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Time Freeze Chapter 4


Chapter 4

I open my eyes and find myself laying on the seat of the bus, with my head in Calvina’s lap. I forgot what happened at first, but after a second or so I remember: a Changer was trying to go through time in this town!

“Shoot!” I say as I bolt up. I temporarily have black dots dancing in front of my eyes. When I get better I say, “That was not a good idea.”

“What the heck happened?” Chase asks. Darn it, I forgot I had brought him with me to the Pause. The Pause is what I call the stop in time.

“Ugh.” I groan. “Long story, and we don’t have much time. I’ll tell you on the way there.”

“There is where?” Chase asks.

“At the TOP,”  The TOP is the highest and oldest building in our town.

“Why the TOP?”

“Because it is the tallest building in our town,” I answer, as I quickly run out of the bus. Chase opens his mouth to ask another question, but I silence him. “Just wait and let me finish. Hurry up and follow me!” I run to the street where the school is, and turn left. “I’m a time freezer; I can freeze time. And there are people called Changers who can travel through time, and they change it.” I make another left turn when we reach the library. That’s when we enter the old part of town.

“Oh, did I mention I lose a day of my life when I stop time, but that only happens when you turn thirteen, so when you are responsible.” I look back to see if Calvina was okay. I’m the more athletic one in the family, but Calvina isn’t bad. She’s fast, but not good with long distance. Calvina is a bit behind, and I can still see her panting, so I stop for a moment.

“And I know when a Changer is trying to go through time when my mark turns purple and burns. So I stop time and find the Changer. I know who is the Changer because they will still be moving when time stops.” Calvina finally catches up with us, so I start running again.

“And Changers are always trying to time travel at the highest place possible, because the higher they are, the further back or forward in time they can go.” While I’m explaining Chase is listening closely, with his eyes wide. “And about the saving the world part, I stop time, and they can’t go through the portal to go to a different time. So they can’t change it or do whatever they want with it.” By now Chase’s mouth is probably going to fall of his head.

“That’s basically it.” I turn right, then left.

“So the story your grandma told was true?” Chase asks.

“Yea.” I turn right again.

“Wait, why are Calvina and I not frozen?”

“Because I was holding Calvina’s arm, and you grabbed her shoulders.”

“Oh, so that’s why you shook my hand off your arm.”

“Yea.” We reach an intersection, and I run forward. In front of us in the TOP. The TOP is about forty stories tall, we have to tilt our heads back to see the top of the building. It was a business building, but business got good, so they moved to a bigger city. I see a small silhouette of a person. It looks like a guy.

“Come on!” I open the door to the building. The hinges of the doors are old and it makes a loud noise. “So much for a surprise attack,” I mutter to myself. I walk into the dark building; there is dust everywhere. I could see footprints of muddy shoes on the ground.

“I’m guessing those are the Changer’s footprints,” Calvina says, panting. “Because they are still wet.”

“Let’s follow them,” Chase says. We follow the footprints and it leads to the stairway. We walk up the stairs in silence. Chase tries to break the ice by telling jokes, but Calvina and I were in no mood for jokes. Chase eventually stops, after he can tell we aren’t really listening. We continue walking in silence in the dark.

After what seems like hours, we finally reach the top. I open the door that leads to the rooftop, and the bright sun blind me. I shield my eyes, and wait for them to adjust.

When they have adjusted, I look at the Changer. It is a guy, and he looks about our age. He has golden brown hair, and amber eyes. The guy has a tan colored skin, and isn’t exactly tall, but he’s still pretty tall. He’s wearing a t-shirt and shorts, like a typical guy. He looks new to this town, and a bit nervous.

“Who are you?” I demand.

As he opens his mouth to answer, I notice he has braces. They match him, and makes him look cuter. I shake my head to get rid of that ridiculous thought, yeah right, me falling for a Changer? That has to be funny. “I’m… I’m Jordan.” He says in a shaky voice.

“Well Jordan, what do you think you are doing?”

“I was going to go to the future just to see if I am going to make any friends. You see… I’m always shy and never have many friends, so I just wanted to check. I wasn’t going to change anything!”

“Sure,”I say sarcastically. “I totally believe you.”

“No! I promise! Please don’t hurt me!” He actually seems like he is telling the truth.

“I think he is telling the truth,” I say to Chase and Calvina.

Chase shakes his head, “You can’t actually believe him, he is tricking you!”

“Chase, let me make my own decisions!” I snap. I turn to Jordan and say, “You’re coming with us, to go to the bottom of the building. I’m going to let you go now. But I’m still going to watch you, and see if you do that again.”

“Wait, who are you people? Are you all Freezers?”

I shake my head, “Nope. Meet the Freezer of the town, yours truly, Amber Carlson. My sis, Calvina, and Chase, my friend. Now you will tell no one about this meeting, or who we are, ‘kay?” Jordan nods his head. “Now let’s go.” I open the door, and hold it for Jordan, Chase and Calvina. When they all walked through the door, I step into the stairway. The door closes slowly, cutting of all the light. As we walk, we talk together, not about anything in particular, just random stuff.

“Jordan, do you have any siblings?” Calvina asks in a curious tone. Jordan gives no answer, after several attempts of trying to learn about his personal life, we gave up.

“Do you like pets?” My sister asks. Jordan nods his head.

“You don’t like to talk much, do you?” Chase asks.

“I talk, but I don’t want to say too much.” Jordan replies. I understand him and nod. After talking about bananas, hamsters, books, and pencils, we finally reach the first floor of TOP.

“Okay, time to go! You probably have to go to school too. I wish you luck on finding friends. I’ll probably start time again the second I reach my bus, so you might want to hurry up.” I say to Jordan. The three of us go back to the bus, but this time, there is no rushing.

When we get back to the bus, Chase sits down in his regular spot, and Calvina and I sit down too, like nothing happened. Just when I was about to get us out of Pause, Chase gets up.

“How many days do you have left?” Chase asks.

“What?” I’m confused. What is he talking about?

“How many days do you have left before you die, is what I mean.” I stare at him, why would he care anyways? I don’t even want to know the number of days I have left.

“Are you crazy? No! Get back in your seat, I’m going to start now.” I put my hand on my mark again and say “Obcasio  satus, obcasio satus.” Which is time start, time start, in Latin. Everything slowly starts moving again.

“Are you sure your arm is okay?” Abby asks again.

“Yea, I’m sure,” I reply. A couple minutes later, we arrive at school. We hang out in the library until the bell rings. Then we go to our lockers and unpack our stuff. Abby goes section M, and Calvina and I walk to section C. Abby comes over to our lockers and wait for me to finish getting ready.

“Hurry up, you’re always the last one done!” Abby complains.

“Okay, okay!” I say as I speed up. “I’m done!”

“Then let’s go!” Calvina exclaims. We walk together to go to our first hour. Abby and I have the same class, but Calvina has reading, Mrs. Potts, which is the room across from ours. Abby and I go to social studies, and we have Mr. Matthews.  He’s the funniest teacher at our school, and doesn’t give us much homework. Did I mention he’s young too? Well he’s the youngest teacher, I’m pretty sure he’s like, twenty-seven years old. We take two seats in the back together and wait for class to start. As I wait, I listen to the other girls that about the new guy. They say they saw him, and claim he is a model and a pro athlete.

Then the bell rings, and Mr. Matthews walks into the classroom. He claps his hands and announces, “Today we will have two new students joining our class today, first is Serena, who is from Kansas. Will you please come in, Serena?”

The door opens and Serena walks in, she is clearly Asian, Chinese maybe? She has long raven black hair, and large eyes. She wears a plaid headband, a white shirt with a black jacket, and dark jeans with matching boots. “Hello, my name is Serena Tang, and I moved here because of my father’s job.” Serena introduce herself in a shy, quiet voice.

“Okay! Why don’t you take a seat next to Abby. Abby raise your hand.” Abby raises her hand, and Serena walks over and takes a seat.

“Hey! My name is Amber,” I say to Serena. “Welcome to Crawford!”

“Thanks,” she replies shyly. I can tell she is one of those people that is shy at first, but once you get to know them, they are the most insane person you have ever met.

“Next order of business! The next student, is the one the girls have all been waiting for!” Mr. Matthews says, the girls starts to chatter among themselves excitedly. Some squeal with excitement, others takes out their makeup and put on some touch ups.

“Mr. Walker, will you please come in?” Mr. Matthews says over the noise. Even though Mr. Matthews puts it in a form of a question, it really is a command. The door opens again, and in walks a boy. All the girls gape at him, making googly eyes at him. But to me, he looks strangely familiar, the hair and eye color, the height, and clothes. Then it clicks, he’s the Changer!