Daily Archives: September 2, 2013

Mary Kay!!

Yesterday I went to my sister’s ex-teacher’s house. Kinda ex-teacher, I mean, she’s still a teacher, just at a different school. Her name is Mrs. Reagan. She is a part-time teacher, part time Mary Kay consultant. And half Jap! And not to mention a cool dog. That is cool. And a dog. Cool.

She invited us upstairs to her Mary Kay room. It looked ENTIRELY different from the rest of the house. It was pink and everywhere was Mary Kay; Lipstick, make up, stuff-i-can’t-name, exfoliating lotions, rejuvenating creams, and more. Mary Kay advertisements and products decorated the room.

Mrs. Reagan set up a mirror and make-up tray for each of us. The first step was to take a wet washcloth and rinse your face to clean your pores. Next we put moisturizing cream and rubbed it on our faces and necks, then rinsed it off with the washcloth again. For my sister and I, Mrs. Reagan had a mask- cream substance. It was stiff and white, and not long after we slathered it on, it started to harden. Whenever we tried to make any facial expressions, the mask would feel tight on our skin. And because we looked so funny, I tried to laugh through the mask, but I ended up  making undefinable noises.

After the mask settled down, Mrs. Reagan squirted out a gritty lotion-like cream on our make up trays that we rubbed on our lips to make them softer. This was washed of later with the wash cloth.

Then there was makeup. My mom and sister had this cool eyeliner, eyshadow,  and stuff.  My mom REALLY fell in love with the hilighter pen. It had her skintone and covered up some of the bags under her eyes!  And my sister got her eyebrows darkened and found a flattering shade of eye shadow called Granite. Although I didn’t get to use that make-up, I got some lip gloss samples. One was called Mango Tango that was an electric red, and Pink parfait which looked like bubblegum pink. Mixed together they looked nice.

I recommend you all go to Mrs. Reagan’s house for a trial! You don’t have to purchase anything when you go! Contact Park Ranger for info at zma1996@yahoo.com