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        “13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Ready or not, here I COMMMEEEEE!!!” Larry called.

        He’ll never find us here, no, not this place, unless we were playing Marco Polo….. Gilda thought.

        Connie, Gilda, and Larry,(tripelets) were playing hide and seek. Of course, this was a ‘baby’ game, but teenagers can still enjoy it. Which was exactly what they did. Ish.

        They were all bored, that was the reason. But their Aunt Jenne was coming the day after. So.. they could get rid of this childish nonsense, for now…..

        Connie was a girl, sporty, quick and adventurous, and she knew quite lot of languages. Gilda was an indoor girl, straight A+ guy, since 2nd grade. Larry, on the other hand, was a mix of in between, with a great ear for hearing, with a dash of obedience for his sisters. He was 5.67 seconds younger. Hmm….

        Connie and Gilda sneaked into a round stone door, nearly swallowed up with ivy and mold. Squealing, they tip-toed in.

        “Holy cow! I’d like to explore this…. thing!     

   “This must be the ancient ruins those constuction workers were blahhing about, Connie!” Gilda whispered.

        No reply.


        Still no reply, but a rustle of branches from a nearby oak tree.

        “Aunt Jenne’s gonna miss ya!!!!”

         Too late! She realized Connie had alread gone exploring. She thought she was going to flip out!


         “Uh-huh? Hmmm…. uh… where’s Connie??”


           “Ohhh.. then…………”

           He climbed up the same tree the rustles came from. Gilda followed, eager to find her sister, but desparate to go home safe.

          At the top, they were baffled to find the trunk hollow, smooth and big. Next to it lay a pastel and orange Converse sneaker.


          At once, they glided down, down. So far down they thought it was underground. But the only thought that stuck in their heads was, Where is Connie?

A suprise visitor

While I was at Chinese School, my grandpa was at home. He opened our front door and…….. he found an opossum hiding behind our flower pot! He took a few pictures and, after he took some pictures, the opossum came out! He then took even more pictures and I think those pictures look great. Here are the pictures he took:


He looks furry




This opossum is about twice as long as a mouse! He wasn’t afraid at all about my grandpa taking pictures.