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Answers to the Tricky Valentine’s Math Problems

 1. How Many Hugs?
Figure out a formula (or algorithm) that will calculate the following problem: Your mom gives you on hug on February 1st, 2 hugs on the 2nd, 3 hugs on the 3rd and so on. How many hugs will you have received in all of the month of February?  406

2. How Many Kisses?
You want to give your mom one kiss on February 1st, 2 kisses on the 2nd, 4 kisses on the 3rd, 8 kisses on the 4th, and keep doubling for the month of February. How many kisses will you need to give her? 268435455

3. How many Valentine’s are exchanged in a class of 20 if each students gives Valentine’s to everyone in the class?  380

4. The florist sells 150 bouquets of flowers. Each bouquet has a dozen roses. Five bouquets were returned because the flowers had ants. How many flowers were sold in all? 1740

5. February 14th is Valentine’s day. How many ways can you add up two numbers to make 14? (What about if you use negative numbers or fractions?)

Father Daughter Dance

Last night my dad and I went to a father daughter dance for girl scouts. Daddy said that he cannot dance but I think he did a good job! He almost didn’t want to go! When we danced he just twirled me around, nodded his head and all that. But he was better than some dads who just walked around.

My dad wore a silvery blackish mask that only covered his eyes. He looks like a raccoon when he wears his mask. He also has a black sweater with dark pants. I had a red mask with black outlines around the eyeholes.  On the top, there are big black poofy feathers. I don’t really like my mask because I look like a devil when I wear it. I also had a red dress with a black sweater. My dad and I were supposed to look like a pair.

The dance was a blast!! I saw many of my friends dancing with their dads too. They all had very pretty masks. When I first walked in it was like a rainbow! I never knew there would be so many colorful faces at the masquerade ball! I got a recorder thingy for taking the time to get an exciting mask. I thought that creepy devil face wouldn’t win anything but I guess I was wrong! [I like my regular recorder better.]

At the end, I made a little swap. You could decorate a little mask. It was still a little sticky when we were getting ready to leave. After all of that hard work I could not believe what happened. Right when I put on my jacket I noticed my swap was missing. Then I saw it. I took it of my mask and a big strand of some black poofy feathers stuck to it! I had a great time dancing with my dad.

V.E.R.E. Strikes (Part Two)

That night, I thought about that note. Then, suddenly, I had an idea. I crept out of bed and checked the time. It was 10:34. Okay, I thought. It’s not too late. I went to Nickel’s house. Down Neon Road, Nitrogen Avenue, and Carbon Boulevard. When I got there, I had to ring the doorbell about ten times before Nickel answered it. I told him, “I need to see that note right now!” I came into his house. Nickel returned with the note in his hand, an eager expression on his face. I took out my pen and pad and wrote the alphabet backwards and again this time forward. I translated “Ijyyuib lu yzmp zg nrwmrtsg li szmw jevi $1,000,000 glmrtsg!” into “Robbery of bank at midnight or hand over $1,000,000 tonight!” Nickel read it too. I asked him, “What time is it?”

He answered “Ahhhhhhhhhh! It’s already 11:30!”

“Nickel, calm down!” I hastily said. “We have to hurry if we want to catch the thief in the act!”

 “Okay,” said Nickel. “Let’s go!”

At the bank, we were prepared. We each had a special satellite cell phone. If either of them sensed a robber, it would vibrate soundlessly and we could feel it. The other cell phone would also vibrate, only harder. We each had a backpack with tons of things we might need. We both dressed in black, color-change suits. My good friend Iron, who is an inventor, lent us these things. We waited for what seemed like an hour, though really five minutes, both of us positioned at different places. Finally, my phone started vibrating. Yes, I thought. He’s here. Or she. I waited, holding my breath. I saw a group of people walking towards me. It looked like, but no it couldn’t have been, yes it was, it looked like the group of Very Evil Radioactive Elements a.k.a. V.E.R.E. was here. The whole group! They were most of the radioactive elements. I couldn’t figure out who they were specifically though. They were arguing about whom to send in to rob the bank. I tried to hear what they were saying, but I just caught a few sentences.

“We can’t send in Nobelium.”

“Why not send in Californium?”

“Send in Rutherfordium.”

“He can’t be quiet.”

“Just let him go.”

“No! She can go.”

“No put Lawrencium in.”

I waited for them to stop arguing and finally they said “Okay, you go.” I couldn’t tell who they sent. Next thing I knew, they opened the door with a lock pick and whoever they sent went in. I had only one thought in my head. I slipped in too.