Fluffy’s wet nose: A very hot bunny. An explanation of our heroric actions.

So there is a bunny named Fluffy, today she was outside in that hot sweltering sun without any shade. He was out there for an hour or so and when I came to see him, his snout was unusually small. His snout was wet and looked like it had caved in. We found out on the internet that Fluffy was suffering from a heat stroke. I was supremely inclined to take Fluffy to the vet immediately  but my mom wasn’t so sure. After what, 7 days or so,  we took Fluffy to the vet. I ‘m kidding. In about an hour, there was Fluffy at the vet. In case you’ve never been to Belton Animal Clinic, it’s really boring. They take your animal to the back, shut you up in a small stuffy room and after an hour, they tell you how your animal is. In this case Fluffy was fine but according to the doctor, bunnies are very sensitive to heat so poor Fluffy could have been seriously well, heated and injured in a sun burned way. We found out Fluffy is a boy! We had always thought Fluffy was a girl. This process took about two whole hours. Then we clipped Fluffy’s way too long nails.  While we clipped Fluffy’s nails, I found a new way to pick Fluffy up. The vet also made Fluffy a special diet except Fluffy refuses to eat it that bad little bunny. Now Fluffy is better. I’m glad Fluffy’s so much better. I was so scared when Fluffy got that heat stroke but I’m also kind of glad Fluffy got the stroke because without it,we never would have known so many new things about that little bunny!!!

3 responses to “Fluffy’s wet nose: A very hot bunny. An explanation of our heroric actions.

  1. u are very lucky fluffy is okay

  2. Sure Diamond I’ll give you a free copy if I write a novel but I don’t think I will. 😦

  3. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW You should turn this with more fictional conflicts! Then make it in a novel! And get me a free copy of couse

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