Taylor Swift Red Tour

Last night at Sprint Center I watched Taylor Swift’s Red tour. It was beyond amazing!! The opening acts were AWESOME, Ed Sheeran totally rocked it! After a series of commercials and whatnot, finally at 8:30 Taylor made her grand entrance. I sang along to all her songs, it was the best experience! Taylor was so nice and she looked incredibly pretty. While performing her red album, she also brought back some old hits, including Mean, Sparks Fly, and You Belong With Me. I was dumbstruck at how quickly she changed, that counts as a talent! She went through the concert with more than 5 outfits!
The concert ended at 10:00, all too soon. Finishing with a grand flourish, Taylor got everyone standing and singing along to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Taylor Swift is one of my many favorite singers; I enjoyed the concert more than I can say. The special effects were over the chart; basically everything was over the chart! It was my first time at one of her concerts and I hope it isn’t the last!!

One response to “Taylor Swift Red Tour

  1. I was with Blue Spinel and I totally agree! She looked amazing and sang just as well!

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