Snow Creek Skiing

What is skinny, long, and makes you fall on your butt? …… Skies!

Yesterday my dad and I went to Snow Creek to go skiing. My dad and I made the mistake of bundling up with the assumption of it being blistering cold. Actually, once you start moving, it can get kind of warm. It was our first time there so we took lessons. Our teacher wasn’t that great. She said a naughty word and she doesn’t seem really patient. She sighed when I fell. And she was like “You just made a big accomplishment – you realized that your feet are now as big as your skies!” how embarrassing!!

Anyways, skiing itself was REALLY fun. I think I’m a good beginner because I could navigate my turns pretty well. The next time I go, after a couple times on the bunny hill I think I can go to the big hill. My dad fell quite a bit and had to use the poles.

After a couple of hours my feet started hurting from the tight boots. I now have four blisters. The boots were really uncomfortable. Our teacher said they were supposed to be that tight. My feet hurt even when I walk and my dad wasn’t feeling too good either so we decided to go home. Skiing was a great opportunity. I hope I can come back next winter!!!

2 responses to “Snow Creek Skiing

  1. Actually, I think it’s spelled skiis… Ugh, I don’t know… But I do know that it’s not spelled skies.

  2. Wow… Sounds fun! I haven’t been able to go skiing since 2009…
    And I think it’s spelled skis instead of skies…cause skies is like the blue sky above our head, but skis is those long pole ish things…

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