A Rose

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

This is a personal narrative of a rose I saw. Even though its ridiculous, I want to know if you guys approve of my describing skills. Yup.

It glimmered in the transparency of the sunlight, decorated with crystalline dew drops like studded jewels. The colors of the rose were absolutely glass-breaking. They appeared soft like the chest of a Cedar Waxwing, with  Mother Nature’s beautiful bland of eye-popping hues.

The stem and leaves of the rose were an army green, with bright spots of budding lime, as a sign of freshness. The petals are like jumping into a sea of silk. A pale, soft  orange washes over the half of the petals which are tipped with a vibrant neon orange. The near center of the rose is breathtaking. The pale orange and a ghostly yellow mix creating an astonishingly beautiful color as soft as featherdown, and as vibrant as a bird of paradise.

The still budding center is gentle, like as the song of an bunting, and the air of a glowing moon. In fact from a bird’s eye view, the shade of moonlit yellow is like a fantastical picture of a mid explosion.

7 responses to “A Rose

  1. Pretty! Do you have a picture of the rose? Not that I need it, great job!

  2. That takes some serious skill

  3. Whew. Amazing. I can seriously see what you are descriing.

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