Time Freeze Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I jump out of my seat, point at him and exclaim, “Jordan! What are you doing here?!” I cover my mouth, the second I say that. Everyone looks at me, and starts talking. “Oops, sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.”

“Haha, well it looks like you two know each other.” My teacher says to us. He turns to Jordan and says, “I’m sure you know Amber too, right?” Jordan nods. “Then you can take the seat next to her.” He starts walking over to me, and all the girls glare at me. I can tell this is going to be a hard year.

I slide down in my chair, hoping Mr. Matthews could start class already, but instead he says, “Oh, yeah, Amber, you will be in charge of giving a tour around the school for Jordan and Serena.” Oh great, I think to myself. It’s going to be a perfect day.

Jordan leans over to me and asks, “Is the teacher nice?”

“Mhm, he’s not bad, really funny. Now tell me, are you still worried about making friends?” I whisper back.

“I think I’m fine, considering that I know you, your sister, and your boyfriend.” I was about to tell him Chase isn’t my boyfriend, but Mr. Matthews interrupts me.

“Are you two done talking? We need to start class, you two can talk after.” I feel my cheeks burn, and all the girls eyes turn into wolf eyes, ready to catch their prey, which is me. I nod, and take out my spiral, and start jotting down the notes Mr. Matthews is writing down. Today we’re talking about nine eleven and the twin towers. After I finish taking the notes, I rip a piece of paper and write,

Chase isn’t my boyfriend!

I hand it to Jordan, who takes it and reads it under the table. He picks up his pencil and scribbles something on the paper, and hands it back to me. I take it and look at it. His handwriting is horrible! It took me a whole five minutes to decipher the two sentences he wrote. It said,

You sure about that? Even though I just met you, I can see he likes you.

I stick my tongue at him and tear up the piece of paper. I grab the papers Abby hands to me.  I take one and give the last piece to Jordan. I scan the paper and see that we are doing it in groups of four. Abby nudges me, and points at me, Jordan, Serena, and herself. I nod.

But Mr. Matthews makes us change our plans. He says, “Because we don’t have many people in this class, instead of groups of fours, we will do groups of twos.” I nudge Abby this time, and she nods.  He continues on, “I will be assigning the partners.”  Everyone groans. I think, please don’t let it be Jordan, not Jordan, please. “I will call two names, and the two people I call will stand up. Drew and Alec, William and Austin.” They stand up; Drew looks upset, and William and Austin high-five each other. “Josie and Kyle, Joshua with Liz.” He continues and I block it out. I hear my name get called and I stand. Then he says my partner’s name, which just happens to be Jordan. I swallow a groan and fake a smile.

“Lucky!” Abby tells me.

“Tell that to yourself,” I grumble. “Who’s your partner?”


“Not bad, tell me if she’s nice.” Mr. Matthews opens his mouth to say more, but the bell rings. I stand up, grab my stuff and tell Jordan and Serena to put their stuff away, and meet me by my locker.

I go up to Calvina, who is at her locker and say, “You’re never going to believe who is the new guy.”

“Oh really?” She says with a raised eyebrow. “Try me.”

“It’s Jordan.” I wait for that to sink in, but it doesn’t. So I say, “The Changer we met this morning.”

“You’re kidding me right?” She gasps. “No way! Give me proof!”

“I got proof,” I point over to Jordan, who is walking over to us. “There is my proof, and I need to give him and the new girl a tour of the school, so I won’t be in band. Can you tell that to the band teacher on your way to the strings room? Thanks.”

“Yea, who’s the new girl?”

“Serena, she’s Chinese. She looks shy, but I think we can be friends.” The second I finish saying the last word, Jordan comes over. After a minute, Serena is here, and she says hi to Calvina. Then my sister leaves for her next class. Just when I was about to start the tour, Chase comes running over to me.

“What is he doing here?!” Chase demands as he points at Jordan.

“He’s apparently the new student, and now if you excuse me, I need to give them a tour.” I push him out of my way and start leaving. But I hear Chase say, “Watch him closely!” I ignore the last comment and start the tour.

“We are going to go to the music hall first. I’m in band, and I play the flute. Are you doing strings, band, or choir?” I ask.

“I play the alto sax,” Jordan replies.

“I’m in strings, I play the violin,” Serena says.

“That’s cool, the strings teacher, Mrs. Goldmen, is very nice– my sister, Calvina, has her. On the other hand, Mr. White, the band teacher sucks, I like band, but not the teacher.” I walk to the end of a hallway and turn left. “Over there is the gifted room, and the library.” I point to the hallway that is to the right of us. “The auditorium is to the left.” I keep on walking, and I point out where the sophomores, juniors, and seniors have their lockers. We also pass by the swimming pool, and the gym.

We finally reach the music hall, we hear the band and strings people playing their instruments. The two sounds battle against each other, making it sound chaotic in the hallway. I shout over the noise, “As you can tell, this is the music hall, the band room to your left and the strings room to your right, you will keep your instruments in the room. You bring it here every morning and take it before you leave. You NEVER put you instrument in your locker, not that you can fit it in. Oh, the the choir room is next to the band room; you just can hear them.”

I cover my ears, and walk past the three rooms, to the end of the hallway and say, “Over here is the door to the track.” I walk out of the music hall, and to our left is two sets of doors. “This is the south entrance, if you ride the bus, you get off and on here. Also you can walk over to the middle school, which is really close by. And the room in front of us is the counselor’s room.” I hit myself on the forehead and exclaim, “Shoot! Forgot to show you guys the French and Spanish rooms. Oh well, I’ll show you that last. Are any of you taking a foreign language?”

Serena shakes her head, while Jordan nods.

“I’m taking Latin.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you where that is last. Now, to the commons! That’s what we call the lunchroom.” I turn to the left, then the left again. We enter a large open room, with white walls, and colored tiles.

“Tada!” I exclaim. “It’s kind of plain, but hey, the foods good here! And bonus points too! We order food from places like, Burger King, McDonalds, Sonic, and other places like that every other Friday! At the wall that is across from us, the has two doors, one leads to outside, and the other to the nurse. To your left is where you get your lunch.”

I walk across the room, reach the front entrance, and pass the office. “I’m sure you have seen the office and front door, so we just made a circle. Also the Latin room is in the tenth grade pod. So that’s the end of our tour! Third hour is going to start soon. What do you have next? I’ve got reading, with Mrs. Bender.”

“Same,” They both say at the same time.

“Wow… LOL.” I laugh. “Well let’s go. Mrs. Bender hates tardy students.” We walk together back to the locker area and grab our stuff, then head to Mrs. Bender’s room.

We take the three open seats in the back. Chase also walks in and takes the seat next me. I groan and slouch down in my seat. Why? It’s not like I like him, he knows it too. Can’t he just leave me alone?

Mrs. Bender walks into the room the second the bell rings. A guy runs in exactly one second late, panting like a dog.

“You’re late!” Mrs. Bender states strictly. “Is anyone missing?” She starts class when no one answers. “Today we are having a surprise quiz on the reading process. I know this was from a long time ago, four years ago to be exact. But I want to make sure you still remember everything you learned in middle school.” Nobody dares to make a noise, but we all are complaining on the inside. She hands us a paper, and on it is a bunch of lines and numbers. I don’t remember much, but I try my best. Let’s see.. the first step is to set a purpose, next is plan, and so on. When we all finish, Mrs. Bender collects our papers, and starts a long boring talk about the importance of reading. I almost fall asleep, but then Chase sends me a note. I open it up and see,

Meet me after school at the Rock.

The Rock is a rock near the track, people usually meet up there after school. I crumple up the note and decide that the lesson is more important. The day passes by quickly, algebra, science, then lunch.

Lunch is awesome, I love it, like most kids. The food is great, well that’s my opinion, I know people who don’t like the lunch here. Also I can just chillax and talk with friends, have some fun. I go grab a tray, and get some chicken nuggets, a little bit of mash potatoes with a ton of yellow gravy, and a dinner roll. I also get some slices of honeydew melon. This is always my favorite lunch here. I pay, and get a cup of water. I walk over to my usual table were all my other friends are seating. They wave at me to tell me to go over there, but today I want to sit with Serena and Jordan. 1) Because I think they would be great friends, 2) so I can piss Chase off about sitting with Jordan, and 3) because I got to know if Jordan is trustworthy or not. I pick a table that is right next to my friends, so I can still talk to them.

“Sorry!” I tell them. “There’s not enough seats for Jordan and Serena.”

“Oh, okay,” One of my friend, Liz says. “But what’s your relationship with Jordan anyways?” Everyone at the table nods in agreement, curious about it too.

“What? It’s nothing, I just happened to meet him before school.”

“That doesn’t make sense. You were with me the entire time,” Abby notes. Oops, I think. Darn it, need to think of something!

“Uh… I was um…” I stutter, luckily Calvina comes over.

“What’s up everyone?” She asks.

“Nothing much, just questioning Amber’s status with Jordan. You know him too, right?” Liz interrogates my sister.

“Yeah, I know him.”


“Does it matter?”

“Well duh!” I watch them talk to each other, it feels like a ping-pong game, back and forth, from Liz to Calvina.

“Fine, Amber met him before, and she introduced me to him, there, it’s that easy.” At that time, I see Jordan, I wave at him to tell him to sit with me, but he didn’t see me. So I get up, out of my seat and walk over to Jordan, who looks like he has no idea where to sit.

“Want to sit with me?” I ask him. He nods. “Well then, it’s this way.” I steer him over to where I am seating.

I introduce him to my friends, “Jordan meet my friends, everyone this is the famous Jordan.”

“Hey,” he says to my friends with a smile, and everyone at that table smiles back at him. I notice that smile is his trademark smile; he shows all his top teeth, and his mouth looks like half a circle. Also when he smiles, his eyes twinkle with something that looks like sadness. I think he actually has a dark history behind him. He could easily be super popular, and Chase could have some competition. Jordan chats with my friends, and Serena comes over. I introduce her to my friends, and she quickly becomes friends with Rachel, who is also Chinese. They have conversations in Chinese, leaving us in awe and wishing we could do that too. Soon lunch is over and class is about to start.

I head to my next class, which is language arts. Jordan’s in in my class… Again. Hip-hip-hooray… Well, he’s not that bad, but still it gets kind of annoying how he seems to follows me around everywhere. He sits next to me, and starts reading a book. I look at the cover and it says, Artemis Fowl. I don’t like that book, once a friend had told me it was good, and I tried to read it, but I didn’t like it. I finished the first book, and a bit of the second book. I have to say, the second was better, but I never finished so I’m not positive about that. Class starts as quickly as it ends. Today, this class was a bunch of fun, our teacher, let us play some games, and talk.

Finally, it’s my favorite class, gym. I love gym, it’s so much fun. Today, I believe we are playing basketball, which is one of my best and favorite sport. I go into the girls locker areas to change. My gym locker is near Calvina’s and Liz’s. I was about to unlock the locker, when I feel the pain again on my arm, this time I don’t think about anything, and just grab onto Calvina and  freeze time. I feel dizzy and cold, but I ignore the feeling and just drag my sister out of the locker room, and out to the gym room. I find Jordan out there too, looking frantic at first, but once he sees me, he calms down.

“Wait, did you do that?” he asks me. I put my hand up, telling him I don’t want to talk now. The world slowly goes dark again, and I collapse on the floor.


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