Daily Archives: April 16, 2013

Egypt Journal-Day One-New York

I’m in NY right now, in the New York Palace hotel. This journal entry is just a huge list of what I did today, so this is what I did today : 1) I went to a huge church that was intricately decorated with white marble and stained glass windows. It’s basically your average church with way more details and statues trimmed with gold. The interior was filled with tons of candles and it was known as St. Patrick’s Church. Not the most creative name but it was beautiful. 2) We went to the Rockfeller Center and saw a huge gold statue in a fountain in front of a huge ice skating rink that held about two people, but its maximum occupancy was about 250 people. 3) We looked around Legoland. There was a dragon, a replica of a statue in Rockfeller Center, a big red apple, and other things that were made entirely out of Legos. My estimate on how many Legos used and how much time it took? About 2500 Legos and some 12 hours with multiple Lego experts working on it. The statues were huge! One wall was lined with depressions that held some 2 million Legos (that’s an estimate). The whole wall, floor to ceiling, held small depressions, about one inch apart, filled with different types of Legos. There must’ve been about 200 types in all! 4) We looked around the Metropolitan Museum of Art shop and saw some really awesome glass birds. We also saw these glass magnets that had flowers and butterflies in them. They were beautiful. I read a book on optical illusions and the encyclopedia to immaturity. They had a few pretty good tips on how to disrupt classes and other crazy things. 5) By the time we got out of that shop, it was raining. We ate at a Chinese restaurant, thinking that in Egypt we wouldn’t be able to eat Chinese food. The things my mom ordered were pretty good, but half of them were spicy, and if you know me, then you should realize that I DON’T EAT SPICY FOOD. That being said, I tried the two spicy dishes and started on the fried rice. Nom nom nom. It was good food. 6) When we were rushing back to our hotel, it was raining, raining, raining. My coat got all wet. Humph. 7) I’m back at the hotel about to go to bed, so good night!