(I DK yet)

Once there was a girl. Her name was Radine. The day Radine was born, was the day World War XI began. But life wasn’t much better before it started. The previous militia rebels stole and spent the last of the country’s money on boats, which were eventually sunk by British Marines. So the country looked as if it had un-aged for a century. No electricity was available, nor running water. So the citizens of Jorgen-Barta (no longer America) had to dig wells and farm crops to survive Tyrant Jorgen’s barren wastelands.

Since the Tyrant had claimed this land, traditions changed. Instead of looking for love on your own, he had his witchdoctors and witchcrafters change it. According to the witches, every couple had a special and different symbol or ensignia. The female (at birth) would recieve one half of the symbol as a necklace, and the male the other half. And when they each reached sixteen, they would journey on a pilgramage from their seperate villages to rejoice for the first time together.

Radine was born in a village laced in plague. Her mother died a moment before giving birth to her, and so Radine had to live on her own from the age of six, when her father was killed.

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