Egypt Journal-Day One-Cairo

Cairo, Day 1
I’m finally in Cairo! The plane was really boring, though the food wasn’t that bad… I was actually really surprised that Cairo wasn’t as hot as I expected. The airport was really nice and organized; much better than New York’s JFK airport. A travel guide from Trafalgar, the company that we are following, met us as we exited the airport. Imead, our guide, pronounced (Ee-me-ad), told us some very interesting things about Cairo. Cairo is quite noisy and very busy, like China except all the signs are in Arabic. The time it takes to get in and out of downtown ranges between 18 min and 2 days. Our hotel, Fairmount, is very nice and has many trees and lush greenery. We slept off the time difference and took a walk around Cairo. When we got back, we ate at a Lebanon restaurant inside the hotel. The bread was wonderful and so was the flavorful chicken. The shrimp, fish, and lamb wasn’t as good, but it was still tasty.  We then went back to our hotel room, where we are at now.


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