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This Valentine’s Day Will Be a Math Day – Solve Some Tricky Valentine’s Math Problems

1. How Many Hugs?
Figure out a formula (or algorithm) that will calculate the following problem: Your mom gives you on hug on February 1st, 2 hugs on the 2nd, 3 hugs on the 3rd and so on. How many hugs will you have received in all of the month of February? 

2. How Many Kisses?
You want to give your mom one kiss on February 1st, 2 kisses on the 2nd, 4 kisses on the 3rd, 8 kisses on the 4th, and keep doubling for the month of February. How many kisses will you need to give her? 

3. How many Valentine’s are exchanged in a class of 20 if each student gives Valentine’s to everyone in the class?   

4. The florist sells 150 bouquets of flowers. Each bouquet has a dozen roses. Five bouquets were returned because the flowers had ants. How many flowers were sold in all? 

5. February 14th is Valentine’s day. How many ways can you add up two numbers to make 14?  (What about if you use negative numbers or fractions?)

Post your answers before next Saturday, Feb. 19.

The correct answers will be posted on Saturday, Feb. 19. 

The 4th Math Olympiad Test is on Feb. 14th, at 7:15pm – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let us all celebrate this special Valentine’s Day with perfect scores on the 4th test of Math Olympiad!

KU Math Competition – Online Registration is Open

The well-known “KU Math Competition”, sponsored by the Math Dept to celebrate the Mathematics Awareness Month of April, will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2011, from 2pm to 3:30pm.  Detail information can be found at: https://www.math.ku.edu/info/info-mathawareness/math-awareness-month-2011/mam11.html 

This year you can register online at www.math.ku.edu/ or https://www.math.ku.edu/cgi/math_competition/register