Daily Archives: February 4, 2013

Horse Back Riding

For my birthday, we went horseback riding at the same place we went to for my sister’s birthday, Saddle Creek Stables. Last time I went I had a beautiful and well behaved horse. This time I had a beautiful and, well, sort of lazy horse. Her name is Pocahontas, Poco for short because she was so slow. She had a very pretty dappled coat. Butterscotch, snowy white, and raven black. Poco is also a bit small, the perfect size for me. I would have no problem riding the beautiful thing; she is very nice and great for kids.

Poco can slack off a bit though, when the lady was introducing her to some people, she said that a snail could probably beat her! Poco is also very well behaved, she obeys all my commands and responds to the slightest twitch of the reins-of course in her own time. I would have to squeeze my legs together to get her to go a little faster. I said”walk” so many times it doesn’t seem like a word anymore!

The last time we went, autumn colors were dancing so the view was amazing. This time the view wasn’t as pretty but being in the woods with nature is still breathtaking. We got to see three doe! They were so graceful and pretty.

Just like last time, as soon as we neared the ranch, I felt my stomach drop and my heart bracing itself to say good bye to my horse. This time I actually moaned out loud. As slow as Poco was, she was still just as well behaved as Leah, my horse last time. I loved her and nearly cried when Poco was lead away. I actually did get misty, no one noticed though. God bless my beautiful Leah, and young little Poke. I hope I will go riding again sometime soon.