodge that sits about two hours from my house. Filled with fake snow, (or rather, chipped ice), SnowCreek has an immense collection of hills. Sadly, the tubing hill was the VERY. LAST. ONE. It really wasn’t that long of a walk, though. It was just my heavy ski bib that dragged my weight down.

I arrived on the edge of where colorful tubes sat piled messily. Grabbing the strap end of this chunky green tube, I dragged it up the side of the hill to where a conveyor belt was, and stood on it, waiting, until I reached the top. I stepped on the chips of ice/fake snow (I just want to emphasize the FAKE snow) and started climbing to the short lines of the tubers.

There were 5 lanes that you could tube down: the first two were for 4 tubes at a time maximum, the middle one (my favorite) was for single tubers, and the last two were for 5 tubes or more. Each lane’s course was pretty much the same- a steep 110 degree drop and a small dip to slow the tuber down. All of the lanes were side by side, and between each was a foot wall of chipped ice barrier. I chose the middle one be cause it looked different than all the others. The middle was was completely iced over with a translucent, gray, glossy, look while the rest were iced over to about half of the course.

The wait in the line was succinct. I, really, was not nervous about this at all, because I though it would be a slow, draggy thing, only thrilling enough to excite an old person. When the TubingGuard, (like a LifeGuard except with tubing), pushed me down, he also spun me. I really underestimated the fun of tubing!

I slid slowly down the first feet of the slippery slope, and gradually began to build up speed. Ice chippings sprayed all around my tube and violently peppered my face. Even though I was screaming and squealing the whole way, the noise of friction between the tube and the ice masked it up. Because my mouth was dry, I licked my lips very generously. BIG MISTAKE. The saliva on my mouth froze quickly on my second time down, and it hurt!

After a few more times, I finally stopped and walked down to a burning fire with multitudes of skiers, snowboarders, and tubers were huddled. Thinking the fire would thaw my hands and face, I crouched closer, but the black, withering smoke stung my eyes and made me cough. I went back to the slopes and slid down a few more times, each turn more exhilarating than the last!

I definitely want to go tubing again, but with more friends. I hope everyone gets a chance to do this fun activity.

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Mary Kay!!

Yesterday I went to my sister’s ex-teacher’s house. Kinda ex-teacher, I mean, she’s still a teacher, just at a different school. Her name is Mrs. Reagan. She is a part-time teacher, part time Mary Kay consultant. And half Jap! And not to mention a cool dog. That is cool. And a dog. Cool.

She invited us upstairs to her Mary Kay room. It looked ENTIRELY different from the rest of the house. It was pink and everywhere was Mary Kay; Lipstick, make up, stuff-i-can’t-name, exfoliating lotions, rejuvenating creams, and more. Mary Kay advertisements and products decorated the room.

Mrs. Reagan set up a mirror and make-up tray for each of us. The first step was to take a wet washcloth and rinse your face to clean your pores. Next we put moisturizing cream and rubbed it on our faces and necks, then rinsed it off with the washcloth again. For my sister and I, Mrs. Reagan had a mask- cream substance. It was stiff and white, and not long after we slathered it on, it started to harden. Whenever we tried to make any facial expressions, the mask would feel tight on our skin. And because we looked so funny, I tried to laugh through the mask, but I ended up  making undefinable noises.

After the mask settled down, Mrs. Reagan squirted out a gritty lotion-like cream on our make up trays that we rubbed on our lips to make them softer. This was washed of later with the wash cloth.

Then there was makeup. My mom and sister had this cool eyeliner, eyshadow,  and stuff.  My mom REALLY fell in love with the hilighter pen. It had her skintone and covered up some of the bags under her eyes!  And my sister got her eyebrows darkened and found a flattering shade of eye shadow called Granite. Although I didn’t get to use that make-up, I got some lip gloss samples. One was called Mango Tango that was an electric red, and Pink parfait which looked like bubblegum pink. Mixed together they looked nice.

I recommend you all go to Mrs. Reagan’s house for a trial! You don’t have to purchase anything when you go! Contact Park Ranger for info at


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Hey Bloggers!

Just want you to know that I am having this terribly bad habit where I start a story, and don’t finish it. So from now on, I’ll be just wrting story prompts. If you’d like me to continue one, just comment.



Pembroke Summer Camp

Hi everyone! I just just advertising something shortly. So this summer I have been doing mostly summer camps at Pembroke. I would just like to recommend summer camps there. The lower campus is very large and the classes are fun; (this week, my sketchbook class got walk into the plaza and get ice cream! and we made commercials for my Critical thinking class.) And for all of you in Shawnee, Olathe, and Blue valley, the food here (if you sign up for lunch bunch) is amazing. I mean, come on. They have a separate dining Hall and chefs.

(I DK yet)

Once there was a girl. Her name was Radine. The day Radine was born, was the day World War XI began. But life wasn’t much better before it started. The previous militia rebels stole and spent the last of the country’s money on boats, which were eventually sunk by British Marines. So the country looked as if it had un-aged for a century. No electricity was available, nor running water. So the citizens of Jorgen-Barta (no longer America) had to dig wells and farm crops to survive Tyrant Jorgen’s barren wastelands.

Since the Tyrant had claimed this land, traditions changed. Instead of looking for love on your own, he had his witchdoctors and witchcrafters change it. According to the witches, every couple had a special and different symbol or ensignia. The female (at birth) would recieve one half of the symbol as a necklace, and the male the other half. And when they each reached sixteen, they would journey on a pilgramage from their seperate villages to rejoice for the first time together.

Radine was born in a village laced in plague. Her mother died a moment before giving birth to her, and so Radine had to live on her own from the age of six, when her father was killed.

How to make a Three layer cake

Hi there. Today is Park Ranger’s birthday, so I made her a cake! My sister, Prometheus, and I decided to make this year’s birthday cake extraordinary! It was a three layer cake with one layer German chocolate, one layer of crumbled marble cake, ( because when we took it out of the pan, it crumbled up. So we improvised.) and the last layer was pink vanilla cake.

You will require the follow to make the cake:

a whisk or an electric mixer

rubber spatula

cake mixes of your choice

3 regular tubs of frosting of your choice (I recommend whipped vanilla)

(optional) decorating icing

First, prepare each cake as directed upon the packages in seperate round pans, and don’t forget to grease the edges! After the cakes are done baking, then wait for them to cool. After they are cooled, take a knife ( no ridges) and cut a slight bit of cake top off so that the surface is moderately smooth. Do that to the rest of the cakes. then choose one cake as the base layer, and plop about a good two or three tablespoons of icing and smoothen it out with the rubber spatula. Then place the next cut layer of cake evenly on top of the base, and spread more icing on that, and place the last layer on top. Press the top of the cake firmly to ensure that the cake is intact. Then, using the remaining frosting, cover the edges and the top of the cake. then you may decorate howeveryou please!


The Great Gatsby

Over Memorial weekend I watched the movie, the Great Gatsby, based on a book.

In the summer of 1922, Nick Carraway, an author and WWI veteran moves from the U.S. Midwest to New York, where he takes a job as a bond salesman. He buys a cozy cabin on Long Island in the fictional village of West Egg, next door to the lavish mansion of Jay Gatsby, a mysterious business man who holds frequent and extravagant parties. Nick drives across the bay to East Egg for dinner at the home of his cousin, Daisy Buchanan, and her husband, Tom, a college acquaintance of Nick’s. They introduce Nick to Jordan Baker, an attractive, cynical young golfer with whom Daisy wishes to couple Nick.

Jordan reveals to Nick that Tom has another secret lover who lives in an industrial dumping ground. (“valley of ashes”) between West Egg and New York City. Not long after this revelation, Nick travels with Tom to the valley of ashes, where they stop by a garage owned by George Wilson and his wife, Myrtle, who is Tom’s lover that Jordan mentioned. Nick goes with Tom and Myrtle to an apartment that they keep for their affair, where Myrtle throws a vulgar and bizarre party, with her sister Catherine, that ends with Tom breaking her nose as she taunts him about Daisy.

As the summer progresses, Nick receives an invitation to one of Gatsby’s parties. Upon arriving, he learns that none of the guests at the party, though there are hundreds, have ever met Gatsby himself, or been invited cordially, and they have developed multiple theories as to who he is, such as a German spy, or a thief. Nick encounters Jordan, and they meet Gatsby, who is surprisingly young and rather aloof, in person. Gatsby begins to get to know Nick Better and the two become mutual friends. Their friendship develops after Gatsby takes Nick out to lunch with his mysterious friend Meyer Wolfshiem. Through information given to Jordan, Nick later learns that Gatsby fell in love with Daisy in 1917, and is still madly in love with her. He spends many nights staring at the green light at the end of her dock, reaching out to it, across the bay from his mansion, hoping to one day rekindle their lost romance. Gatsby’s extravagant lifestyle and wild parties are an attempt to impress Daisy in the hopes that she will one day appear at Gatsby’s doorstep at a party. Gatsby now asks Nick a favor and wants Nick to arrange a reunion between himself and Daisy. Nick invites Daisy to have tea at his house, without telling her that Gatsby will be there also.

After an initially awkward reunion, Gatsby and Daisy reconnect, and they begin an affair. Shortly after, Daisy and Tom attend one of Gatsby’s parties, where suspicion builds up in Tom about the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy. During a lunch at the Buchanans’ house (with Nick and Gatsby invited), Gatsby stares at Daisy for such a long time that Tom realizes Gatsby is in love with her. Though Tom himself is involved in an extramarital affair, he is furious with both Gatsby and Daisy, but doesn’t say anything about it. He forces the group to drive into New York City for a ‘party’, where he confronts Gatsby in a suite at the Plaza Hotel. Tom boasts that he and Daisy have a history that Gatsby could never understand and never live up to, and he announces to his wife that Gatsby is a criminal. This pushes Gatsby to his breaking point, and he has an explosive outburst of fury, much to his own dismay. After this incident, Daisy realizes that her allegiance is to Tom, who contemptuously sends her back to East Egg with Gatsby, attempting to prove that Gatsby cannot hurt him.

When Nick, Jordan, and Tom drive through the valley of ashes, however, they discover that Gatsby’s car has struck and killed Myrtle, Tom’s extramarital lover. They rush back to Long Island, where Nick learns from Gatsby that Daisy, wanting to calm her nerves, had been driving the car at the time of the accident. But, Gatsby decided to take the blame, for he didn’t want to put Daisy in danger. Despite the events that occurred at the Plaza, Gatsby is convinced that Daisy will call him the next day, and waits in front of his telephone. That night, he reveals to Nick that he was born penniless, and his real name is James Gatz. In the morning, Nick leaves for work while Gatsby decides to go for a swim before his pool is drained for the season. He asks for the telephone to be brought down to the pool, still waiting for Daisy to call. The night before, Tom tells Myrtle’s husband, George, that Gatsby was the driver of the car. George jumps to the conclusion that Gatsby had also been Myrtle’s lover (because he had seen Myrtle wear a string of pearls that she couldn’t afford, and assumed that someone bought it for her), and he retrieves a gun. Back at the mansion, Gatsby hears the phone ring, and believes it to be Daisy. As he is climbing out of the pool while looking hopefully across the bay at Daisy’s mansion, he is abruptly shot and killed by George, who immediately turns the gun on himself. It is revealed that it is Nick on the phone, and he hears the two gunshots.

When Nick calls the Buchanans to invite Daisy to Gatsby’s funeral, he learns that she, Tom, and their daughter are leaving New York. Only the press, whom Nick chases out, attend the funeral. The media accuse Gatsby of being both the murderer and lover of Myrtle, leaving Nick as the only one who knows the truth. Evidently disillusioned with his fascination for the East Coast, he soon moves back to the Midwest to escape the disgust he feels for the people surrounding Gatsby’s life, as well as the moral decay and emptiness of the wealthy of the East Coast. Back in the sanatorium, Nick finishes his memoir and titles it, “The Great Gatsby”.