Daily Archives: April 20, 2013


On 4/13/2013, Blue Spinel and I attended the ‘Color-Me-Rad Fundraiser Race’. It is a race that you can attend that raises money for the Special Olympics. This race is national, so it’s not very often you can go to it. Basically what it was in short was a 5,000 meter race where you got sprayed with paint every Kilometer.

Blue Spinel and I were at thefront of the starting line, while the DJ was throwing pink and purple powder at the upcoming runners. We were the ten o’ clock racers. Before I knew it, the DJ was doing a starting count down to begin the race.

During the first thirsty seconds of the race, Blue Spinel and I  were at the front of the crawling mob of people. There were groups I categorized them in: the fast athletic ones, the pace yourself ones, the joggers, the walkers, and the leisurely ones. Blue spinel and I were in the joggers and pace your self group. We occasionally sprinted, then jogged, walked, fast walked, jogged, sprinted, and so on. This running tactic was really cold for conserving energy.

The first color point one the race was pink. There were bucketfuls of pink pigmenting powder that was thrown at uperson person had a dry spray hose that made Blue Spinel and I look like walking dolls. In the middle of the color point, volunteers were handing out color bombs. I caught two of them, blue and purple. Color bombs (copyrighted) are Justin two by three plastic packets of pigmenting powder.

The next color was yellow, and I was almost out of breath.  But Blue Spinel and I managed to run through the yellow. Volunteers were sprathey yellow paint every where and I got two nice thick stripes across my back. Next was the purple powder, and Blue Spinel and I had agreed to Gangnam Style through it. Coincidently, there was someone playing it on their phone. I was sprinkled in purple over my shorts, and the. I pushed Blue Spinel forward to get colorful.

The final color was orange, which was powder. I got excited and ran faster because i could hear the DJ yell through his megaphone. At the finish line, I picked up some abandoned color bombs with Blue Spinel, and we threw them at her mom and Park Ranger.

This was the funnest Running event in my life and I one hundred percent recommend it to anyone who is willingly to get messy. I hope the color run comes back to Kansas soon!