At the Nelson

Today I went to the Nelson to look at the 江山行旅, Journey through the Rivers and Mountains. This weekend is the last day they are showing it. After this weekend they will put everything back so that it won’t be damaged by the light and temperature, things like that. The next time I see this stuff will probably be in 10 or 20 years!

My favorite was the paintings. I couldn’t believe that such detail could be produced by brushes! I already went there for a school field trip last quarter. It meant much more when I knew more from our field trip. I could look at things more in detail. The other things like ceramics and pottery were amazing too. They didn’t have tools like we have today yet they managed to make beautiful works of art! I got to see so much of our culture, I am proud to be Chinese!


4 responses to “At the Nelson

  1. I loved the incredible fine details, too. I wonder how much practice they had before they were able to produce such master piece. I wonder if those practices were easier that practicing music everyday. Human’s potential is unbelievable!

  2. Why is it so big? I thought it was bolded but it wasn’t.

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