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Heir of Starstruck Chapters 4 and 1/2 of 5

Sorry it’s been forever since I posted this. I need suggestions of how this should turn out! And I changed the name of the kingdom, I know. 🙂
Chapter 4
Aramina took a deep breath and stepped out of the comforting undergrowth. Moonwalk shook her beautiful head and whinnied. Aramina looked back at the tethered and rather unhappy horse. “I’m sorry,” she said, the mare narrowed her eyes at Precious, who was lucky enough to come along. Aramina rummaged in her bag, and then pulled out a carrot. She broke of a hunk and tossed it to Moonwalk who caught it in her mouth expertly. “I’ll see you soon!” Aramina called.
Precious growled softly, and flicked her tail from side to side. Aramina gulped, for once not able to comfort her beloved pet. Precious pressed her flank protectively against Aramina. The pair walked quickly down Stardust Avenue. Aramina laughed inside her head. Oh, how empty her mother could be! As if her mother’s old neighborhood had any importance and all those foolish villagers too. Those brainless birds going up and down the streets yelling, “We live in royalty, all hail to Princess Aramina!” No, Aramina was not proud of “her” street at all.
Precious growled one last time before entering a run-down building.
“Are you sure she didn’t tell you where she’s going?” King Alvord questioned.
Stephan gulped, “I swear on my honor, I have no idea where Aramina went.” He answered shakily. You honestly don’t know where she went, why are you so scared? Stephan thought to himself, gulping again.
“This is not a game boy, if Aramina told you to keep it a secret; it’s not a secret anymore. We don’t know where she is, she might be hurt or lost… or worse.” King Alvord said sternly.
Stephan blazed inside. You think I don’t know that? I’m grieving for her too; in fact I grieve for her way more than you do! Stephan longed to shout back. King Alvord spun around and stalked off.
Suddenly a shrill scream broke out followed by a voice shouting “Robbers!” Stephan stood up and spun his head around wildly. Some stationary caught his eye, and he hurried to find a pen.
Excitement tingled from Aramina’s hair all the way to her toes. She had just gotten a deal no one else had before! Maybe it was pretty good being a princess. Precious still seemed a bit discombobulated from her fright. Aramina patted Moonwalk then sat underneath the tree that Moonwalk was tethered on.
For the first time, thoughts of doubt began to creep into Aramina’s mind. Perhaps she was overreacting. Her mother wouldn’t harm a bug! When Aramina was little her mother would be in hysterics after the first beat. Her mind wandered to her warm bed in the castle. Being a princess wasn’t so bad if meant being with her family and… Stephan… Aramina almost got up and walked back to her home, but thoughts of her new life brought her back to Earth. Mr. Birney will give her a new identity, then, she’ll be free. She’ll be able to just stroll through Starstruck without people gawking at her. The gods must have blessed Aramina with sleep for she slipped into a dreamless slumber.
Chapter 5
Aramina’s eyelids fluttered open to see fresh greens all around her. She sat up quickly, rousing Precious. The sky was still slightly dark, kissed with pinks and oranges, and the faint dustings of stars were beginning to vanish.
Aramina huddled against Precious to draw some warmth into her body. The morning cold snaked its way through her one threadbare tunic. Moonwalk whinnied impatiently and nosed around in Aramina’s bag. Aramina threw on her coat then gave Moonwalk a carrot. She fished out the squirrel hunted before and tossed it to Precious.
The sound of a horse galloping made its way to Aramina’s ear. Aramina gasped in surprise. Heather, the only female palace guard and Aramina’s favorite, is riding on the majestic Missy and headed her way!
“Heather!” Aramina cried,
“Hey little Aramina!” Heather called warmly. She handed Aramina a letter then quickly galloped away. Aramina immediately recognized the chunky handwriting.
Dear Aramina,
Please come back. The palace needs you. We need your fighting skills. The palace has been invaded. They say robbers, but it’s definitely been invaded. I need you.
I’ll be waiting for you,
Aramina read the words over and over again, willing them to magically change. How could she leave her budding new life behind to go back to her horrific old one? Yet, how could she put her kingdom in danger? Aramina rubbed her temples, wishing time could turn back.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Book Review

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens isn’t a book that you would look at and say “Cool!” The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens isn’t a book that your friend would normally recommend to you. In fact, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens is a book that you would look at and say “Ewwwwww!” ,but it’s not.

This life saver for teens, written by Sean Covey, is a gold mine filled with sparkles of knowledge. You’ll find many useful habits like ‘Put First Things First’ and ‘Sharpen The Saw’. Unlike The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People written by Sean’s dad, this book speaks directly to teens. With inspiring quotes and cute cartoons, you’ll find yourself eagerly turning pages to learn more.

‘Sharpen The Saw’ is my favorite habit. Once, someone asked Abraham Lincoln what he would do if he had eight hours to cut down a tree. He replied, “I’d spend the first four hours sharpening my saw.” I’ve seen a few of my friends in terrible mood swings due to high levels of stress. The habit ‘Sharpen The Saw’ teaches you how to renew yourself so the balance between school and family isn’t such a storm.

I’ve given you a brief taste of this book, but I haven’t told you everything yet. This book is one of my top favorites, and totally deserves a 5 star rating! So what are you waiting for? Given that the last quote of the book is “Best get off your butt and leave footprints in the sand, you don’t want to leave a butt print.”

SnowCreek: TUBING!

Today I went tubing at SnowCreek! Honestly I was surprised that my mom would actually let me. Normally, I would assume she’d say, “Oh, it’s too dangerous!” but no, she actually encouraged it. (Not danger, but tubing. Not Danger.)

SnowCreek is a ski lodge that sits about two hours from my house. Filled with fake snow, (or rather, chipped ice), SnowCreek has an immense collection of hills. Sadly, the tubing hill was the VERY. LAST. ONE. It really wasn’t that long of a walk, though. It was just my heavy ski bib that dragged my weight down.

I arrived on the edge of where colorful tubes sat piled messily. Grabbing the strap end of this chunky green tube, I dragged it up the side of the hill to where a conveyor belt was, and stood on it, waiting, until I reached the top. I stepped on the chips of ice/fake snow (I just want to emphasize the FAKE snow) and started climbing to the short lines of the tubers.

There were 5 lanes that you could tube down: the first two were for 4 tubes at a time maximum, the middle one (my favorite) was for single tubers, and the last two were for 5 tubes or more. Each lane’s course was pretty much the same- a steep 110 degree drop and a small dip to slow the tuber down. All of the lanes were side by side, and between each was a foot wall of chipped ice barrier. I chose the middle one be cause it looked different than all the others. The middle was was completely iced over with a translucent, gray, glossy, look while the rest were iced over to about half of the course.

The wait in the line was succinct. I, really, was not nervous about this at all, because I though it would be a slow, draggy thing, only thrilling enough to excite an old person. When the TubingGuard, (like a LifeGuard except with tubing), pushed me down, he also spun me. I really underestimated the fun of tubing!

I slid slowly down the first feet of the slippery slope, and gradually began to build up speed. Ice chippings sprayed all around my tube and violently peppered my face. Even though I was screaming and squealing the whole way, the noise of friction between the tube and the ice masked it up. Because my mouth was dry, I licked my lips very generously. BIG MISTAKE. The saliva on my mouth froze quickly on my second time down, and it hurt!

After a few more times, I finally stopped and walked down to a burning fire with multitudes of skiers, snowboarders, and tubers were huddled. Thinking the fire would thaw my hands and face, I crouched closer, but the black, withering smoke stung my eyes and made me cough. I went back to the slopes and slid down a few more times, each turn more exhilarating than the last!

I definitely want to go tubing again, but with more friends. I hope everyone gets a chance to do this fun activity.