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Halloween Party Time!

Yesterday we had a synchro halloween party. The thing that really brought my attention was the pumpkin carving. That was the first time I’ve ever carved a pumpkin. In the past years, it was my dad that did the carving. They were just regular jack-o-lanterns. Triangular eyes, a triangular nose, and crooked teeth, big deal. But this one, holy macaroni! It’s a haunted house! No, take that back, an epic haunted house!! It’s pretty easy to carve. You choose a design from this book then you rip out the paper and tape it to the pumpkin. After that, there are little tiny knives that come with the kit. Take those and cut along the lines. When you are done, rip of the spaces and push out the spaces like usual and… boom! Enjoy your jack-o-lantern! I had to take mine home because it was so complicated. The difficulty level was the highest. Everybody was doubting me but, ha! I made it didn’t I? and it turned out WICKED! The second best part was the games. This girl named Calista is like, the best game leader in the world! We could play with boring barbie dolls and it’ll still seem fun because Calista is leading us. She’s a really good role model. We played charades, apple to apples, some random game that Calista cooked up, and this untangle game. Last night was AMAZING! The food that everybody cooked was so creative! My favorite one was a brain made out of jello. You take a carved bowl and just dump the jello in there. For those of you who weren’t able to come, I feel for you!!


Hre’mon Dragons

Hre’mon was a place where peace and quiet reigned the place. Ha! YOUR WET POOPERS NO. Hre’mon is WAR. The Rogue fighters love Hre’mon. The Draguns hate Hre’mon. For centuries the Rogues and Marietta have tried to trade it for the rich soil-land of Heskq’uar.


Laea Azure crouched down with the torn hem of her dress. Neur, a dragling screeched. Laea spun around intensively to clamp Neur’s snout shut. She thought of a simple magic hymn. TOu’Re! The only beginner’s traveling spell. she had heard those in the temple try it.

She opened her eyes only to find Neur screeching once again, and silver tunnel forming before her she took a step into it and screamed. Not to walk forward, but below. Thump! Laea landed on her bosom and the horrible water dragon sound turned muffled and angry.


She accidentally also landed on Neur. Laea sat up and explored. The leaves on the trees weren’t sycamores! She carefully walked on the green grass towards a light opening. Curious, she poked her head out. She saw swarms of frowning people rushing around in odd clothes, metal colored things on wheels moving by itself, and big buildings! What she was really seeing was New York city, the place of the empire state building!

My pumpkins!

It was a real great night,10/28/2011. I carved 2 pumpkins, 4 designs! I got from a pumpkin masters carving kit. first you cut out the top. Then using your hands carefully scrape out the seeds. You want to loosen the ‘strings’ so it looks eerie in the dark! Second, draw a CUTABLE design, shading the parts you want to remove. next, Tape it flat on the pumpkin. Using a smaller version of a pizza cutter, trace all the lines you drew with a little force, so the blade also sinks in the pumpkin. Third, take off the paper. cut the pumpkin along the lines with a pumpkin knife. push in and take ou the cut pieces of pumpkins


Happy Witch

Lost Ghosts

They found each other!

Here comes the third one - who is that?

It's me!


The Halloween War (part 5 the end)

The Furniture Help Me

“I believe we forgot about them,” I said quietly.

They crawled swiftly over to us and tried to stomp on us. We slashed, hit, blocked, dodged, and everything we could to destroy them. The furniture rushed out of the house and made angry faces. They started charging into the spiders knocking them far away over houses breaking their legs and their body apart. The stone tarantulas were harder though. They were much bigger and their rock and stone bodies made them almost invulnerable. I tried burning them with flaming spheres of magma but all that did was make them mad. Laura started hurling tornadoes which also did nothing because of the creatures’ weight. Jonah tried to use balls of electricity to get them but did nothing. Lucas tried hurling tidal waves but only made them wet and furious. Now the furniture did a big role in the war. They used all the plants they could find and neatly straightened them. They glowed bright green and all of them landed in front of me. In front of me were plant arrows with sharp tips and a bright green bow. I picked them up and got ready to shoot. When I shot, the arrow pierced right through the stone and landed on the street.

Then, dozens of plants and grass grew around the creatures. A while later, they were pinned to the ground firmly. They started squirming and kicking but all it did was make the plants get them even tighter. They faded shortly after I shot the arrow. Most of the spiders died. There was one left. I jumped up and stabbed my sword all the way through him. I thanked the furniture for the weapon and watched as the monster roared in pain.

“RRRAAAAAARRR!!!!” it roared painfully crying.

It faded away immediately.

“We’re done!” I said.

“Let’s go home!” shouted Jonah.

We went home. I said bye to my friends as the furniture followed me. I went inside.

“WHOA!” I yelled frightened.

“Gotcha!” shouted my mom. “You did it!”


“Awesome, now let’s go have dinner.”

It really was an ultimate quest. I ate dinner and kept thinking about it. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It was the most awesome thing I’ve ever done in my life.

The Halloween War (part 4)

A War Begins

I dodged his attack and Jonah shocked him with electricity. He looked back at us. Jonah was amazed. The electricity had done nothing. All it did was make him faster.

“Jonah, did you know that I am also an electricity person? Do you know what that means?” He asked.

“What,” said Jonah.

“I am immune to your attacks.”

He went in front of me and knocked me out of the way with a push that shocked me badly. I watched Lucas and Laura combine their attacks. A hurricane demolished the house one slab of wood after another. The people didn’t care though. Only a few fire warriors rushed out the back door. My friends made sure that I wasn’t getting sprayed. Then Jonah joined in and put electricity in the hurricane. Now it was a powerful laser. Water warriors ran out the back because they can get shocked pretty badly by electricity. I helped hurl fireballs on the plant warriors who were using plants to tie-up my friends. I only hit one who burnt to death and faded. Then, they all ran away.

“Well, that was easy,” said Laura.

“Yeah, it was,” said Lucas.

We went outside and thought we were safe, but in front of us was probably an army of at least a million magicians. Then, I got a call. I took out my cell phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hey, Zack, what’s happening to our furniture?!” asked my mom.

“What do you mean?”

“They disappeared. I know you have something to do with it. BRING THEM BACK!”

My mom was angry now. I realized that I should’ve looked when something floated by me. That was probably what she was talking about.

“Are you ready for war?” asked one of the magicians.

“You bet I am,” I replied.

“You asked for it.”

Trees popped out of the ground and opened their eyes which were crimson red. Their branches moved and their roots helped them walk. Rocks came to life. They flew threw the air and clinged together like puzzle pieces. Soon, about a hundred trees were in the army and about a hundred rock soldiers were walking towards us. Then, all of the magicians raised their swords and signaled many spiders and tarantulas to come. They merged the trees and spiders together to make giant wooden spiders that moved around with purple venom dripping from their needle sharp fangs. Their eyes were blood red. Just standing in front of one could kill you. They merged the tarantulas with the rock and stone soldiers and made giant stone tarantulas. They seemed so heavy that they could smush you just by touching you.

“Oh no,” I whispered staring at the army of magicians. “We need an army.”

“I agree,” said Laura.

The leader raised his sword again but this time, instead of twirling it around and around, he stabbed it deep into the surface of the earth. The ground rumbled. It felt like an earthquake but worse. We were stumbling and rolling. Grass was growing super-fast and strangled us. Some of it started wrapping around our necks and choked us. I was glad that it didn’t choke me that badly. Just when I reached for my sword, grass wrapped around our hands like handcuffs but tighter. I didn’t have enough energy to destroy the plants with fire so I just stood there painfully.

“Give it back,” the leader said.

“What (cough) are you (cough) talking about?!” I replied.

The leader just got mad and somehow sent dark magic into my mind. This was torture. It made me think of horrible things. Witches cackling and flying , jack-o-lanterns coming to life and laughing, and all sorts of scary things.

“YOW!!” I cried.

“Torture, huhn?” said the leader. “This is the magic of nightmares. Now you will suffer from this magic forever. You’re mind will ache, your soul will turn black, and you will become evil and ten times more powerful with evil magic. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

“You can’t.”

But he was right, I was feeling better and stronger. The long grass shrunk back to its regular size. A dark-purple light glowed around me. I was being controlled by the magicians.

“Zach, destroy them!!” yelled the magicians.

I took out my sword and immediately it turned into a sword with a white circle that glowed brightly. It became much longer and now I was turning into a giant. I was growing bigger by the minute.

“A moon sword,” whispered the leader. “We’re all doomed. It’s already four o’clock. By midnight he’ll have an army of werewolves, werecats, and were-everything.”

“Break the spell!” the magicians shouted.

“I-it’s impossible. We’ll just have to fight him.” Said the leader frightened.

“NO!” yelled my friends.

“We have to it’s the only way!”

“Fine, but if he dies . . . you’re gonna pay. CHARGE!” shouted Lucas as he shot a tidal wave at me.

The wave wasn’t that big so I just bashed it out of the way which sprayed many magicians. Jonah sent tons and tons of volts of electricity but all I felt was a small sting. I put my hand up letting the electricity come into my hand. Jonah probably knew what was going to happen because five seconds after I started getting electricity, he stopped it. I swung my arm throwing a ball of electricity that was probably felt like about a ton (I mean ton as in: A ton is equivalent to 2,000 pounds) of electricity. It struck my friends and the magicians pretty badly because they were bleeding and covered in a bunch of dirt. Laura used her last bit of energy to summon a tornado to destroy me. I just picked it up like it was a piece of paper and used it like a leaf blower to blow everybody away like they were bugs. They flew back about twenty yards and could barely get up. Now I realized what I was doing.

“My friends,” I thought.

I had a plan. I still had the moon sword. I remembered the skull’s words. You can send messages to people. I sent them a message.

“Tell the magicians to get in one place,” I sent them.

Somehow, they knew it was me.

“Everybody get together,” said Laura painfully.

The magicians got together in a group and I slashed their heads off with my sword. They faded away. I turned back to normal. Then, I heard a sound like someone was stepping on leaves. I turned around quickly. The wooden and stone spiders were ready to attack.

The Halloween War (part 3)

An Army of Enemies

Everything was old. Sofas were ripped-up, water dripped from the rusty faucet, broken clocks, old fashioned TVs, and books lay on the floor. The wooden floor creaked as I walked slowly on it. Delicate vases contained dead flowers. The house was more like a haunted place than a house. I looked at the calendar.

“That’s weird,” I started. “This calendar looks new.”

“What calendar?” asked Lucas.

“This one.”

Then I looked at the date. I started shivering. Inside my mouth, my teeth were chattering like crazy.

“Impossible, today!” I said.

“What do you mean?” asked Jonah.


I pointed at the calendar still shivering. It had all the days crossed out until it got to 30, October 30 is today. On the top, it said 2011 in fancy numbers.

“Impossible!” shouted Jonah squinting at the calendar.

“The Casters,” said the skull. “They live here.”

“They do?” I said.

“Yes, they do. They’ve lived here for centuries.”

Right after he said centuries, a light appeared. It was dark purple and had purple flames all around it. It changed into a skull made of purple flames.

“Who dares,” it started in a booming voice. “Why, Zack, hello, we’ve been expecting you.

The skull’s flame went away and instead was a hooded man. He took off his hood. He looked familiar.

He said, “Hello, Anderson, Jones, Thand, and Cretting.”

“How do you know our last names?” I asked.

“I used to teach all of you. Do you not recognize me?”

He did look familiar. I thought about it but all that did was give me an extremely bad headache. I could tell the others were thinking because they were sweating and covering their heads. I got real angry. He was trying to make our heads hurt and I didn’t like it.

“STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!” I shouted angrily as loud as I can.

“Oh, so you wanna play? Sure!” he said as he summoned a water sword.

It glowed bright-blue until he grabbed it. He twirled it around and around in the air. When he was done, tons of hooded men came and had water swords in their hands. The swords were different though. They were surrounded by some kind of dark forcefield. The colors of them were dark and black.

“Sons and daughters come!” shouted the man.

More people with hoods came. Now about a million dark magicians were in front of us.

“How are we gonna kill them?” I asked the skull.

“That, I cannot answer,” he said as he changed into one of the dark magicians.

He walked over to the other side.

“Traitor,” I said.

“I was ordered to bring you here. I am not a traitor,” he said.

“I don’t care. I will destroy you.”

“I’d like to see you destroy me.”

He charged at me and I was ready.

Exploring Beijing

Author’s Note: I wrote this for my English class when we had to write an essay about our favorite place. Enjoy!


      A true place of hidden beauty is waiting for you in the city of Beijing, where a feast for the eyes, mind, and soul will greet you with every step and turn. This wonderful city is a very special place to me, one of great happiness, bliss, and warmth.


       To the average person, Beijing is just like any other economic hub. Sky-high buildings tower over unending streams of people and cars. Swarms of pedestrians march on sand-colored sidewalks. Bicycles swerve and dart like fish around pedestrians leisurely crossing the streets. Beijing is indeed a fast-paced, active city full of life and commotion.


       In the early hours of dawn, the city slowly hums to life. Taxi drivers begin their daily routes, and early workers make their way to their workplaces.


       By the time the crystal-clear sunshine brightens the morning sky, Beijing has become a bustling commotion of noise. Impatient drivers tap their car horns. Women, clad in high heels and business attire, hurry across the streets to arrive at work on time. Children walk with their friends to school, laughing and chattering along the way.


       During the middle hours of the day, the noise level decreases. However, when the 4:00 rush hour comes by, Beijing roars to life once again like a lion in battle. The roaring loudness continues for about four more hours until it slowly fades away to a whisper in the darkness. The quiet whisper stays as soft as a kitten’s mew deep into the night until the emergence of dawn pierces the stillness once more, beginning a new day.


       Have you ever heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Here in Beijing, that really is true. Beautiful, colossal landmarks like the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, and Summer Palace are definitely worth the time and money to visit. You will be getting a glimpse of the powerful, ancient Chinese civilization and culture from the sophisticated architecture, grand designs, and nobility that you see.


       This, however, is not all that Beijing has to offer. Deeper into the heart of the city, breathtaking sights, unforgettable views, and gorgeous attractions fill my camera with hundreds of pictures each day. My mind fills with everlasting memories every time I visit, accumulating memories that I will love for years to come.


       While touring the ancient wonders of Beijing, you should stop by some of the more modern buildings like the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. It is remarkable to see their high-tech designs and advanced engineering and to see how China has progressed and developed in the modern world of technology.


       If you get hungry while you explore Beijing, you will have no trouble finding something delicious to eat. Sweet, tangy candied hawthorns served on sticks are a tasty treat, most abundant during the winter season. Fragrant, mouthwatering lamb kabobs with just the right amount of seasoning and spices will tempt you almost everywhere you go. In addition, while in Beijing, you cannot miss the chance to buy some traditional Beijing snacks. Some have lots of sesame on them. Other snacks, like sweet, hawthorn slices, and Chinese candy, are also ones you should not pass by.


       If you have finished tasting and sampling the unique treats, you should try some Peking roast duck! You dip the duck meat, along with some cucumber and onion slices, in a salty, flavorful sauce. Using a thin, small, semi-transparent Chinese tortilla, you wrap the meat, cucumber, and onion like a burrito, and then eat it. It tastes so good! What the meat lacks in juiciness, it makes up in its extreme richness and superb taste. The mouthwatering scent smells exactly like the dish itself – wonderful and delicious. The one-of-a-kind meal that really defines Beijing is roast duck- you cannot say that you have visited Beijing without tasting Peking duck!


       Whenever I eat roast duck in Beijing, I am always with a table full of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who live there in the city. Celebrations with them are always cheerful and joyful, where we socialize and talk while we eat. Being with them gives me a very content, secure feeling, which always reminds me that family is the greatest treasure of all.


       If you were ever to open up a window to a completely new world and look deeper into it, you would see all of its glory, magnificence, and splendor. The window I have opened up takes me right to the heart and soul of the city of Beijing. No matter the time or year of my visit, I am never sorry to have gone in the first place.








The Halloween War (part 2)

The Ninjas

“Okay, so where do we go?” I asked the skull.

“We will go to the abandoned house,” he said. “But one thing.”

“What?” asked Jonah.

“You will need some protection,” replied the skull as he did weird motions.

Four lights glowed in front of us. They turned into the shape of swords. Each of them glowed a bright color. In front of me was a light that glowed flaming red. In front of Lucas was sea blue light. In front of Jonah was an electric yellow color. And in front of Laura was a white light. In a second, they dropped to the floor. Now they weren’t glowing anymore.

“These swords are the swords of the heroes. You, Zack, have the sword of fire, it allows you to control fire and create fire when you want it. Lucas, you have the sword of the sea. You can create storms and hurricanes. Jonah, you have the sword of electricity. You can control people with electricity. Laura, you have one of the greatest swords of all. You have the sword of air.” said the skull.

“So what if I have the sword of air,” replied Laura.

“With that sword, you can control air. You can take air away and force it away. You can create tornadoes and if combined with the others, you can make flaming tornadoes, electric tornadoes, giant hurricanes, and all sorts of destructive things.”

“Whoa. This sword is that powerful?”

“Yes, it is. Oh, and one thing. You can send messages to people.”

“Okay,” we all said.

“C’mon let’s go!” I yelled.

We rushed to the house. Then, out of nowhere, a ninja appeared then another and another. Three ninjas surrounded us.

“Who are these?” I asked.

“The warriors of Caster,” said the skull. “Be careful, they have similar swords like yours.”

“You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me.”

Suddenly, one of them aimed its sword at us and a giant dragon of flames appeared. It breathed fire but I blocked it. I tried to cut it but it was no use. It went right through him. A while later, it charged at full speed and knocked my sword away. The dragon went so fast, I was forced about five feet backwards. I glanced at my sword. It sat by a tree but didn’t have a scratch on it.

“Zack, get out!” Lucas shouted.

“What? Why?” I shouted.


Lucas was pointing his sword at the sky and a shower came pouring down.

“RRRRAAAAAAARRR!!” cried the dragon disintegrating in the water.

Soon, the dragon was gone. The ninjas looked mad.  Their eyes almost looked like fire was burning in them.

“You’re a goner Zachary Anderson,” said one of the ninjas as he stepped forward. “We are the warriors of Caster, the king of magicians. You’re no match against us.”

“I’ll destroy you before you know it,” I replied. “YOU are the goner.”


He hurled a blue sword towards me. It missed by an inch sailing back and bouncing off Jonah’s sword. The ninja put his hand out and the sword immediately went back to his hand.

“Water swords are your weakness,” said the ninja. “If you just touch one you will feel much pain.”

“You can’t destroy me,” I replied angrily.

The ninja charged at me and I summoned a fireball and hurled it towards the ninja.

“AURGH!” the ninja cried falling back onto the ground.

He got up and I put my sword in my sheath after focusing on it and allowing it to fly back to my hand. I summoned many fireballs and kept throwing them onto the weakened ninja. I threw about a hundred of the hot spheres. Finally, I finished him with one mighty stab with my sword.

“AAUHH!” he cried as he faded away.

The other ninjas ran (almost looking like they teleported) to a tree. They cut it off and forced it in my face. I was pushed back a long way and smushed under a tree. I summoned some fire and let it burn the dark brown bark of the giant tree. I didn’t get to cut it because my sword sailed out of my sheath and landed many meters away from me. While waiting for it to burn I watched the others slash at the ninjas. Something floated by me as I was watching them. I didn’t bother to look though. My friends weren’t doing so well. None of them came back to help. I tried pushing the tree now. It moved but only made things worse. Now my feet were suffering extreme pain. I almost cried. The fire was doing nothing. It only made the wood a little bit weaker. Somehow, I managed to take one of my feet out and break the wood. It rolled downhill.

“WATCH OUT!” I shouted.

My friends turned around immediately. The ninjas probably thought it was a trick because they just went towards my friends. My friends jumped and the ninjas were knocked over. Their swords flew across the grass and landed right in front of me. They were green and red. I picked them up and threw them like spears. They landed on their owners who picked them up but faded right away.

“I guess we’re finished with the ninja business,” I said.

“Yeah,” replied Lucas.

“C’mon let’s go!” shouted Jonah.

“Yeah c’mon,” said Laura.

We walked in front of the abandoned house and walked inside.

Water Fire Show

Last night I went to a water fire show. It really wasn’t that impressive. They just put fire on the river in little bowls and then there are people scattered everywhere doing tricks and stuff. The best part about that event was hanging out with my friends. Crystal and I ate dinner together at this noodle restaurant. Please enjoy this little poem about the water fire show!

Crackling fire gleaming and glowing,
Boats lighting the wood gliding and flowing,
The inky black water so dark and scary,
Strong men so big and hairy,
The cool dark night is getting chilly,
We walk towards the river on land that’s hilly,
Acrobats perform,
Giving programs to inform,
And that is the end,
Of the water fire show!

Acrobats Show of China

On Friday, there was an acrobats
show, and they are The National Acrobats of China! There were yo-yos, and really cool
everybody-stand-on-a-bike-and-cover-the-bicyclist’s- face act, and juggling act
with 10 balls, but my favorite part was the amateur swan lake! There was this
really big clumsy guy dressed as the swan, and another guy in the suit. They
keep falling over on each other on purpose of course. Then the swan is so heavy
that the guy in the suit faint. The swan is about to do another leap when he
finds that the guy in the suit fainted! The swan tells him to come up, but
doesn’t, and realizes that he has fainted. The swan runs over, and tries to do
CPR on him, and it doesn’t work. The swan puckers up his lips, get ready to do
mouth-to-mouth resurrection, and the guy in the suit gets up and slaps the swans
face and runs away! 

Check out the awesome pictures on this website!

The Halloween War (part 1)

The Skull Arrives

 It all started when I was playing with my friend, Lucas. We were having a sleepover and weird things started happening. I’m Zachary Anderson but my friends call me Zack. I’ll tell you what happened. Horrible, nasty things started happening today when we went on the quest. It started off nice. We were playing electronics. We were having a cool time. Everything was great. Lucas brought some snacks. He brought bags of Doritos, Cheetos, and several other snacks. We were having fun and doing . . . you know . . . normal stuff.

It was almost the best day of my life until it happened. The doorbell rang. It sounded weird because I usually just hear a DING, type of sound. It was like a bell’s toll combined with a screeching noise. It took me a while to realize it was the doorbell because of that. I sneaked towards the door taking many tiny steps. It rang again. It was more like a wolf howling this time. I opened the door slowly. In front of me was a skull. I let out a little screech as I tumbled back hitting my head on the wooden floor. It was white and hard. Its eyes were filled with flames. It glowed bright-blue as it floated up to my face and said, “You are in great dangerAnderson.”

“H-How do you know my last name?” I asked shivering with fear.

“I have known you forever.”

“Um . . . Zack where did he come from?” asked Lucas.

“I-I don’t know he just appeared at the door.”

“SILENCE! I must talk to him,” shouted the skull. “Zack, to get out of this danger, you will have to accept a quest. We will start tomorrow and invite two more people to come.”

“I accept the quest.”

“Then we will start tomorrow. . . immediately at sunrise.”

“Let’s finish partying, go to sleep, and start tomorrow.”

We went downstairs and continued to play. Soon, after ten o’clock, we went to sleep. The next morning, my mom was staring at me angrily.

“Hey mom. Why are you staring at me like that?” I asked.


“What do you mean? I didn’t.”

“Then what’s that about?”

She pointed to the door. Surely, the doorknob was gone.

“And watch this,” she said.

She took a camcorder and showed me a video. There I was, going to the doorknob, biting it off with my mouth. It was weird because when I opened my mouth, instead of regular teeth, I had the sharpest teeth ever. I swallowed it and went back to my sleeping bag.

“H-How is that possible? I don’t remember getting out of my sleeping bag,” I said.

“You did it to all of the doors!” she shouted. “All of them are gone.”

“B-But . . .”


She stormed out of my room and made some breakfast.

“They are coming,” said the skull.

“Who are?” I asked.

“The Castersons. The sons of the evil magicians. They controlled you with evil magic. You were probably sleeping during that time.”


“You will have to start the quest now. You need two more people. Who will you choose?”

“Lucas, you pick one first.”

“Jonah. He’s smart and he’s athletic in many places,” Lucas said.

“I’ll pick Laura. She‘s good at quest type things,” I said.

“I will summon them here,” the skull said.

Instantly, Laura and Jonah popped out of nowhere and dropped to the floor.

“Why am I at your house Zack,” asked Jonah.

“Yeah, why are we here?” asked Laura.

“We’re going on a quest. Would you like to come?” I asked.

They looked at each other then turned towards me.

“Sure!” they both said.

“Looks like we’ve got four,” I said.

“We’re ready. Now we must go,” said the skull.

We walked out the door and began our ultimate quest.

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday I went to the pumpkin patch with some of my friends. I had a great time! My favorite part was the corn maze. It was challenging and fun. We ran into three dead ends and retraced our steps four times. There were a couple of times when we got lost and it took FOREVER to get out! Other than the corn maze, everything else was kind of babyish. There were tons of slides and little pirate ships and stuff. There were also cannons that shot pumpkins. Shooting targets with pumpkins isn’t my thing but some of the others liked it. The pumpkin patch looked amazing! It probably took a long time to set up! There was a zip line too but we didn’t get to ride it. I really liked the pumpkin patch – especially with friends!