About this site

This site is a place where little gems can share thoughts and ideas with each other, and show their works, or seek help and input from the group.  It is a place where they can shine with their creativity, imagination, knowledge and skills.


To become an author of the blog, follow this: https://shinygemskc.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/register-and-become-an-author-of-the-blog/

5 responses to “About this site

  1. It felt great just by looking and opening the presents.

  2. I had a wonderful Christmas I got great presents such as new lego building sets and I got many wonderful books, I really hope this would happen next year.

  3. Sking is awesome! I am sooooooooo tired after all that skiing I did today. My cousins are coming over today and I’m really excited. Keep looking for comments!

    • Hi Aquarmarine, we are so glad to see you on this blog. You went to ski? Where? How fun! But I also know that it can make people very tired too. However, we really like to see your post about more details of your ski trip. May I invite you to be an “Author” for this blog? Being an “Author” means that you can also submit your own post/writing, upload pictures, etc. It will let you do much more than just write “Comments” or leave a “Reply”. If you want to be an “Author”, please let me know the email address I should send the invite to. Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi diamond didn’t see my comment? don’t know what happened last night. KEEP LOOKING!

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