Hot Topic

Today Promethium and I went to the Oak park Mall. While Park Ranger was shopping on the other side of the mall, we went to some of Promethium’s favorite stores.

We toured many different stores on the journey to search for her destined store: wet seal. First Promethium took me to Hot Topic, a ‘cool bro’ store. There is dim lighting and the  latest hits booming on an extra-large stereo. On two of the dirty brick walls oodles and oodles of t-shirts hang because of the day-after-christmas sale. Promethium toured the store with me tailing behind.

There were large assortments of gages (Look those up), bracelets, and tons of other Randoms. Promethium offered to buy me a t-shirt of my choice. I looked upon the Walls of Hanging T-shirts, when I spotted the most epic shirts ever: The  Me Gusta face shirt and the Troll face shirt. (Look those up).

Although Promethium didn’t let me get either of those epic shirts, I got an even epicer t-shirt than that: GANGNAM STYLE!!

We left the store, satisfied, and continued to search for Wet Seal. Promethium dragged me into Abercrombie & Fitch. I refused to because there was a sick shirtless male model in front of the store. Ew.

We walked circles until we realized that Wet Seal was right next to Hot Topic. Wow.

Promethium was looking for printed jeggings. We couldn’t find any that she liked, so we ended up just aimlessly looking around. It was ridiculous. We looked at the belts, and we saw one with a shiny black surface. It flipped over and you know what was on that belt? YOU KNOW WHAT WAS ON THAT BELT? That’s right. A mustache. WHY?!?!?! (Look it up)

We ignored it, and we started to look at the shirts. I saw the back of one, and it was nice because it was pale and slightly lacey and opaque. I said, “Nice shirt. YOu should try it on!”



“Turn it around and you will burn.”

So I turned it around and there it was; the most ridiculous thing in the world- Mustache. It went on for a long time; you’d see a pair of nice leggings on a manican, go to the shelf to get a pair, examine it, and realize There’s a mustache on the butt…. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

This was a great experience! YOu guys should go see Hot topic when you go to the mall. It was so fun!

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