My Spring Break 2013

On March 23, 2013 I got off the boat, saying my farewells to Princess. Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel… I will really miss the warm touch of the brilliant sun, the gentle sea spray, or the magical feel of life in every nook or cranny, underneath every rock or behind colorful coral.

So now in the car, I write this journal.
My favorite countries were probably Roatan and Belize. Roatan with its place teeming of life, and Belize with the wonderful snorkeling.
In Roatan we went to an iguana farm (they are so cute!) afterwards some monkeys climbed on our heads (they are also so cute!) Did you know that monkeys are known for their playful and lovable behavior?
Oh mama, Belize was just beautiful! We rode a boat to a small island. It had slightly rocky pale cream colored sand, with cool, crystal clear water. Palm trees were scattered here and there. There were two shacks for food and some gift shopping.
We went snorkeling in the crystal clear water there. The guide we had with us was very nice, I gave him a tip. Omigosh it was pretty! We saw a stoplight parrot fish, some blue angelfish, and even a barracuda! The sand there was very soft, unlike the rocky sand on the island. I was sad when we left the island.
After stoppingg by at Cozumel for some gift shopping, we came back to the boat for the last day. Princess Pop Choir preformed then after a few shows, we all went back to our beds for the last night at Princess.
So now, with a tan and warm memories, I write this conclusion: Princess, I miss your room service! But I also miss the sun and carefree times, although I know I must go home to my responsibilities. I hope to be on a cruise with Princess again, if not at least travel to Roatan, Belize, or Cozumel. Until then, I guess I’m gonna stay in Kansas for now!

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