How to make a Three layer cake

Hi there. Today is Park Ranger’s birthday, so I made her a cake! My sister, Prometheus, and I decided to make this year’s birthday cake extraordinary! It was a three layer cake with one layer German chocolate, one layer of crumbled marble cake, ( because when we took it out of the pan, it crumbled up. So we improvised.) and the last layer was pink vanilla cake.

You will require the follow to make the cake:

a whisk or an electric mixer

rubber spatula

cake mixes of your choice

3 regular tubs of frosting of your choice (I recommend whipped vanilla)

(optional) decorating icing

First, prepare each cake as directed upon the packages in seperate round pans, and don’t forget to grease the edges! After the cakes are done baking, then wait for them to cool. After they are cooled, take a knife ( no ridges) and cut a slight bit of cake top off so that the surface is moderately smooth. Do that to the rest of the cakes. then choose one cake as the base layer, and plop about a good two or three tablespoons of icing and smoothen it out with the rubber spatula. Then place the next cut layer of cake evenly on top of the base, and spread more icing on that, and place the last layer on top. Press the top of the cake firmly to ensure that the cake is intact. Then, using the remaining frosting, cover the edges and the top of the cake. then you may decorate howeveryou please!


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