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New Kidnappers in the House part 1

RING! The recess bell is killin’ my ears, but still, a good time to get some darn fresh air. I jumped out of my big bulky chair and rushed out the hard wooden door. I looked outside finding a small dame (a dame are what we detectives call the ladies) swishing her head wildly looking like she was trying to find something like a stamp for a stamp collection. I stared at her for minutes and minutes and more minutes. She turned her head toward me and trudged to my face. She stared at me for a second.

“Whata you lookin’ at sis?” I asked.

“Um . . . private eye-”

“It’s detective sis,” I interrupted.

“Um sorry uh we’ll um. . . talk later bye,” She nervously said.

Those dames, couldn’t get an answer out of them. Their pretty good at running though, she pushed me on my stomach.

“UU!” I said sounding very weird. “Next time watch where you push sis!” I yelled.

My eyes looked down my hand holding my chin, thinking what that dame was going to say. Ideas rushed through my blood vessels, tangled through my nerves and got to my brain. My brain hurt after thinking for the rest of my recess. But that’s alright after all, I’ve done this before and after I’ve done it once, I can do it again better than the last time.

I found magnesium at the library running up to me asking me, “Do you want to hear a joke? Oh well of course you do. What did the cheese say when some chips ran up to him begging to be dipped in him?”

“Please stop asking me these-”

“I’m nacho cheese now please go away and find someone else,” he interrupted. “BLAH! HA! HA! HA!” he cackled.

Ugh this sucks I thought to myself.

I told her about the weird approach of the little dame and some thoughts I had in mind. We decided to start to annoy our teachers and go to Mr. Zincs office to get him to call the dame down and we’d have a chance to talk with this mysterious dame. The plan started as we walked in the walked into the class after library.

“Okay class now let’s start with math, try this problem, 54×96=” she said

I raised my hand holding it still.

“Can I go to the principal’s office Mrs. Curium?” I asked



“Because you can’t.”


“It’s against the school rule.”


“Just shut your mouth!”


“That’s it Radon go to the principal’s office!” she shouted.

I gave her a Thanks-Mrs. Curium look and waved. I ran down finding Magnesium leaning by the window of the office. I waved and whispered, “Ready to get this dame in the game?”

“Definitely!” he whispered back.

“We walked in finding Mr. Zinc sitting in his office examining papers.

“Um Mr. Zinc, can you call down this dame called Lithium? I want to talk to her.” I said. (I should’ve told you her name was Lithium)

“Sure Detective Radon,” He picked up his walky-talky and said “Mrs. Arsenic, please send Lithium down to the office,” he said. “Sure thing principal,” she replied.

Lithium arrived after a few seconds. I told Mr. Zinc that Magnesium, Lithium, and I had to have a private talk. Mr. Zinc scooted his chair down to a farther room at the back of the office and closed the wooden door. I asked lithium, “What were you going to ask me during recess?” I asked.

“Um . . . nothing,” she replied looking down at the floor.

“We’re serious tell us now,” Magnesium said.

“Okay fine, this is a case for you. The principal has been kidnapped!” she said.

“Really you think we’d believe you.” Magnesium said.

“No but he really has been kidnapped. I saw the fake principal back in the room over there take off his mask before and say: Whew! It was hot in that mask.” She said.

“Okay this time you don’t have to pay us, the principal does, we’re on the case.”


Please give me more Ideas or clues for Magnesium and Detective Radon

to find for the next part. I want this better than my last story.