I wrote this a while ago in my journal so it may not be the best piece of writing ever, and it may not be continued. It just happens to be a high school romance so, brace your selves!


She took a quick glance into the school bathroom mirror. What? She looked again, wide-eyed. The face in the metal frame was not Robyn. Robyn had caramel, shaggy hair parted to the side and clipped up with a white pin. Her eyes were luminous green on her peachy skin and blush colored lips.

The face in the mirror had deep, dark, walnut colored hair that pulled back by a leather headband, and tied into a high ponytail that was maneuvered into a braid.  The skin on this bust was ever so pale, and the mouth was beige. But most queer of all, was that they- Robyn and the mysterious face- both had the same eyes; the color, the little gray streak in the left side of the pupil on the right eye, the same long lashes that shielded their eyes.

Robyn tore her gaze away, sucked in her breath, and dared a glance back at the cursed, school bathroom mirror. She glanced away, but then snapped her head back.  But that’s- what- WHAT?! What is freaking going on! She saw the face of her dead brother, Kirk, staring back at her with brown, mournful eyes. He mouthed “twenty three”.


Chapter One: Black


I stumbled back to her third hour math not caring about if people bumped into me or accidentally shoved me away. I saw Kirk. No one had seen Kirk for three years. Three FREAKING YEARS and now he turns up in a mirror in a school bathroom?!

I walked into Mrs. Miller’s math hour, and roamed drowsily to my desk and shoved all my binders  under my chair. Mrs. Miller rambled on about how sophomores like us started to learn about the Pythagorean algorithm, while I was thinking. Twenty-three? That was Kirk’s favorite number.

“All right, class. If x squared-2=(x+2)(x-2), then what is X? You have three minutes to calculate, class. Start!”

I already knew the answer: 23. I was in gifted so she had a slight advantage. So I just sat there, like stone. Veronica, my sister, who sat next to me, whispered, “It’s twenty-three right?”

I nodded.

She sighed. “I know, I know. You’re thinking of Kirk. But don’t let it stop you from living a good life. You know that, actually, something really creepy happened today. I looked in the mirror and saw-”

I snapped out of my thought and completed her sentence. “-A face totally different from your own?”

Veronica’s jaw dangled open. “Yeah! And then I looked back and saw-”

“-Kirk?” I whispered?



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  1. Whoa! This is a romance?

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