Daily Archives: February 20, 2011

V.E.R.E. Strikes (Part one)

As I rushed down Neon Road, on my way to my friend Nickel’s house for an important case, I saw Arsenic walking along Neon Road. He spotted me and asked, “Where are you going, Detective Cobalt?”

I wanted to ask where he was going but instead I said, “To Nickel’s house for a mystery. He called me about five minutes ago.”

“Oh,” he said. While we were talking, we turned onto Nitrogen Avenue. One more block to Nickel’s house, I thought.

As we turned onto Carbon Boulevard, Nickel came running towards us waving his arms and saying “I’ve been robbed!” over and over again. I was used to this sort of behavior from him.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I was in my house on the computer.” Nickel instantly said. “I heard a thump and wondered who it could be. I went downstairs to check and found a robber raiding my wallet. When he saw me, he jumped out the window, leaving my wallet behind. Luckily, he only took about one-third of the money. There was only about one hundred dollars. When I looked out the window, the robber was running away down Carbon Boulevard. He seemed to have landed in my flowerbed. My flowers are beautiful and today they’re in bloom.”

 Well, everyone knew that Nickel had a green thumb, and his flowers didn’t just bloom. Their petals bursted open and there were only three flowers in his flowerbed because their petals were so big.

“So the thief must have had a nice and bouncy landing,” I muttered to myself. “What story of your house were you on, Nickel?” I asked.

“The first story.” he replied.

“Okay.” I said. “Continue.”

“Well, he turned onto Copper Street and vanished from view. Then I called you.”

“All right.” I said. “Let’s go to your house.” So we walked up to Nickel’s front door. As we went, I saw Nickel was right. The thief had really landed in Nickel’s flowerbed because the flowers were ruffled and a slightly wilted.

“Hold on.” I said to Nickel. I walked over to the flowerbed and began examining it. The flowers were wilting towards the road, their petals still in full bloom. I noticed some small pieces of glass in the flowerbed and around it. It seemed as though the thief had jumped out the window, landed in the flowerbed, and slid off, leaving them wilting towards Carbon Boulevard. As I walked into Nickel’s house, I noticed that Arsenic was gone. I thought it was very odd because Arsenic liked being in the thick of the action and that was made him such a good police element. I asked Nickel to show me the window the thief jumped out of. The glass was on the outside which means the thief had really jumped out of the window. As I had no clues, I asked Nickel “What did the thief look like?”

“Well, they were wearing a ski mask so I couldn’t see their face. They were very tall. Oh yes, I forgot something. It left a note.”

“Let me see it.” I said. So he showed me the note. It said “Ijyyuib lu yzmp zg nrwmrtsg li szmw jevi $1,000,000 glmrtsg!” What what what what what what what what what? I thought.

 “Do you understand it?” asked Nickel eagerly. I shook my head, and the smile on Nickel’s face disappeared.

“I mean, who can?” I said.