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Spring Break Part One

During Spring Break, my friends and I went to Cancun, Mexico. On Monday, we drove to the airport, and got off the van. We did all of the usual stuff you have to do before a flight, then took a tram to Terminal C. We got off and waited for a while. Then we were going to go into the boarding gates, and I saw that our 10:18 flight to Houston was delayed to 11:50 some. I told my dad, and he went to look. He saw it, and told everybody else. We went inside the boarding gates anyway, but the bad thing was, we had less than an hour to make it onto the Cancun flight from Houston, and the plane was nearly two hours late. Well, inside the boarding gates, I waited until I got bored, then I played some electronics for a while. It was really boring. By the time we made it onto our plane, We would get to Houston at about 2:30-3:00pm. We landed in Houston, and got off the plane. Our flight to Cancun had left slightly more than an hour ago. My parents and some of my friends parents talked to the lady to see if we could go on the next Cancun flight, which was around 7:00 pm. We might actually have gone on that flight if there weren’t 14 other people in front of us, also wanting to go to Cancun. Most of us were hungry, so the adults took us to find somewhere to eat. We found a Wendy’s, so we ate there, and then looked around at the shops in the airport. Eventually, we just got on a flight to Mexico City, and from there, the two-hour flight to Cancun. When we landed in Mexico City, we went to the baggage claim, and couldn’t find our luggage! The adults kind of argued with the person behind the counter, and he said we could either miss our flight and get the luggage, or go on the flight and have the luggage later. The adults chose to go on the flight, so we went and arrived in Cancun aroung 3 or 4:00 am. We took a shuttle bus to the hotel, and checked in. Since we didn’t have our stuff, we just slept in our clothes. By the way, the entire time, my friends Andy H., Andy Z., and I were saying that Bryce and Amanda are so lucky, because they had an 8:00 flight to Houston that was actually ON TIME and they made it on the Cancun flight. Well, that was pretty much my first day. We got our luggage the second day, so we were pretty happy about that.

Trip to St.Louis (Part 2)

We went out of the movie theater and walked to our car. My family and I got in, and we drove 20 minutes to a restaurant called LuLu’s. The food there was pretty good, and they had my favorite, Egg Drop Soup. When we left with full bellies, we drove back to the hotel. When we got there, we went up to our room, and got ready for bed. That night, I slept pretty well. The next day, we got up and walked back to the visitor center. They weren’t open yet, so my brother and I played around for a bit. When they opened, we were the 3rd family to go in. We got inside and went to the tram entrance. A recorded voice told us to go to the bathroom, because there weren’t any at the top of the arch. My mom made everybody go, then we waited in line. It took about 5 minutes, then we got to walk to the door in front of the tram. The door was about one and a half to two feet wide, and four feet tall. When we were allowed to go in the tram, I was surprised, because I had been to the top before when I was like 6 and I thought the car was a lot bigger. My dad said that was because I was a lot smaller then, and I agreed. The ride up took about 5 to 10 minutes and the car was slightly shaky the whole time. I looked out the little window and saw stairs inside the arch. When we got to the top, I was stunned by the view. It was scary and breath-taking. I have a couple of pictures on my mom’s Iphone. We stayed up there for about 10-20 minutes, then went back down.

Trip to St. Louis (Part 1)

Last week, I went to St. Louis for the weekend. (Actually, just Sunday and Monday.) My family and I went to the top of the arch, saw the old courthouse where a famous case took place, and overall, had a great time. On the first day, we got to our hotel and stayed for about half an hour. The room was nice, with two beds, a closet, a bathroom, and a window that sadly, had no balcony. It was very scary to look out of the window at the ground below. We were on the 26th floor, and saw the arch out the window. My mom used my Ipad to try and find a restaurant for us to eat dinner at. This took a very long time, probably an hour. When we left, we walked the short distance to the visitor center at the arch. Just as we got there, a man put up a sign that said “Journey to the top: Sold out.” We went inside anyway, and my mom went to the desk and bought tickets for the next day. They came with a movie, but it wasn’t until another hour or sometime like that, so we looked around in the museum. I took lots of pictures, and then I wanted to go, so we went to see the movie. It was all about the arch’s construction. They showed workers building it with cranes, and it was really scary , watching men do this, when if you slip, you fall and die. There was a voice, (You know the movies with the person telling you about stuff) and it was explaining things, although he didn’t say anything about slip fall die. Anyway, when they got to about 400 feet, they had to put a rectangular structure connecting the two legs together, because if they started building in, the arch would collapse. You probably want to know how they built it up the 400 feet anyway. Well, they put something like train tracks up the arch, but it was for cranes, so that’s how they got it up. You know how workers got up there? They climbed up ladders at first, but when it got really high, they had to ride a platform up to the top. Just before the last piece was being lifted up, they needed to wet the arch, baecause it was hot, and the arch was starting to do something. (I forgot.) They used something to gently widen the space where the last piece was to go, because it was too narrow. Then they got it in, and the arch was completed. By the way, they fused the pieces together to keep the arch together. Then the movie was over.

Santa Claus Poem

Here is a poem I wrote about Santa delivering presents to a family.

In the middle of the night,


As he drives his sleigh


He climbs down the chimney


Entering through the fireplace,


Into the stockings


While sleeping soundly upstairs


He climbs back up the chimney,


He shouts, “Merry Christmas to all,


How many different things could stand for U.F.O.?




See how many combinations you can create!

Poem-2: Father’s Day Poem 2 :Fishing


You like going fishing, and so do I,

I especially like the places way up high.

You took us fishing by a mini-mountain

And the fish I caught had a giant fin.

Sometimes you go fishing just for fun,

And usually, when you’re done,

There’s a fish for dinner,

If it’s Dirum, to me it’s a big prize winner!

Poem-3: Father’s Day Poem: Ping-Pong


You play Ping-Pong with Grampa nearly every night,

Opposite ends of the table, with the ball in flight.

I know you enjoy this sport a lot,

Win against you, I cannot,

You’re too good,

So if you would,

Teach me how to play like you,

I’ll try to learn Ping-Pong too.

I’ll try to learn, and make it good

So then, you won’t have to wear a hood.

The hood would have to protect your head,

If most of my hits, not all, are bad!

But if you’re not home,

Then I’ll just practice on my own!

Worlds of Fun

Today, my friends and I went to Worlds of Fun. If you are a thrill seeker, I HIGHLY recommend the Mamba, Boomerang, Zulu, Patriot, and Detonator. There are a lot of other rides, but we left before I got to go on them. I LOOOOOVEEE Mamba and Patriot. Those are my most favorite rides EEEEEEEVVVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! The Mamba goes (I think) 205 ft. into the air going up, and then it’s basically a straight drop DOWN and then it goes up a smaller hill, and then it’s DOWN again and then it’s up on a straight platform and then it’s curved to the right going down and it keeps going in a circle until the roller coaster rights itself and you go up a few hills – there’s a camera – say cheese! – and then it’s on a really noisy platform and then down and then another noisy platform and then the ride is over.  Patriot goes upside down so beware! In Patriot, you don’t sit in little carts, you sit in…let’s say…legless seats. On Detonator, you go up a little and then, and then, you go up REALLY fast and then down and up and down and then it’s over. Don’t worry, you go up a pole thingy and the seats are the same as Patriot. Boomerang goes up kinda far and then it’s down and an upside down twist then an upside down loop and then it stops. It goes up and then back down only this time it’s backwards. I didn’t tell you but Boomerang is only a line – it’s not a loop like most of the others. It’s really loud though. Zulu is not a roller coaster. It is a circle with carts hanging down. Sorry, I can’t describe the looks extremely accurately, but it’s not super scary. All it does is spin, and then the center goes up until you’re straight up. May be this link will help:

Just look around the website and have fun!

I love Worlds of Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Mom, The Bomb – by Crystal

My mom, is a dangerous bomb,

Ready to explode,

At unexpected times,

With her temper.


But at other times,

My mom is nice,

And gives me praise,

For what I’ve done.


My mom, The Bomb,

Is quite strict,

But she is still my mom,

And I love her.

Combining States and Capitals

On a car ride, my brother and I made up weird things combining two states to make a new one. My brother thought of the states, and I made up the stuff. Here are some examples:

New York+Kansas=New Yansas or Kansork. Capital: Albeka or Topekany.

Nebraska+Colorado=Coloraska or Nebrado. Capital: Lincver or Dencoln.

Colorado+South Dakota=South Colorota or South Dakato. Capital: Denerre or Piver. Note: Piver is pronounced PEE-ver not Pi-ver. Denerre is pronounced Den-AIR not Den-er.

Florida+Louisiana=Louisiorida or Floriana. Capital: Baton Rasse or Tallarouge. Note: Baton Rasse is pronounced Ba-ton Ra-SEE. Tallarouge is pronounced Ta-luh-rooge.

Those are just a few of the ones we came up with. Our favorite state is New Yansas and our favorite capital is Piver.


Ok, I’ve got the pictures from my fishing experience. Wanna see them? Here they are:

Sorry I didn’t really get a good view of the fish; the sun was in my eyes and I couldn’t really see the DS screen. Plus, this fish would only flip around to show you his belly.

These are three views of a weird rock.

This is the dam and the red dot is my dad fishing.

Look at these rocks!

This was our view from on top of the bridge/dam on the other side. Here are more pictures:

Like the view?

Look at this flat rock!

Do you like these?

Those were the good pictures I took on the DSi. If you like them, let me know!


On March 16th, yesterday, I went fishing with my dad, grandpa, grandma, and brother. The ride took about an hour and a half. When  we finally got there, my dad got out some chairs, bait, fishing rods, and a cooler. He set up a rod and put the minnow on as bait and then I started fishing. I waited and waited and waited and got……………………nothing. The view was spectacular though. There was a dam and water was gushing out of two very wide things. But the rest of the things were closed.  Soon I got bored and started playing with the bucket of minnows. What I did with the rod was I just leaned it against the wire fence. Then, my brother and I started climbing a miniature mountain of rocks. My grandpa was already at the top. We walked along a road  and   I went to the other side. It was a bridge. The view at the top……………’s awesome. There’s a grill way down and an island I think so far away that it’s very faint.  Sorry there aren’t any pictures, I took all of the super cool ones on our D.S.i. and I don’t think you can load pictures from the D.S.i. onto the computer. We went back down, and I checked the rod to see if it still had bait and it did so I kept playing around, walked, ate some chips, drank Gatorade, even skipped lunch! Later, my dad and grandma went down by the river edge to fish. I went down too, and then I went back up to get the bucket of minnows to bring it down to my dad and grandma. I checked on the rod again. It wouldn’t move. Hmmm, I thought. the hook probably got caught on something. But that’s not right. Dad would have gotten it free. So I pulled to check for the bait and then, I saw a fish mouth. I pulled even harder and the fish came into view. My brother was up there with me, so I told him to go down by the river’s edge to get our dad. He went and got my dad and grandpa. My grandpa held the fishing rod, my brother reeled it in, my dad lifted the line, and I watched. That fish was HUMONGUS! He was like an inch and a half thick,  about 11 or 12 inches long, and three, four, or five inches tall! The hook was stuck in his belly, and my dad had to use pliers to get it out! We put him in the cooler and filled it with water. We fished for a little more, and then we went home.

VERE Strikes (Part 3)

It was quiet and dark. The element they sent to rob the bank had a flashlight. He seemed to be nervous. I would be nervous too, if I was to rob a top-security bank. I soon figured out which vault in the bank he was going to rob. It was the one with heaps of diamonds, piles of crystal, and mounds of every gem you can imagine. The element looked around before entering and, as quick as a wink, I slipped in through the vault door while he looked around. When he was sure nobody had seen him, he slipped in too.

“Freeze!” I shouted. He looked around startled, as I slipped a rope around him.

“Let me go! Let me go!” he yelled.

“Not until you tell me who you are!” I declared. Firmly.

“Well, I’m probably going to jail whether I tell you or not.” He said.

“Well, who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Bismuth.”

“Well, I’ve never known you to be crook. As a matter of fact, I’ve never even heard of you. But anyway, we’re going to the police station.” I took him out of the vault. We went out of the bank at the end Nickel was guarding. “I’ve got one of the V.E.R.E. here.” I told Nickel. “Come on, let’s go.”  Then we went to the police station. “I’ve got one of the V.E.R.E. here.” I called.

“Hello, Detective Cobalt. Oh and hello Nickel. And who else is with you?” said Arsenic.

“Arsenic, this is Bismuth, a member of V.E.R.E.” I explained. “The V.E.R.E. sent him in to rob the bank. I found him inside the vault.”

“Oh.” Arsenic said. “How did you know that they sent him in to rob the bank?”

“Well”, I said. “You know I told you I was going to Nickel’s house for a mystery. Well, the mystery was that someone tall and wearing a ski mask broke into his house somehow and took about 30 dollars from his wallet. When the thief saw Nickel, he or she jumped out the window, landed in his flowerbed and slid off leaving them wilted toward Carbon Boulevard. I examined the flowers and the flowerbed and found that glass was on the flowerbed and around it. Nickel showed me a note that said something like………. I can’t remember it but it was a code. When I figured out the code, it said ‘Robbery of bank at midnight or hand over $1,000,000 tonight!’ So then, we went to Iron and borrowed all this equipment. Then we waited and finally the thieves came. They argued about who to send in to rob the bank and finally sent in Bismuth.” Arsenic seemed to be thinking about it.

“Okay.” was all he said. “You can go. Good job.” So we left the police station.

“Let’s go visit Iron and say thanks for letting us equipment.” I said.

“Okay.” said Nickel. “But next time, I hope our adventure is more fun and exciting.”

A suprise visitor

While I was at Chinese School, my grandpa was at home. He opened our front door and…….. he found an opossum hiding behind our flower pot! He took a few pictures and, after he took some pictures, the opossum came out! He then took even more pictures and I think those pictures look great. Here are the pictures he took:


He looks furry




This opossum is about twice as long as a mouse! He wasn’t afraid at all about my grandpa taking pictures.

V.E.R.E. Strikes (Part Two)

That night, I thought about that note. Then, suddenly, I had an idea. I crept out of bed and checked the time. It was 10:34. Okay, I thought. It’s not too late. I went to Nickel’s house. Down Neon Road, Nitrogen Avenue, and Carbon Boulevard. When I got there, I had to ring the doorbell about ten times before Nickel answered it. I told him, “I need to see that note right now!” I came into his house. Nickel returned with the note in his hand, an eager expression on his face. I took out my pen and pad and wrote the alphabet backwards and again this time forward. I translated “Ijyyuib lu yzmp zg nrwmrtsg li szmw jevi $1,000,000 glmrtsg!” into “Robbery of bank at midnight or hand over $1,000,000 tonight!” Nickel read it too. I asked him, “What time is it?”

He answered “Ahhhhhhhhhh! It’s already 11:30!”

“Nickel, calm down!” I hastily said. “We have to hurry if we want to catch the thief in the act!”

 “Okay,” said Nickel. “Let’s go!”

At the bank, we were prepared. We each had a special satellite cell phone. If either of them sensed a robber, it would vibrate soundlessly and we could feel it. The other cell phone would also vibrate, only harder. We each had a backpack with tons of things we might need. We both dressed in black, color-change suits. My good friend Iron, who is an inventor, lent us these things. We waited for what seemed like an hour, though really five minutes, both of us positioned at different places. Finally, my phone started vibrating. Yes, I thought. He’s here. Or she. I waited, holding my breath. I saw a group of people walking towards me. It looked like, but no it couldn’t have been, yes it was, it looked like the group of Very Evil Radioactive Elements a.k.a. V.E.R.E. was here. The whole group! They were most of the radioactive elements. I couldn’t figure out who they were specifically though. They were arguing about whom to send in to rob the bank. I tried to hear what they were saying, but I just caught a few sentences.

“We can’t send in Nobelium.”

“Why not send in Californium?”

“Send in Rutherfordium.”

“He can’t be quiet.”

“Just let him go.”

“No! She can go.”

“No put Lawrencium in.”

I waited for them to stop arguing and finally they said “Okay, you go.” I couldn’t tell who they sent. Next thing I knew, they opened the door with a lock pick and whoever they sent went in. I had only one thought in my head. I slipped in too.

V.E.R.E. Strikes (Part one)

As I rushed down Neon Road, on my way to my friend Nickel’s house for an important case, I saw Arsenic walking along Neon Road. He spotted me and asked, “Where are you going, Detective Cobalt?”

I wanted to ask where he was going but instead I said, “To Nickel’s house for a mystery. He called me about five minutes ago.”

“Oh,” he said. While we were talking, we turned onto Nitrogen Avenue. One more block to Nickel’s house, I thought.

As we turned onto Carbon Boulevard, Nickel came running towards us waving his arms and saying “I’ve been robbed!” over and over again. I was used to this sort of behavior from him.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I was in my house on the computer.” Nickel instantly said. “I heard a thump and wondered who it could be. I went downstairs to check and found a robber raiding my wallet. When he saw me, he jumped out the window, leaving my wallet behind. Luckily, he only took about one-third of the money. There was only about one hundred dollars. When I looked out the window, the robber was running away down Carbon Boulevard. He seemed to have landed in my flowerbed. My flowers are beautiful and today they’re in bloom.”

 Well, everyone knew that Nickel had a green thumb, and his flowers didn’t just bloom. Their petals bursted open and there were only three flowers in his flowerbed because their petals were so big.

“So the thief must have had a nice and bouncy landing,” I muttered to myself. “What story of your house were you on, Nickel?” I asked.

“The first story.” he replied.

“Okay.” I said. “Continue.”

“Well, he turned onto Copper Street and vanished from view. Then I called you.”

“All right.” I said. “Let’s go to your house.” So we walked up to Nickel’s front door. As we went, I saw Nickel was right. The thief had really landed in Nickel’s flowerbed because the flowers were ruffled and a slightly wilted.

“Hold on.” I said to Nickel. I walked over to the flowerbed and began examining it. The flowers were wilting towards the road, their petals still in full bloom. I noticed some small pieces of glass in the flowerbed and around it. It seemed as though the thief had jumped out the window, landed in the flowerbed, and slid off, leaving them wilting towards Carbon Boulevard. As I walked into Nickel’s house, I noticed that Arsenic was gone. I thought it was very odd because Arsenic liked being in the thick of the action and that was made him such a good police element. I asked Nickel to show me the window the thief jumped out of. The glass was on the outside which means the thief had really jumped out of the window. As I had no clues, I asked Nickel “What did the thief look like?”

“Well, they were wearing a ski mask so I couldn’t see their face. They were very tall. Oh yes, I forgot something. It left a note.”

“Let me see it.” I said. So he showed me the note. It said “Ijyyuib lu yzmp zg nrwmrtsg li szmw jevi $1,000,000 glmrtsg!” What what what what what what what what what? I thought.

 “Do you understand it?” asked Nickel eagerly. I shook my head, and the smile on Nickel’s face disappeared.

“I mean, who can?” I said.

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I drew this:

If you like this picture, please vote for me(crystal)! I don’t think I did a very good job on the Chinese words but anyway, Happy year of the Rabbit!!!

The Obstacle Course Race

The obstacle course race.

Everybody wants 1st place.

The judges yell “Go!”

The first part is low.

Jump over the hurdles,

Some kids are like turtles.

Around the track,

Oops! Got held back!

Crawl through the tunnel,

Shaped like a funnel.

Racing toward the end,

just around the bend.

It’s a tie!

The prize is pie!

4 Seasons

Summer, summer is so fun!

Grill some hot dogs on a bun!

Keep drinking fresh lemonade,

 You also need trees for the shade.


Autumn, autumn, leaves will fall,

Cold is starting but that’s not all.

Go rake your leaves into a pile,

Then jump in with a great big smile!


Winter, winter is so white,

Make a fort and have a snowball fight!

Go skiing, or maybe go skating,

Also go sledding, why are you waiting?


Spring oh spring, so many things to do,

You can wear shorts and go biking too!

Time for gardening, maybe plant trees,

Then play outside with a gentle breeze



I wrote these a while ago.

Snow day fun

I built a fort today! It is a cave. Here’s a picture:

A cave of snow It didn’t take too long, but smoothing out the floor and shoveling out the snow from the inside was back-breaking. I also dug out the cave and made sure that the ceiling wouldn’t fall down. My brother and I tested it. It’s too small to sit in, but you can still lay down in it. When you lay down though, you have to be careful you don’t touch the ceiling too hard or it will collapse. And that is what I did on my snow day.         P.S. I snowboarded and it was so cold, that after you brushed away all the snow from one spot,(the snow was pretty deep so it was hard to even brush away one place), there was ice COVERING, and I mean COVERING the ground at the place where we went sledding or, as in my case, snowboarding.