Universal Studios Hollywood: Studio Tour

Today, we are going to Universal Studios, Hollywood! When we get there, there are huge doors that welcome us into Universal Studios. We walk along the red carpet, which leads us into the park. After looking at the maps, we decide to go on the Studio Tour first. There, the line is over an hour long! When we get onto the tram, it takes us to the different sets, where actual movies and T.V. shows are filmed! The Voice and movies such as Despicable Me 2 are filmed there.

Then, we go into a 3D King Kong experience. The tram rolls along into a dark tunnel. For a moment, everything is silent and pitch black. Then, the screens that stretch over our head and covering everything we can see, lights up. We are in a forest, back in the time of the dinosaurs. A purple little dinosaur looks at us, cocking its head. We hear bird calls and other forest sounds. Everything stops. The purple dinosaur turns and runs, followed by its friends. A huge T-Rex comes into view, preceded by thundering footsteps. He roars, but another T-Rex decides to join the fun. Together, they are the kings of the forest until… A humongous ape crashes through the trees, beating its chest and roaring. The two T-Rexes and King Kong battle for dominance. King Kong throws one of the T-Rexes onto the tram. The tram shudders, but the T-Rex quickly gets up bounds off the tram and towards King Kong. The two foes battle each other for dominance for a while more. Then King Kong throws a T-Rex into the side of our tram. Our tram shakes and we seem to crash through the trees until we reach a cliff. The chasm isn’t too wide, and there are vines that stretch across it. King Kong bounds through the trees and pushes us off the cliff! We lay there, suspended by the vines and look up, seeing the tow still fighting. A T-Rex falls onto the vines as well, and they shudder, and break! We fall into the spiraling darkness… and the doors to the tunnel open and we are once again out into the bright sunlight. What an experience!

We next see the town where many things were filmed. It could look like any suburban neighborhood. Desperate Housewives was filmed there. Then comes a street. A random street. It could be in New York, Chicago, California, you name it. Multiple movies have used this street.

We then ride into a train station. We stop as the tour guide, Kevin, talks about the movie filmed in there. The movie was known as Earthquake. In the train station, there all of a sudden is a violent tremor. Kevin reassures us by telling us how LA/Hollywood often have these “little” earthquake tremors. But then the ground starts shaking really hard, the walls are trembling, about to collapse, and the roof comes crashing down, revealing a car that slides down and comes very, very close to the tram. I actually believe that it’s a real earthquake until I hear Kevin, telling us how this is just a little quake, that it will be over soon, but then, as he turns off his microphone, I hear him laughing. A train comes into the train station, but the collapsed roof is in the way. The train hits it, and crumples, because it was going at such a high speed. A roaring noise fills my ears and Kevin tells us that the water main must have broken. Flood! Water comes pouring out at us and we can fell it all over us. The tram shakes, but we aren’t hurt. Just wet. There is a cracking noise, and the train has broken in two. “Let’s get out of here!” exclaims Kevin, and the tram starts rolling forward. We’ve almost made it out, but then the second half of the train comes swinging towards us, but we get out of the way just in time.

We drive along until we reach Whoville from Dr. Seuss’s book Horton Hears a Who. The buildings are huge, making all the characters in there seem tiny. The bendy buildings, the pastel colors, it looked like I walked straight into a book. That was pretty cool. As we pass Whoville, we go into a section full of automobiles. The batman car was there, looking sleek and shiny, and so was the car from Jurassic Park that ended up in a tree. Kevin told us that the whole car was made from plywood so that it can land in the tree without breaking too many branches or falling out of the tree.

We roll along in our tram and approach a lake. I see a shark that was hanged and killed and immediately know that this is from the movie Jaws.  Kevin tells us that there have been no shark attacks since 1893, but a scuba diver is in the middle of the lake, swimming when a gray dorsal fin surfaces and heads right towards him. The water around the diver starts turning red. He screams and disappears under the surface. “Uh oh,” says Kevin, “Looks like there are more shark attacks! Why don’t we hide behind the gasoline cans?” We roll along behind the gasoline cans and watch as the dorsal fin approaches then leap out of the water, swinging his tail and…BOOM! His tail hit the cans and they exploded! Fire blazes out and we can feel the heat on our faces. Great idea, Kevin. We drive around the lake and leave it, as Kevin tells how Bruce the mechanical shark was built in freshwater, tested in freshwater, and filmed in saltwater. The system would go haywire and the shark would randomly swim around. They had to keep on fixing it, over and over, until…it worked…but failed again. Eventually, Bruce worked and the movie was finally filmed. The tour concluded then and we drove back into the tram station. It was so much fun! I hope to go again on this ride, even though the experiences won’t be as spectacular, because I know what’s coming. If you ever go to Universal Studios, Hollywood, be sure to go on the Studio Tour. 



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