A suprise visitor

While I was at Chinese School, my grandpa was at home. He opened our front door and…….. he found an opossum hiding behind our flower pot! He took a few pictures and, after he took some pictures, the opossum came out! He then took even more pictures and I think those pictures look great. Here are the pictures he took:


He looks furry




This opossum is about twice as long as a mouse! He wasn’t afraid at all about my grandpa taking pictures.

8 responses to “A suprise visitor

  1. how long was the opossum at your house?

  2. So cute!!

  3. No, he (or she) ran away.

  4. Did you keep him?

  5. He’s so cute! Did you know opossums have the most teeth of any North American animal?

  6. I think that this opossum might have been my friend’s because her opossum got lost. My friend told me the opossum’s name is Mable.

  7. Wow! Awesome pictures – what a surprise visitor! I really wonder where this fellow came from and why he came out during this day and time.

    BTW – your grandpa is a great photographer!

  8. WOW! is all I can say!

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